A Matter of Sin (Ladies Book of Pleasure, #1)

A Matter of Sin (Ladies Book of Pleasure, #1)

by Jess Michaels

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BN ID: 2940154299357
Publisher: The Passionate Pen
Publication date: 03/12/2017
Series: Ladies Book of Pleasure , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 63,619
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A Matter of Sin 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Zeeelicious More than 1 year ago
A steamy new romance by Jess Michaels, A Matter of Sin starts off her The Ladies Book of Pleasures series with a bang!  Highly sensual and romantic, A Matter of Sin, centers around widowed Lady Isabelle Avenbury who decides to take a lover after her youngest sister ties the knot.  However, when she meets Seth Rowland at his house party, her plans go awry.  Both of them are attracted to each other and start a sensual and steamy affair!   I love reading A Matter of Sin.  I was able to connect with Isabelle from page one.  She had sacrificed a lot for her family and despite, loving her husband in her own way, she didn’t experience the kind of love that she had been dreaming of.  When she sees a copy of The Ladies Book of Pleasures in Seth’s study, she borrows it and gets caught by Seth!   I also love Seth.  He is on a bride hunt – well, under the insistence of his mother, but is tired of all the simpering misses that are fresh from the nursery.  When he catches sight of Isabelle, he is entranced.  Seth, is a very likable character and I love that he wasn’t the typical rake.  He was the perfect lover for Isabelle.  Although there were minor obstacles that they had to face, in the end, I was glad that they found their HEA.   A Matter of Sin was a quick read for me and I was able to finish it in one sitting.  Yes, it’s that good.  The only complaint I have is that I expected it to be MORE steamy!  I give this book four stars and highly recommend it to readers who love steamy HEAs! Ebook ARC free courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
A sensual, highly addictive novel by Jess Michaels. I cannot wait to read more in this series! Seth Rowland knows he must choose a bride this season in order to keep the estate and title in his family line. But even with the cream of the crop at his country house party, he can’t find one young lady that sets his blood on fire. That is until Lady Isabel Avenbury arrives with her younger sister, Serena. But it’s not Serena who sparks a fire in him. It’s Isabel. Isabel feels an instant attraction to Seth but knows that he is strictly off limits. Not only is she too old for him, but she also can’t provide him the one thing he’s in need of, an heir. But that fact does nothing to calm the ever growing fire in her heart and well, other places. So when Seth catches her with his copy of a rather scandalous book, he presses his advantage and convinces Isabel to engage in a rather passionate, and secret, affair. As things heat up between the sheets, so do the feelings that Seth and Isobel have for each other. But no matter what feelings may be growing between them, the fact still remains that it must soon end so that Seth can pick his bride and produce an heir. As their affair comes to an end, Isobel and Seth are both left with an aching heart and no way to fix it…or is there? My OH My…..this novel is hot! If you’re looking for a spicy historical romance that will take your breath away, then A Matter of Sin is the book for you! From the confident and fiery Isobel to the devastatingly romantic and sexy Seth, this book has something for everyone! The love scenes in this one are juicy, passionate and make-you-melt hot! And while there are quite a few saucy scenes, all are tastefully done and there is certainly more of a plot to this one than simply the sex. Isobel certainly has her share of insecurities with being barren but it only helps add to her story and her ability to cope and overcome. Seth’s dealing with the death of his father and his brother, thus leaving him the only one left to carry on the family line, helps to add a sense of urgency to the novel and I can tell you I really didn’t see this one ending quite the way it did! I very much enjoyed all the supporting characters like Seth’s mother and Isobel’s two best friends. I am very much looking forward to reading the other novels in this series! Very well done Jess Michaels! Rating: 4.5 Heat Rating: Fiery/Hot Reviewed by: AprilP Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was not disappointed, Loved it!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
3.25* I enjoyed the book but it wasn't one of my favorites from Jess Michaels. I liked Seth and Isabel's characters as well as the secondary characters. But the book was slow to me and seemed a little forced. I loved the last forth of the book though and you will need tissues. I'm looking forward to reading about Serena, Grace, Jason and Jacinda's HEA. 
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Lady Isabel Avenbury has one sister left to marry off and then she plans to have some fun of her own by taking a lover. Hoping to find her sister’s Mr. Right, they head off to the house party of the Marquis Lyndham, Seth Rowland. Seth is not happy that his mother is throwing a house party to find his bride. Seth may not have an interest in the candidates his mother has chosen for his bride, but upon seeing Isabel he is instantly attracted. Seth later finds Lady Isabel stealing the most scandalous book of the season from his library and a passionate affair begins. Wonderful read, very sweet, sexy and passionate, looking forward to more in this new series. Can’t Wait!
SummerSnowFalls More than 1 year ago
Married young to a man almost three times her age and widowed only a few years later, Lady Isabel Avenbury is used to taking care of others. After the death of her parents, she took in her two younger sisters and raised them almost as if they were her own children. But while she may possess good mothering skills, Isabel is barren and cannot have children of her own. And although Isabel is only 28, she is considered too old by Society's standards to marry any of the Season's eligible bachelors. But Isabel isn't looking to marry. Instead, she plans to take a lover just as soon as she can marry off her last single sister. Seth Rowland, Marquis of Lyndham, needs to marry as quickly as possible and start producing heirs to please his mother and ensure the title remains in the immediate family. Seth had no interest in marriage until his older brother tragically died, but now his mother is throwing a house party filled with the Season's most eligible females and Seth is expected to marry one of them. He cringes at the thought of tying his life to any one of the flighty, unintelligent cardboard cutouts currently parading around his house. That is, until he see Isabel step out of the carriage with her sister. Seth knows he can't touch her and Isabel must focus on finding her sister a husband, but when Seth catches her stealing the Season's most talked-about book -- The Ladies Book of Pleasures -- from his library, their attraction ignites a love affair that refuses to bend to Society's rules. I really like Isabel's character. As women, I think it's very easy for us to get caught up in taking care of those around us to the detriment of ourselves. Isabel had to marry a man she didn't love in order to provide for her two younger siblings. Like many women, she sacrifices some of the things she wants from life to ensure that those she loves don't have to go without. And although Isabel embraces her role with upbeat optimism that everything will work out, she is also realistic about how Society views her inability to have children and the limitations placed on her as a result. It's a universal theme that fits seamlessly into this story. It is also the driving catalyst of conflict between Isabel and Seth. Theirs is a beautiful love story because readers see from the start the attraction they feel towards each other, know that Seth has felt that attraction since before Isabel was married but was unable to pursue her since was already betrothed, and they now must contend with Seth's pressing need for children and Isabel's inability to give them to him. The romance is sensual, heartwarming, and made exciting by Isabel and Seth's attempts to conceal their affair from the multitude of guests in and around the house. (Everything is more fun when you think you're being sneaky about it!) And yet, Seth and Isabel struggle with their feelings for one another believing that they must conform to Society's expectations regarding marriage and children. Watching them try to figure out the difference between "what is right" and "what is right for them" is such a sweet, uplifting journey. You really want to keep reading well past "The End." Overall, A Matter of Sin is a delightful series starter and I can't wait to read Grace and Jacinda's stories too. I highly recommend reading this book -- Passionate, tender, and comforting, you just know that Seth and Isabel are going to craft a beautiful HEA for themselves. Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews [dot] com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this very much i have found an author that i will continue to read her stories
Paaj13 More than 1 year ago
The widowed Lady Isabel Avenbury has decided to take a lover after seeing her single younger sister get marry.  For this to happen, she and her sister Serena agrees to go to a house party hosted by the Marquis of Lyndham and his mother.  Having married at a young age so that she can provided for her younger sisters since her parent's death, she has lost her youth basically.  The happiness and pleasure that she have lost, she intends to achieve it with a lover in a sense.  What she didn't expect was to encounter the notorious book, Ladies Book of Pleasure which she and her friends were talking about before coming to the party. Seth Rowland, Marquis of Lyndham, has recently come into title after his older brother's death and needs to take a young bride to get an heir hence the house party.  His friend, Jason, who is also at the party brought the Ladies Book of Pleasure with him and gives it to Seth.  Jason leaves the book in the library but neither he or Seth would think that someone would take the book.  The culprit, Isabel, happens upon the book when she wanted to get a book that will help her sleep but it was the opposite. Both Seth and Isabel are attracted to each other and have decide to embark on an affair during the time at the house party.  They both know that marriage between them is impossible because of Seth's duty for an heir.  Since Isabel could not provide an heir for her late husband, she considers herself barren (I really hope not) and thinks herself not suited for Seth who needs an heir.   I really love this book.  The sneaking around at night to be in each other's arm to trying to contain the growing attraction they have for each other was sweet.  They knew that they were falling in love with each other but the duty of having an heir stands in their way.  Seth's friend, Jason, does a good job at speaking the truth to Seth.  I love his character and can't wait for his own book.  Jason could tell that Seth was struggling between his duty and happiness. We didn't see much of Jacinda in this book but Grace was a delight.  During the party, she knew about the affair between Isabel and Seth but didn't care as she wanted Isabel to be happy.  Although I can tell that she has a bit wickedness to herself from her personality.  Isabel's sisters are a delight as well.  Serena, I didn't like her as much during half of the book but at the end, I love her! I hope she finds someone who cares and loves her.
aRomancelover More than 1 year ago
Fabulous beginning to a new Jess Michaels' series. She just keeps getting better and hotter. Lady Isabel Avenbury is a widow whose marriage was less than passionate and now she’s seriously considering taking a lover but before she can see to her own happiness, she must get her youngest sister properly married off. Acting as chaperone to Serena, at a country house party being held by the Marquis Lyndham and his mother to find him an appropriate wife from the many potential young brides available in the new Season, she hadn’t any intention of finding a lover there but then again, one must never say never. Seth Rowland the Marquis Lyndham understands he has a duty to his family, and has agreed to find himself a proper wife. Things change when Lady Isabel Avenbury enters his home with her young sister. Isabel catches his attention more than any other woman does in attendance. Even before Isabel married, Seth had noticed her and now she was here, in his home, looking as beautiful and desirable as ever, plus she was a widow. Everything told him his mother, and society would never approve of her as a wife but unable to keep himself from her, he was willing to settle for being her lover – or so he thought. The Ladies’ Book of Pleasures series by Jess Michaels centers around the naughty inspirations brought on by a book, which appears to have been written by a Lady of the ton - a book giving advice to the young Ladies of the ton on how best to give pleasure to their men as well as gain pleasure for themselves. A MATTER OF SIN, book one in the Ladies’ Book of Pleasures series is an enticing beginning to what I hope will continue to be an intriguing, fun, sexy, and eventually mystery solving series. What mystery, you might be wondering – who wrote the Ladies’ Book of Pleasures, of course. I already have my suspicions about who the author may, but can’t wait to make the journey through this series to find out if I’m correct. In the meantime, A MATTER OF SIN by Jess Michaels is delightful, beckoning, sexy, and romantically naughty according to society but keeps you turning the pages, and cheering for Isabel and Seth, for the ultimate in pleasure is falling in love and finding happiness together. I highly recommend this series starter if you love a country party filled with gossipy women, interfering friends and family, and sexy midnight trysts. A MATTER OF SIN by Jess Michaels is erotic historical romance at its best and this series is looking to promise even more as we all learn what the Ladies’ Book of Pleasures holds in store for us. ***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
As a fan of Julia Quinn and Lorraine Heath I found myself drawn to this series starter as the style and banter is reminiscent of those authors. Ms. Michaels joins their ranks by crafting an entertaining story where two immensely likable characters must choose between love and happiness or duty and obligation. Amidst this emotional struggle is unrelenting sexual tension, delightful and supportive friends, and heart-wrenching decision making that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. Isabel's life has been one of responsibility since she married at a young age. She married a much older man for the benefit of her family, and though he was kind, she sacrificed much for the welfare of her sisters. She sacrificed passion, excitement, and children of her own (though society blames the woman for her barren state) and has decided that she finally deserves more. Once her sister is married she can finally live for herself. A weekend in the country hosted by Seth Rowland is the first step towards her independence but takes an unexpected turn as she discovers the book all of Society is talking about, the Ladies Book of Pleasures. This book is an inspiration to her, though she refuses to admit it at first, as is the super sexy Seth. As the party progresses Isabel and Seth engage in a tryst that allows both of them a reprieve from the obligations that have weighed them down but when the party is over which choice will they make? Isabel is immensely likable with thoughts and feelings we can all relate to. Her loyalty throughout the years makes her worthy of a HEA and I was rooting for her every step of the way. Seth too knows about obligations as the death of his brother leaves him to carry on the family name and a party in the country is his chance to find a bride. He's tired of obligations and as he meets each young lady he finds all of them unexciting, immature, as well as too predictable. The only woman to excite him is one Society tells him he can't have..the more mature Isabel, who he was attracted to when she first entered Society years ago. He's drawn to her sense of wonderment and her intrigue with wanting to walk on the wild side. He finds a kindred spirit in her and their sexual connection is combustible. Their tryst gives each of them a chance to be free for a short time but it adds even more heartbreak as their time together ends. They're a wonderful couple who both deserve happiness if they're just willing to take a chance on love. I enjoyed Seth's playful side that's fully on display when he's with his friend Jason or Isabel. He's charming with a sensual side that amped up the story's overall sexual tension and made for some very satisfying sexual encounters. Along with a great main couple with a crackling and combustible connection is a delightful cast of secondary characters. I adored Isabel's friends, Grace and Jacinda, and their unwavering support. They were colorful and outspoken in their friendship which was heartwarming to see. I look forward to these friends having their own stories told as they're both strong-willed women with intrigue surrounding them just hinted at. Seth's friend Jason is equally appealing as he's unrepentant in his love for the opposite sex. He's sexy, charming, and carefree but always supportive of Seth and their friendship was also a delight. I definitely look forward to seeing more of this playful cad in a future book as he's immensely intriguing. All combined, this is a great new series!
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
This is book on in the Ladies Book of Pleasures. Lady Isabel Avenbury has one more sister to off into marital bliss and then she has decided to take a lover. Once she is no a "proper chaperone" for her single sister, she can find someone to fill her lonely nights. Hopeful to find an advantageous match for her sister, Isabel joins the house party at Marquis Lyndham's home. But what happens when Isabel finds herself attracted to the host that she thought might be a match for her sister? Seth Rowland, Marquis Lyndham, is not looking forward to the house party his mother is throwing to find him a bride. He can't abide all the empty headed misses that are paraded in front of him. But what happens when one of the chaperones catches his eye? Seth and Isabel decide to have a brief affair during the house party but when you throw a copy of the Ladies Book of Pleasures into the mix everything changes. What adventures lie ahead for the two of them? Every time I start a new series by Michaels, I immediately want the rest of the books in my hands! She sucks me into the friendship/relationships of these characters and I want to read all their stories! This story starts with three friends (Isabel, Grace and Jacinda) talking about the new book that has hit the town, Ladies Book of Pleasures. Made brazen by their discussion, Isabel (a widow) announces that she is ready to have an affair but not until she sees her youngest sister married. She doesn't want to hurt her sister's prospects on the marriage mart. But once this decision is made, she becomes smitten with the first male she encounters. She doesn't know what to do. Luckily her friend, Grace is also at the house party so of course they have a heart to heart. I love the relationship between Isabel and Grace (we don't see much of Jacinda). Everyone should have a bestie like that!! Seth and Isabel together just sizzled!! It is interesting to learn that they had each been attracted to the other before Isabel's marriage, but because of Seth's youth (no way would he have married that young) nothing every came of it. That slow simmer really exploded off the page when it finally ignited! I just loved how the two of them interacted with each other. Isabel was a bit shy at times but learned how to be a bit more aggressive in the relationship when her confidence grew. They both had to figure out if they were going to do what was best for their family or best for themselves... I sat down to just start the book and I ended up not being able to put it down. I finished it in one setting!  I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK IN THE SERIES!!