Amanda Lester and the Orange Crystal Crisis

Amanda Lester and the Orange Crystal Crisis

by Paula Berinstein


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ISBN-13: 9781942361008
Publisher: Paula Berinstein
Publication date: 09/15/2015
Series: Amanda Lester, Detective , #2
Pages: 426
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.87(d)
Age Range: 10 - 12 Years

About the Author

Paula Berinstein is nothing like Amanda Lester. For one thing, she's crazy about Sherlock Holmes. For another, she's never wanted to be a filmmaker. In addition, compared to Amanda she's a big chicken! And she wouldn't mind going to a secret school at all. In fact, she's hoping that some day she'll get to build one.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Lestrade, Meet Holmes
Chapter 2 Gordon Bramble Explodes
Chapter 3 Professor Redleaf's Surprise
Chapter 4 Nick's Secrets
Chapter 5 Just the Treasure
Chapter 6 Amanda Lester, One-man Band
Chapter 7 Scars and Bruises
Chapter 8 Blackpool
Chapter 9 Earthquake!
Chapter 10 Mushy Letters and Candy Stashes
Chapter 11 The Crystals
Chapter 12 Another Dead Body
Chapter 13 Stuck
Chapter 14 The Magnificent Basements
Chapter 15 The Trove of Secrets
Chapter 16 Back to the Whatsit
Chapter 17 Crystal Weirdness
Chapter 18 I'd Like to Thank the Academy
Chapter 19 Triboluminescence
Chapter 20 Eureka!
Chapter 21 An Unexpected Party
Chapter 22 The Whatsit
Chapter 23 Phone Calls
Chapter 24 Overwhelmed
Chapter 25 Acoustic Levitation
Chapter 26 Couple of Clowns
Chapter 27 London
Chapter 28 Regrouping
Chapter 29 Answers
Chapter 30 In Pursuit of a Culprit
Chapter 31 Scapulus Holmes, Dreamboat
Chapter 32 Windermere
Chapter 33 The Quarry
Chapter 34 Debriefing
Chapter 35 The Detective's Bible
Chapter 36 Goodbye to the Crystals
Chapter 37 It's a Wonderful Life
Discussion Questions for Your Reading Group
Acoustic Levitation Is Real!
Q and A with Author Paula Berinstein
About the Author

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Amanda Lester and the Orange Crystal Crisis 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Amanda Lester and the Orange Crystal Crisis - Amanda Lester Mystery 2 Author: Paula Berinstein Published: 9-15-15 Publisher: The Writing Show Pages: 424 Genre: Teen & Young Adult Sub Genre: Mystery and Detectives, Children's Fiction ISBN: 9789412361008 ASIN: B01251BNSSC Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley . Amanda is back once more and shows she can still put her foot in her mouth when she speaks without thinking. Sherlock Holmes descendant Scapulus Holmes arrives at the Academy and finds Amanda quite intriguing. Amanda thinks he is a know it all and wants nothing to do with him. When Amanda is partnered with Scalpulus she is annoyed to say the least. That is until she and her friend find a skeleton who has its skull covered in a strange orange crystal substance. Amanda finds she does need Scalpulus' help to find out who the skeleton was and what the orange substance is. They discover that that the crystals are a life form and they try to care for them. They most also protect them from those who would use them for their own person gain and power. This is such a wonderful series and book two is a wonderful as book one. Paula Berinstein has given us characters that we want to know and a place we want to visit. Which we can in our imagination with every book we read. Amanda Lester's adventures appeals to readers of all ages. I have been sharing this series with my twelve year old nephew. He will call me every few days to tell me what he has read and how he feels about it. So far he has loved the first three books in the series, but will be waiting for book 4 - Amanda Lester and the Blue Peacocks' Secret which comes out in March. Your imagination will soar as you follow Amanda Lester on her different investigations.
LolitaV More than 1 year ago
To summarize: this was a great sequel with both new plot lines and in a sense a continuation of the plot lines from the first book. I really liked the mysteries in this book and figuring out what's going on and if and how things tie together. I did figure one thing out shortly before the characters did, but I didn't mind that. It's fun to feel like I am alongside the characters figuring things out. The focus in this book is n the orange crystal and while I kinda liked the concept, I didn't like the scientific explanation behind it as it made no sense. And a scene towards the end felt a bit off to me due to what the orange crystal are and how they got used. I liked meeting some of the new characters in this book and getting to know the familiar ones more. Amanda is a great main character and she struggles with a lot of things in this book. There is a change in her attitude towards someone at the end that bothered me a bit as it felt too quickly. All in all this is a great series with enough interesting plot lines, mysteries and more personal things that are going on. I am looking forward to read the next book.