A Soldier's Honor

A Soldier's Honor

by Regan Black

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ISBN-13: 9781488041136
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 01/01/2019
Series: The Riley Code
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 78,040
File size: 2 MB

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A Soldier's Honor 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Shari Jahn 16 days ago
Reagan Black is a new author for me. I read this book over the weekend and it was awesome! I really love her writing style. Her words just flow along seamlessly without a hitch! I really appreciate a good storyteller. This story caught me from the very start with the breach of Military personnel records to the very last sentence! I was left wanting more, NOW! I am anxiously waiting for the next installment of this series! Regan you need to hurry! Thank you for the wonderful read!
grandmareads102 20 days ago
Major Matt Riley knows that he's a father but he never met his son. He honored the wishes of his ex-girlfriend. However, things are about to change when an unknown enemy targets the Riley Family. Who is doing this and why? Matt Riley wants to be a hands on father. I was amazed at how much love he had for Bethany and Caleb. Matt is such a strong character. He willingly puts himself in danger to protect his family. He's the perfect hero. Bethany is his match. She gave up her dream so he could follow in his father's footsteps. She raised her son on her own, even though Matt had helped financially. I wish that Bethany had allowed him into their life. She denied her son a father and herself a husband. The chemistry between Matt and Bethany is powerful. I enjoyed seeing them rekindle their relationship. Caleb is so mature and understanding. I was amazed. The action is non-stop and the family dynamics add to the emotional drama. The setting and the dialogue increase the suspense. I was drawn to Matt's friend, "Uncle" Alex. He has a wicked sense of humor among his other talents. Regan Black has written an outstanding story. It's a great start to her new series. I was pulled in to the Riley Family drama. I need to know who is behind this diabolical plot. I'm looking forward to the next book. I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.
BooksAndSpoons 22 days ago
An emotional and inspirational family drama in the middle of an intense hunt for revenge from a savage culprit who likes to hang back and makes others deliver his evil intentions, malice, and torture. I have been reading Regan Black's stories for a few years now, and I can honestly say, there's not a one that I have not liked but enjoyed them all immensely. The stories have passion, tension, and deep emotions. The characters have this deep maturity, wisdom, honor, and sense of right and wrong that stands out within the hundreds of romance novels I have read. To say that A Soldier's Honor is most likely my favorite book of hers so far gives you now a better sense how much I actually enjoyed this story. I loved the characters, respected the tough choices they had to make, the sacrifices they had made, and how despite all, they managed to hold on to kindness, gentleness, amicability and loving feels towards each other, and it just made me appreciate them so much more. The way Major Matt Riley and his ex, Bethany Trent handle the whole situation, of their past, of their present challenges, of their son, of the danger they are facing, and the family drama that is developing --- It is a roll-a-coaster of emotions, there is more angst than I expected, the feels going from elation to resentment to fear and then to the real danger to their lives and future. It is a story that I didn't want to put down and wanted to linger within, in that enchanted world that the author had created. The families, their interactions, the drama between Matt and Bethany, their past, how they handled the secret baby in a refreshingly different way, it is all heartfelt with such raw beauty and realistic feel that I wanted to inhale the tale while savoring each moment. With everyone's personal and family life imbalanced with the secrets coming out, the constant danger on the edge of the reality, and how the reader is more aware of it than the characters cause the evil, revengeful mastermind has his own voice and point of view, gives the already amazing story another dimension that just blew me away. I loved every moment and absolutely everything about this book, what a way to end the year's reading with an intense, explosive way, and can't wait to see where the author will take us with this new intriguing and emotional series where danger will come up, close, and personal for the Riley family. ~ Five Spoons!
LynnB888 23 days ago
4 1/2 STARS! Heart-pounding danger mixes with the sexual tension of long lost love to bring Regan Black's exciting new miniseries The Riley Code to life! A great groundwork is laid to continue the intrigue of who is out to get this family and why as we delve into the first sibling's story. When a security breach brings out a long-buried secret, Major Matthew Riley's life will be changed forever. Fourteen years have passed since he was left behind by Bethany, but the years haven't diminished his feelings for her. Getting to know their son is worth any amount of turmoil it stirs up in his life, he just has to find out who's playing games in their lives so he can keep his family safe! Bethany Trent loves her teenage son more than anything in this world, and if getting to know his father is this important to him, she has no other choice than to support it. She's not so sure she's ready to share his love, but she can't deny that seeing him interact with Matt makes her wonder if she did the right thing by excluding him all those years ago. Danger is lurking and feelings are flowing in directions she never expected simultaneously ... will they have a happy ending after all?
MoniqueD 23 days ago
Bethany Trent, in her capacity of contracts officer for the federal government, was aware of a security breach in the military personnel’s records. When she picked up her mail that Monday, she expected news about developments in the matter, not an anonymous threat. She was now positive that it w the time for her fourteen year-old son Caleb to meet his father: Major Matt Riley. Meanwhile in Washington, DC, Matt was with his superior when they are almost run over by a car and a baseball is thrown at them inscribed with the words: “You will pay”. Almost no one knows that Bethany, Caleb, and Matt are family. Are the events connected, who would want to hurt them, and mostly why? Regan Black is up to her old tricks, meaning a fabulous intrigue and a swoony romance, and such great writing! I don’t believe I’ve ever read a story quite like A SOLDIER’S HONOR, and it would make a terrific movie. I was on board right from Chapter 1, where the author cleanly established the suspense and the characters. I was ecstatic that this was far from your typical secret baby trope: Matt already knew he had a son. The reasons for Matt’s and Bethany’s estrangement, while heartbreaking, were logical, reasonable, and nothing like what we usually see. Regan Black can spin a suspense story with the best of them – and boy, that ending sure demonstrates that! – but the plot for A SOLDIER’S HONOR goes way beyond what we are used to in this genre, because of the sheer ingenuity and innovativeness. The romance is at the forefront, while the mystery ties everything together, and the whole is admirably well balanced. Although the happily ever after is a fact, the suspense arc is not over yet. I hope that the future book(s) will feature Major Alex Gadsden – Matt’s best friend – because I just about fell head over heels in love with him! I
AnitaH 25 days ago
Well, Regan did it again. This book was absolutely amazing and honestly, I am not a suspense book person. It was well written, great characters, lots of action, family values and quite a few surprises you will not be guessing. I really am hoping for another of this family.
blonde_betty 27 days ago
In her new series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, A Soldier’s Honor, Regan Black weaves a compelling story even as she deftly sets up a long-term series. Matt and Bethany are believable as college sweethearts who do what’s best for their child by staying apart. When they reunite, sparks fly and not only those thrown by the unknown adversary. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.