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Advances in Embedded and Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging Technologies

Advances in Embedded and Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging Technologies


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ISBN-13: 9781119314134
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/20/2019
Series: Wiley - IEEE Series
Pages: 528
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About the Author

Beth Keser, Ph.D., is a recognized global leader in the semiconductor industry with over 20 years' experience resulting in 28 patents and patents pending and over 40 publications. She is an IEEE Senior Member whose volunteer activities and professional society responsibilities include: IEEE EPS' VP of Education, 2015 ECTC General Chair, and more.

Steffen Kröhnert, M.SC., is Senior Director of Technology Development at Amkor Technology Holding B.V., Germany. He has more than 20 years' experience in the semiconductor industry. Steffen is author and co-author of 23 patent filings in the area of Semiconductor Packaging Technology, and an active member of IEEE EPS, IMAPS, SMTA, VDI, VDE and GPM.

Table of Contents

Preface xvii

List of Contributors xxiii

Acknowledgments xxvii

1 History of Embedded and Fan‐Out Packaging Technology 1
Michael Topper, Andreas Ostmann, Tanja Braun, and Klaus‐Dieter Lang

2 FO‐WLP Market and Technology Trends 39
E. Jan Vardaman

3 Embedded Wafer‐Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) Packaging Technology Platform 55
Thorsten Meyer and Steffen Krohnert

4 Ultrathin 3D FO‐WLP eWLB‐PoP (Embedded Wafer‐Level Ball Grid Array‐Package‐on‐Package) Technology 77
S.W. Yoon

5 NEPES’ Fan‐Out Packaging Technology from Single die, SiP to Panel‐Level Packaging 97
Jong Heon (Jay) Kim

6 M‐Series™ Fan‐Out with Adaptive Patterning™ 117
Tim Olson and Chris Scanlan

7 SWIFTR Semiconductor Packaging Technology 141
Ron Huemoeller and Curtis Zwenger

8 Embedded Silicon Fan‐Out (eSiFOR) Technology for Wafer‐Level System Integration 169
Daquan Yu

9 Embedding of Active and Passive Devices by Using an Embedded Interposer: The i2 Board Technology 185
Thomas Gottwald, Christian Roessle, and Alexander Neumann

10 Embedding of Power Electronic Components: The Smart p2 Pack Technology 201
Thomas Gottwald and Christian Roessle

11 Embedded Die in Substrate (Panel‐Level) Packaging Technology 217
Tomoko Takahashi and Akio Katsumata

12 Blade: A Chip‐First Embedded Technology for Power Packaging 241
Boris Plikat and Thorsten Scharf

13 The Role of Liquid Molding Compounds in the Success of Fan‐Out Wafer‐Level Packaging Technology 261
Katsushi Kan, Michiyasu Sugahara, and Markus Cichon

14 Advanced Dielectric Materials (Polyimides and Polybenzoxazoles) for Fan‐Out Wafer‐Level Packaging (FO‐WLP) 271
T. Enomoto, J.I. Matthews, and T. Motobe

15 Enabling Low Temperature Cure Dielectrics for Advanced Wafer‐Level Packaging 317
Stefan Vanclooster and Dimitri Janssen

16 The Role of Pick and Place in Fan‐Out Wafer‐Level Packaging 347
Hugo Pristauz, Alastair Attard, and Harald Meixner

17 Process and Equipment for eWLB: Chip Embedding by Molding 371
Edward Furgut, Hirohito Oshimori, and Hiroaki Yamagishi

18 Tools for Fan‐Out Wafer‐Level Package Processing 403
Nelson Fan, Eric Kuah, Eric Ng, and Otto Cheung

19 Equipment and Process for eWLB: Required PVD/Sputter Solutions 419
Chris Jones, Ricardo Gaio, and Jose Castro

20 Excimer Laser Ablation for the Patterning of Ultra‐fine Routings 441
Habib Hichri, Markus Arendt, and Seongkuk Lee

21 Temporary Carrier Technologies for eWLB and RDL‐First Fan‐Out Wafer‐Level Packages 457
Thomas Uhrmann and Boris Považay

22 Encapsulated Wafer‐Level Package Technology (eWLCSP): Robust WLCSP Reliability with Sidewall Protection 471
S.W. Yoon

23 Embedded Multi‐die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB): A Localized, High Density, High Bandwidth Packaging Interconnect 487
Ravi Mahajan, Robert Sankman, Kemal Aygun, Zhiguo Qian, Ashish Dhall, Jonathan Rosch, Debendra Mallik, and Islam Salama

24 Interconnection Technology Innovations in 2.5D Integrated Electronic Systems 501
Paragkumar A. Thadesar, Paul K. Jo, and Muhannad S. Bakir

References 515

Index 521