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A Cold Wind from the Andes

A Cold Wind from the Andes

by David Osborn


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Kelly Anders, financially successful writer of best-selling romantic fiction, lives a privileged but sterile existence in a Manhattan penthouse. Pushed into a book tour of Britain by her publisher, Kelly dreads a politically orchestrated meeting with Rachel Sommerset, the acclaimed Nobel Prize‒winning novelist, her generation’s Tolstoy. The encounter, while leading to a surprising friendship between the two women, dredges up the ghosts of Kelly’s past—her unacknowledged youth with a different name in the impoverished inner city and her ambivalent feelings toward her husband, Gerald, now hidden away in her penthouse in a permanent coma, the fallout of an ugly kidnapping in Argentina of himself, the mining corporation head he worked for, along with the man’s consort, Teresa, and Jake, a renowned photographer. Their lives changed forever by their brutal captors, Jake and Teresa, in their struggle to right themselves, find their way together in the world, while unified with them through their shared experience and strengthened by the bond she’d built with Rachel, Kelly begins to reassess her career and her life in an ultimate quest for redemption.

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ISBN-13: 9781942267270
Publisher: Dagmar Miura
Publication date: 05/23/2017
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Born to wealth and privilege in New York, David Osborn chose to spurn both as false icons after World War II combat as a Marine Corps dive bomber pilot. On his own and following brief careers in television and public relations, he expatriated to France when falsely accused of un-Americanism in the infamous Senator McCarthy era, paying his way with a co-authored first motion picture script, Chase a Crooked Shadow. When its star-studded success took him from laboring in a rock quarry in France into Britain's film industry, he was launched on a long world-class writing career that saw him dangerously engaged during several Cold War years with Czech anticommunist resistance behind the Iron Curtain. Living in France and England as well as isolated for twelve years in a tiny Alpine village in Switzerland, Osborn authored numerous stellar TV plays and a score of major motion pictures, including The Trap, which earned an Academy Award nomination. Turning novelist with the critical success of The Glass Tower followed by the world best-selling classics Open Season, The French Decision, Love and Treason, and a half dozen more outstanding thrillers, he has had many imitators, but none reaching the startling originality of his stories, the stunning impact of his flawless page-turning plots, and his literate prose in each that packs a powerful punch with nearly every line.

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