A Bite's Tale: A Furry Fable

A Bite's Tale: A Furry Fable

by Veronica Blade


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ISBN-13: 9780979886966
Publisher: Crush Publishing
Publication date: 02/09/2012
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)
Age Range: 10 Years

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A Bite's Tale: A Furry Fable 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Blade has done it again! A Bite's Tales is a unique twist on Cinderella meets paranormal meets Jane Austen. I am a sucker for young first love. This is a sweet story that will captivated and entranced me from the get go. I polished this off in one sitting and have a hankering to read it again.Cydeny and Remy's story has stayed with me and I find myself thinking of it often. I think it would be cool to see Cydeny's cousins stories and see them have a happy ever after.I know my daughter who is twelve would love this story as well. Ms. Blade is a talented author with a wide range of stories that will have you coming back for more. I am eager for more from Ms. Blade as I have not read a book by her that I have not loved. just fyi this does contain a handful a swear words.
emily.s on LibraryThing 5 months ago
Wow, this book really goes to show you that it¿s not about the length of a book, but about its substance. What Stephanie Meyer did in four books, Veronica Blade managed to write an even better supernatural romance, in just 165 pages. A Bite's Tale is just simply adorable, and I can¿t wait to check out anything else she puts out there! :)
DragonLibrary8 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
My thoughts: This was a fun twist to the Cinderella story of old. Prince charming is a vampire. Cinderella is a werewolf. Of course there is a ball and that is where they will hook up - - - but the last time they saw each other she bit him! I enjoyed the read very much. The characters are nicely developed and easy to invest in. Dunstan, the king's advisor, is my favorite character; I found myself seeing people I know in him. The author has set her characters in a world where paranormal is normal and humans are the "odd man out" so to speak. Well written, entertaining, and worth the read for certain.I wish the story had been longer and am hoping to see more from Veronica Blade.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Ashliegh Book provided by Bewitching Book Tours for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book For these two star crossed lovers, only trusting in each other will allow their hearts to take them to eternity. Many things stand in the way though social standards, secrets but most of all genetics. “Jack” has a secret, one that could make Cydney leave forever, and he is willing to do anything to make her see that he is a great guy and that this secret is nothing more than heritage. But a genetic accident tears these two apart, and while both are alive, living full lives are not in the cards for either. The only solution is finding one another again and seeing if the magic is still there. Is a happily ever after in the cards for these two, or will fear and society keep them apart even longer? This is a new age spin on a classic tale of Cinderella and her quest for Prince Charming. While some things that obviously been changed the same elements have stayed the same, and for those of us that can remember the original can connect with this story on more than one level. The entire story was an easy read that made following the characters easy and quite enjoyable. I would have liked to see more of what happens at the end of the book after the ball, but continuing this as a possible series is created with the ending you find here. I haven’t read too many YA books in the past but this one was a nice refreshing change from my usual reading habits. Veronica Blade really showcased her writing style in this book and it was a pleasure to get to read this one!
Beverly_D More than 1 year ago
What if Cinderella didn't WANT to go to the ball? AND she was a werewolf? This sweet, fun YA novella retells the fairy tale with several new twists. On Ile de la Paix, the King is a sorcerer, his top adviser is a vampire, and supernatural creatures mingle with humans. Youngsters "Jack" and "Cinderella" have been meeting in the Kings' woods every summer for the past three years. Swimming, hiking, hanging out, sharing everything except their real names. Things change forever the summer Cinderella is fourteen and Jack is fifteen, because, hormones. And first kisses. I'm a sucker for a Cinderella story anyway, but this got the tone and feeling of teen love down perfect - along with the complications for teens morphing not just into adults but paranormal creatures. And I had to love the fairy godmother. Highly recommend it.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 3 out of 5 unicorns - I liked it! I liked this furry fairytale.  It is a werewolf and vampire equivalent of Cinderella and Prince Charming.  I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway and will be adding it to my classroom library to share it with my high school students.  And it is signed too!! I think it is a good story and an easy read which will appeal to my students.  I’m hoping that there will be more stories about Ile de la Paix the island country where supernaturals live together.  This world would make for a great series, and I think it could easily be crossed over to an adult series to explore the conflicts with the different factions or the threats to the kingdom. I recommend to YA lovers of paranormal romance.  Now I really want to read My Wolf’s Bane also by this author :)
SusanHatlerReads More than 1 year ago
This is a fun tale about a girl who meets a boy and they decide to exchange fake names so they can escape their real lives. She calls herself Cinderella and he calls himself Jack. Every summer, she goes on vacation with her family and meets up with Jack, who's a resident on the eerie island, and each time their relationship grows. When Jack finally works up the nerve for their first kiss, Cinderella's true identity explodes (literally) and her world is turned upside down. She has to find a way to clean up the mess she's made, but how can she do that when she doesn't even know Jack's true identity? Even a furry fairy tale has its happy ending (thank goodness!) and it's an enjoyable read to get there. Veronica Blade has a fresh voice with lots of humor along the way. Can't wait until her next release!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just loved this! Well written, great characters and unexpected little twists and turns. Unique take on the classic Cinderella. Highly recommended!
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
After reading what A Bite’s Tale was about, I am proud to say that I was more than happy to begin and read the re-telling of a classic fairytale. After reading the synopsis I was so thrilled to read the supernatural re-telling of the tale. To make things better, once I had finished the novella, I was able to say that this is definitely on my list of favorites. For those of you who don’t know, this is the story of a girl name Cydney Ella who is a werewolf and has to go to a ball to meet the vampire prince, whom she doesn’t know is the same boy she attacked while in her werewolf form. The novel started off with a ton of romance (la “awww”) between the prince in not-so-disguise and Cydney, who was then going by the name of Cinderella. Not only does it tell us just how the Prince and Cydney met, but also what happened that lead to Cydney not returning to the island that the Prince lived on. Oh! And it also opened with their first kiss. I will also add that the cuteness of the opening two chapters and the split scene of action is enough to have any reader hooked. After all of that drama we get to the really good stuff. Personally, the inner war and fear within Cydney was one of the most intriguing parts of the novella. It was saddening to read that in Cydney’s form of protecting her family from her shift, she ends up having to lock herself in the basement each consecutive night to keep her family from herself. Not to mention that multiple times author Veronica Blade managed to describe, with crystal clarity might I add, the small details of how, Cydney’s aunt Mina showed small amounts of fear towards Cydney. But it isn’t like Aunt Mina was the evil step-mother known from the classic tale, in fact in this story Aunt Mina is a loving and caring woman who takes in Cydney and her brother after their mother’s death. And the search and lengths that Prince Remy went to to find Cydney were just the icing on the cake in this story. Especially since almost everything that he did during the novel was revolved around being reunited with Cydney had my heart melting. Mainly because it’s just so hard to find guys like that in the real world (am I right or am I right?).