American Knights, Book 4: Miles Knight: The Avenger

American Knights, Book 4: Miles Knight: The Avenger

by Lance Knight


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"Miles Knight: The Avenger" is Book IV in the American Knights Series.

The 5th Great Grandfather of author Lance Knight continues to reveal the trials, joys, emotions and employment of the vengeance that drives him and his Blackguard, Unit 7 to avenge the evils inflicted on them, their dear Indian friends and other Patriots during the American Revolution.

The story also reveals the unimaginable horrors of American military and civilian prisoners of war on British prison ships, also called 'Hell Ships, where Miles Knight's childhood friend, a double agent spy for the Continental Army is being held. Men are dying by the thousands in these 'Hell Ships' and Miles and his Blackguard Special Operations and Tactics troops go to rescue Miles' friend and many others.

Enemy Cherokee Indians, working for the British have attacked a peace loving Shawnee village twice, killing almost all the people. Miles exacts revenge on the killer Indians on behalf of his Shawnee friends.

The story also gives the reader a view into the ongoing romance and devotion of Miles and his wife Mary. There tenderness and affection for each other is moving and inspiring.

This work of fiction is about many real historical people based on facts. The imaginations of the author's vision of the life and times of the Knights, the Indian people, the Continental Army Battles and the day to day activities of everyday people in 18th Century America allows the reader to live along with these pioneers of independence.

American people during the 18th Century were believers in God and His guidance in their lives.

Action, drama, romance and humor are woven through out this Book IV...Miles Knight: The Avenger.

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ISBN-13: 9781507672150
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/21/2015
Series: American Knights , #4
Pages: 146
Sales rank: 1,001,959
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

"There is a writer in all of us!

The influences most notable in my life, other than being a born again Christian, begin with my 7th & 8th grade English Teacher, Ms. Donnie Watts. Ms. Donnie took no prisoners when it came to the use of the English Language; we conjugated verbs, we diagrammed sentences, we had spelling bees, we had to read aloud from the classics, and were even graded on our penmanship. I was also schooled by Mrs. Haller in Latin I & II, although as a teenager I had no idea how valuable my early education would be.

When I retired in 2004 I followed the teachings of Ms. Julia Cameron in her book, "The Artist's Way". I learned to simply write down by hand, my thoughts, in a free-flow manner every morning for 12 weeks; on a morning in week 9, with my pen and 3 pages of yellow legal paper, my first story began to tell itself.

I have been good at many things: Sales, Sales Mgmt., U.S. Air Force Physiological Training Instructor, Space Suit Technician/Rescue Tech at NASA, and Auto Dealership Service Advisor,
Fleet Sales Mgr, Musician/High School Band Director, Landscape worker and Supervisor ... so one can see the pattern ... I am blessed with many talents but was never happy with any career until I began to write.

I most enjoy writing fiction because it allows the 'little boy' in me to come forth and be free to let his imagination break out just as Ms. Julia Cameron teaches.

I am now happier than I have ever been because I now have my laptop, my grandchildren whom I adore, both 'my exes who live in Texas' and are friends of mine, and a fine friend and sometimes co-author named Raymond D. Mason, author of over 60 books himself.

I have recently published via CreateSpace and Kindle, the fourth in a series of historical novels based on my 'Knight ancestry';

American Knights-
"Miles Knight:The Immigrant", Book I, published March 3, 2014.

American Knights Series-
"Miles Knight:The Patriot",Book II, published April 30, 2014.

American Knights Series-
"Miles Knight:The Saboteur", Book III, published December 4, 2014.

American Knights Series-
"Miles Knight:The Avenger", Book IV, published January 22, 2015

"My cup runneth over."

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