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A Big Girl's Revenge

A Big Girl's Revenge

by Ms. Michel Moore

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Life is good for thick-boned Keisha Jackson. With a good education, well-paying job, and supportive parents, she has everything a young woman could ask for, except maybe a healthy dose of self-esteem. But after a chance meeting with Rico, the neighborhood "bad boy," her fairy tale life is quickly dismantled. Blinded by emotion, she gives in to all his cruel intentions.

Under the false claim of love, Rico vindictively tears down all that good-girl Keisha has built. His sole purpose seems to be to make her miserable. Rico has no limits on the grief he causes and the disrespect he shows.

Having endured physical, mental, and sexual abuse, Keisha finally sees the light, and she's not having it anymore. The tables are turned, and Rico feels her well-deserved wrath. It ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun, and Rico will soon find out what A Big Girl's Revenge truly feels like.

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ISBN-13: 9781645561798
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 03/30/2021
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 1,145,636
Product dimensions: 4.70(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Ms. Michel Moore is the sole founder of Say U Promise Publications. She is dedicated to investing back into her community. A respected businesswoman and Detroit activist, she has reached goals that once looked unattainable. Follow Ms. Moore on Twitter at @DETROIT AUTHOR. She resides in Detroit, Michigan.

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It was exactly 4:53 in the a.m. and the occupants of the small, brick-framed house on Tyler and Linwood Avenue were awakened by the sound of the buzzing alarm. Five days a week like clockwork (no pun intended), it was the same routine in the two-person household. Keisha would break her neck trying to get to work on time, while Rico lay around doing what he did best — talking cash shit.

"Come on now. Hurry your fat ass up before I fall back out," Rico warned, stretching his arms and yawning. With blunt-burnt fingertips, he wiped the sleep out the corners of each half-shut eye. "I'm tired as hell. You know I had a long night!"

Keisha fumbled in the mirror with a comb and a bottle of spritz. Desperately trying to fix the sew-in her man had destroyed banging her body against the headboard in an attempt to bust his second nut, she frowned while sucking her teeth. "I'm hurrying, boy. Damn, if it wasn't for you wanting to have sex twice earlier this morning, I would've been ready. So, just chill out, okay? In addition, ain't nobody tell your slick behind to be out half the night doing God knows what and to who! It doesn't make any kinda sense."

"I do what the fuck I wanna do and to whoever the fuck I wanna do it to. You betta act like you know." Naked as the day he was born, Rico swung his legs out the king size bed. Still groggy, he grabbed the wrinkled blue jean shorts he'd worn the day before. Putting them on, he yawned once more. "And bitch, please. Don't tell me jack shit about chilling out. You gonna mess around and be walking up to Davison on your own! You feel me?"

"I'm just saying, Rico, dang." She slightly backed down, sensing an ass-kicking coming on.

Reaching over for his wheat-colored Tims, Rico angrily slid his sockless feet inside. Making his way to the bathroom, he yelled out as he took an early morning piss. "Keisha, don't nobody wanna be hearing all that lip. If ya keep running that big mouth of yours, I might stuff something else up in there. You understand me?"


"Yeah ... it's gonna be whatever."

"Rico, please."

"Okay, bitch. Keep talking. I told you the old Rico is back."

With dick still in hand, at six feet tall, he soon stood towering over a short-in-height but extra-thick-in-build Keisha. His overbearing presence, however, meant nothing at this point as she continued to low-key complain about their early morning freak-fest Rico demanded on the regular.

"Go on somewhere, all right? I'm already gonna be late to the bus stop." She hardly acknowledged his dick.

"So what?" He eagerly stroked his semi-hard manhood, wedging Keisha between the cheap imitation oak grain dresser and his body. "What's that supposed to mean to me? Huh? You running around here waking me up, bugging on some dumb shit and acting so worried where I was last night and who was getting this good dick, so what?"

Brushing past him, Keisha glanced at the digital blinking clock. "So what is if I miss that first bus, you know I'm gonna be late to work. My boss already warned me if I'm late anymore there was gonna be major consequences."

"Consequences!" Rico loudly laughed, searching for the half blunt he'd left on the nightstand. "How the hell the next person gonna regulate my woman's time?" With his shit still standing at full attention, he blazed up. "Ya ass belongs to me! I call the shots! Ya ain't banging that pale-face white cracker, is you?"

"Don't be stupid, Rico."

"Then real rap, fuck some consequences." He inhaled the last of the overpriced Kush then tossed the tail in the ashtray. "You know I got that good dick, don't you, Keisha. You better act like you know, bitch."

"Whatever! I gotta go."

Yanking the woman who practically worshiped him by her freshly ironed white blouse, Rico twisted Keisha's frame around.

"Whatever this."

"No, stop, Rico. I'm gonna be late. My boss said —"

"Shut the hell up." His stale, hot morning breath filled her right ear as he shoved her upper body down on the top of the dresser. "Tell ya boss I'm running this here." Maliciously, he snatched Keisha's knee-length skirt up to her waist, revealing a heart-shaped tattoo on one cheek with his name inked dead in the center.

"Wait," Keisha protested, trying to rise up.

"Wait, wait," he taunted, mocking her cries while marveling at her flawless apple bottom. "Yo, let daddy put this good dick back up in that fat-ass pussy." Showing his Linwood/Dexter mentality, Rico swished around a huge glob of saliva. Opening his mouth, disrespectfully, the jobless neighborhood bully let the spit drop down on Keisha's huge backside. Smearing it on both sides of her plumpness, his hand spanked it repeatedly, making it appear to dance. "Hell fucking yeah. Now that's what I'm talking about." Enjoying the sight of her cheeks jiggling and the wetness oozing down her crack, he bit at the corner of his lower lip. The veins in his eight-inch curved penis pulsated, and the blood rushed quickly to the head.

"Please don't," she begged with each stinging smack echoing throughout the bedroom. "You hurting me. I'm telling you that hurts."

"Come on now, girl, stop fronting. As many dicks, tongues, and other bullshit that been up in this played-out cat of yours, I know this good dick right here ain't hurting you. You's a trooper, so shut up and start acting like one." Ignoring her tearful pleas, Rico savagely ripped one side of his live-in girlfriend's lace-trimmed thong, exposing her entire behind.

Raising his index finger up to his lips, he stuck his tongue out, licking it. Having no remorse or mercy, Rico violated Keisha's rear hole. Soon using two wet fingers, he stretched her once snug anus wide open.

"Make it jump for daddy," he demanded, watching her body jerk upward.

Yeah, this bitch gonna pay for popping off at the mouth.

"Is you banging your boss, you desperate ho? Huh? Is you?" he hissed as he relentlessly kept at it. "Tell me! Tell me!"

She wanted to turn around and smack the shit outta him or at least tell him he was a bald-faced liar and what he was saying wasn't true, but Keisha knew deep down it was. Since hooking up with Rico, she had been what most would consider a slut or a rat. She did participate in some of the most disrespectful sexual acts a person could imagine, and his asking was she banging her boss wasn't far from the truth. The fact was she did suck him off again the week before just for the hell of it all.

"Urrrgh, please, Rico, don't." Obviously in pain from his unprovoked, perverted attack, in agony she screamed, whimpering for mercy.

However, he couldn't care less. "Shut the fuck up, Keisha. I'm warning you. If you don't wanna miss the whole day at that stupid uppity job of yours, you better be still and treat daddy right."



"Rico, don't!"

"Shut the fuck up!"

"No, no, don't! My hair!"

"Fuck your hair!"

"You hurting my back bent like this!"

"Do you really think I give a sweet shit?"

"Stop! Why you doing this?"

"Damn, Keisha, shut the fuck up and get off into this big dick!"

Keisha struggling to get away only made Rico's shit throb harder and his sudden rage intensify. With one hand wrapped around his swollen shaft, he began rubbing the helmet-shaped head of his cock up and down her crack.

"Rico ... don't ... please." She tensed up, having one of her frequent migraines.

"Mmmm, this shit feel good as a motherfucker! Tell daddy you want this good dick. Tell me." Using the other hand, he snatched at her blouse, causing the buttons to pop off one by one and fall to the carpeted floor. No sooner had her sky blue lace bra been exposed than Rico groped her breasts, daring Keisha to resist his demands. As her oversized titties dangled, his dick grew what seemed like another half an inch.

Keisha had discovered Rico was bipolar shortly after their first meeting. However, his chiseled body and the long, thick-tongue work he'd put in between her thighs when in the mood was more than she could or would be able to resist. Those factors, along with the wishful thinking she could miraculously change Rico into a nine-to-five working dude instead of a petty, irresponsible street corner hustler kept her hanging on.

"Just hurry up," she whined, bracing herself for what was coming next. "I'm tired of this mess! I swear I'm tired! I'm fucking tired!"

"What'd you say? I know you ain't telling me what to do!" Precum moisture formed on the tip as he roughly shoved his fully erect meat in her already moist hole from the rear. With his shorts now down past his knees resting on top of his boots, Rico showed her no mercy. "I call the shots! I done told your fat ass, I'm running the show! Now beg daddy to fuck you harder!"

"Noooooo. ... stop!" The hairy lips surrounding Keisha's pussy spread as Rico's body rammed hers with fast, penetrating strokes followed by slow, deep strokes to the left and right, then accelerating again.

"No? Fuck no! What I tell you about telling me no?" He went in deeper, waiting for an answer. "I can't hear you. Huh? What?" Shirtless, a tattoo-covered, muscular Rico watched himself in the mirror savagely punish Keisha's already sore cunt. "You want me to run up in your ass instead? Huh? You want all this good black dick in that tight hole. Is that what you want? Huh, is it?"

"Wait, Rico. Wait. Slow down," Keisha begged while panting, short of breath.

Every deep-rooted thrust he took, his facial expression changed as if he were performing for an audience or making a low-budget porno. Using his strong calves for support, Rico showed Keisha exactly who was boss in their small household. In and out, out and in. Slow stroking, then fast as hell, his loud moans and grunts intensified.

"Yeah, that's what the fuck I'm talking about. Give all that shit to daddy, you stanking-ass, nasty-mouthed bitch! Give daddy all that cat." Sweat pouring off his forehead, Rico pounded her pussy to the left then to the right. With no regard for the sexual pain he was inflicting, Rico treated Keisha's hairy snatch no better than he would a five-dollar whore in the street.

With each position change of his harsh, penetrating movements, Keisha could feel his pipe stabbing the raw inner walls of her shivering body. It was if she could feel him in her womb and touching her spine. Getting tingling chills when Rico's big nut sac touched her skin, she wanted to scream out in pain and, strangely, maybe a little in passion; but she refused to give Rico's disrespectful ass the satisfaction.

Easily caught up in his own arrogant world, his huge ego needed no encouragement. Squeezing his left hand around her thick waist, he had malice in his heart. Disrespectfully, Rico used his right hand to twist Keisha's weave in between his fingers.

"Urr, urr, yeah, hell yeah! Don't move, bitch. Right there — right fucking there. You like this big black log daddy got, don't you? Don't you?" He grunted as if he would really get a response to his strong-arm tactics, which were nothing short of rape. "Tell daddy you love his good dick. Tell me you want it, bitch. Tell me."

Keisha couldn't catch her breath to respond. Even if she could, what would she say to the man she once proclaimed to love so much? Frustrated and tortured, as Rico mounted her like a wild dog, her upper body broke down and collapsed. No longer squirming or fighting the inevitable, she gave up. Every hole in her body belonged to Rico, and before the morning was over, she knew his freaky ass would abuse them all with his dick, his finger, his tongue, or whatever other object he chose to violate her with.

With her arms stretched out, Keisha's perfectly manicured, square-shaped nails clawed the sides of the wooden dresser that was now rocking back and forth. The more brutal force Rico used in banging the cow shit out of her, the weaker her knees and ankles became. Realizing she was going to be once again late for work, Keisha zoned out as Rico smushed the side of her jaw onto the top of the dresser.

Face to face with a hairbrush, a bottle of cheap knockoff perfume, a can of oil sheen, and a small tube of vanilla-scented lotion, the newly promoted assistant office manager at Compuware knew she was as good as fired.

Maybe I can suck my boss's dick again in his office or let him watch me eat his wife's pussy like last time I was late. Thoughts ran through Keisha's mind at a fast rate, wondering how she could keep her paycheck. Unbelievably, if she were fired this time, it would be the third job she'd lost since originally hooking up with Rico and ultimately leaving the carefree lifestyle of her parents' house. Why me? I try so hard, God, so why me? I hate him so much!

Maybe if Rico hadn't totaled her truck, she'd have a chance to make it to work on time. Possibly, if she wasn't responsible for paying all the bills, she could afford to take a cab. But, thanks to her so-called man and his roguish behavior, it was a wrap. She'd definitely miss her bus, probably ending another hard-earned, much-needed job.

"You like this good black dick, don't you? You daddy's little slut, ain't you?" He pounded as sweat poured down from his forehead, dripping onto her spread-wide ass cheeks. "Ain't you?"

Keisha didn't respond, causing a good shit-talking Rico to go in even harder with his banging and the hurtful, cruel insults.

I hate everything about him. I swear I do. I just wonder why I keep allowing all this bullshit. I wonder why I put up with him. I had so much good going on in my life before I met his silly ass. So what I'm a little thick? I know I could've still did better than him. One day he gonna pay for treating me no better than shit on a stick. I don't deserve this. I'm better than this no matter what in the hell he say. Keisha's mind was racing with thoughts of resentment. With every movement, she felt enraged.

Rico was, of course, in the dark. Having been the dominant leader throughout their troubled relationship, he knew Keisha would never plot on him, let alone have enough courage to call herself leaving him.

"Why you so quiet, big girl? Huh? Huh? You usually a loud-talking bitch. Where's all that lip, with ya bumpy-faced ass? Where it's at?" He eased his dick out her hole, looking down on the thick, creamy cum that had accumulated on the shaft. Roughly, he slammed it back in, making her body shake and the dresser move. "You wasn't quiet when my boy and his ho-ass cousin was running up in you, was you? You was screaming and hollering like there ain't no tomorrow — begging for more."

With their red nose pit-bull, Kilo, now in the bedroom with his tongue hanging to the side, watching his master beat it up, Keisha didn't want to say anything out of the way to her so-called man to piss him off any further. Last time she did, Rico let the dog lick her pussy while he recorded it on his cell phone. Rico coldheartedly sent it to all his friends and hers. He even posted it on YouTube, but thankfully, someone reported it as obscene before it received a lot of views.

I can't keep living like this! I just can't! I'd rather be dead. Ashamed of the true freak she'd become and still very much relentlessly addicted to Rico's perverted dick game, the once good girl was speechless. Struggling to endure all eight rock-hard, curved inches of the DLA-CERTIFIED thug beating it up from the rear, Keisha Jackson tightly shut her eyes. Lost in the darkness, her mind drifted back almost a year prior; back to the day she first met her supposed soul mate and man of her dreams, Rico Campbell; back to the day she wasn't considered a slut, a tramp, and a ho.


I think I'm Big Meech ... Larry Hoover ... whipping work ... hallelujah.

It was the hottest day of the summer season. The sounds at River Rouge Park were banging from every car and rimmed-up truck that crept through the main strip. Half-dressed females and wanna-be thugs were out and about. The three-day weekend Detroit's own homegrown rap group Rock Bottom was famous for sponsoring was finally winding down. The first night was an off the chain concert at Chene Park, followed by the annual picnic.

Dressed in beige-colored army fatigues and Timberland boots, the tightly knit DLA clique was representing in full force. Sure, there were people hailing from the Eastside as well as the West, but Dexter Linwood Area guys were definitely holding the spot down. That's what they did in Detroit ... held wherever they went down.

Rico Campbell, Swazy, and the rest of the crew posted up on the north end of the crowded festivities. Packing chromed-plated nines in their waistbands just in case a nigga wanted some, they downed the rest of the keg they'd chipped in for. Belching three or four times in a row, an out-his-mind Rico quickly sobered up at the sight of one of the roundest, most perfectly shaped asses he'd seen all afternoon.

"Shit, where you been all day?" Rico leaned off the grill of the silver-and-red-trimmed F-150 he was pushing. Moving his thick, freshly twisted dreads out his face, he made his way over to the small group of giggling females. Not sure of exactly who he was talking to, all the girls blushed while praying they were the lucky one in question.


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