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Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation

This selection introduces a major poet who is also a business studies professor, a combination which may explain his vigorous questioning of human values in poetry which asks 'What is worthwhile?’ His poems are characterized by simplicity and clarity, narrative and reasoning: he claims they 'at least promise to be about the important things in everyone’s life.’

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ISBN-13: 9780856464508
Publisher: Carcanet Press, Limited
Publication date: 07/01/2013
Edition description: None
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Nachoem M. Wijnberg, born in Amsterdam in 1961, has published fourteen volumes of poetry. A Law and Economics graduate, he became in 2005 the first Professor of Cultural Entrepreneurship and Management at the University of Amsterdam Business School. His poetry has won many prizes, including the Jan Campert Prize, the Ida Gerhardt Prize and the most prestigious Dutch prize for poetry, the VSB Poetry Prize.
David Colmer is an Australian writer and translator based in Holland. He was awarded the New South Wales Premier’s Translation Prize and PEN Medallion and is a two-time winner of the David Reid Poetry Translation Prize. His translations include Martinus Nijhoff’s Awater and selections from Ramsey Nasr, Cees Nooteboom and Hugo Claus.

Table of Contents

Introduction David Colmer 9

From First This, Then That

First This, Then That 17

Su Dongpo 18

Shotetsu on Shunzei and Teika 19

If Someone Asked Shotetsu This, This is How He Would Answer 20

Ask Me a Question 21

End of the Visit 22

On Tao Qian 23

Su Dongpo and the Trick He Says He Learnt from Tao Qian 24

Politics as a Profession, Says Max Weber 25

Han Yu and Meng Jiao are Friends; Han Yu Also Becomes Friends with Jia Dao, who Tries to Write like Meng Jiao before Succeeding in Doing it Another Way 26

Otherwise it's Quiet and Empty in Here 27

John of the Cross 28

John of the Cross 29

In My House on the Water 30

Song 31

Quiet 32

First This, Then That 33

Du Fu 34

Poem for a Friend 35

Man in the Mountains 36

Man in the Mountains 37

Su Dongpo 38

From The Life Of

The Life of Kant, of Hegel 41

New Here 42

If I Borrow Enough Money, the Bank Becomes My Slave 44

Over the Water 46

I Try to Talk to You as if I'm Saying This for the First Time and Thought of it When I Saw You 47

When It's Finished 48

What I Ask For 49

Poor Man 50

At the Doctor's 51

At the Doctor's 52

Blue Sky 53

Research Report 54

At the Doctor's 55

Following My Heart Without Breaking the Rules 56

Forgetting to Watch the Sun Go Down 57

Rules 58

If I Talk Like That You'll Think I Come from Granada 59

When I Sit Down at My Table They Bring Me a Cup of Coffee and a Glass of Water 60

At Sea 61

I Know That Story 62

Style 63

In the Middle of the Day 64

What an Actor the World Has Lost in You 65

What Did You Say, Don't Go too Far Away 66

Let Me Win the Lottery and I'll Give Ten Percent to the Poor and if You Don't Believe Me, You Can Deduct That Ten Percent Right Away 68

Someone Who Wants to Blow His Brains Out for Love Takes it Seriously and That is Important 70

Bed and Bath 71

Is That Something I Can Learn? 72

What a Garden is For, Drinking to a Life 73

If It's Up to Me 74

What the Maid Told My Mother About My Grandfather 75

The Christian Comes to Visit 76

My Father and His Brother 77

My Father Says That it is Sensible to Get into Something in Which Mediocrity is No Disaster, Like the Field in Which I am a Professor 78

My Father Goes to America 79

Make a Wish 80

In Two Halves 81

What I am Afraid of and What I Would Like to Have 82

Can I Tell Him, Can I Tell Him? 84

From Songs

Song 89

Song 90

Horace Song 91

Horace Song 92

I Know 93

Song 94

It is Funny Song 95

Song 96

Song 97

Paris Song 98

Song 99

Song 100

Michelangelo Song 101

Song 102

Song 103

Starting Song 104

Song 105

Song 106

Morning and Evening Song 107

Song 108

A Night in Paris Makes Up for Everything 109

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