Ameritopia 2075

Ameritopia 2075

by Corey L Simmins


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America in 2075 has achieved a state of Utopia. Following the political coup-d'état of 2025 by the "Militant Moderates", led by the irascible and Machiavellian Johannes Schmitt, America resolved all of its early 21st Century social and economic issues: gay marriage, health care, abortion, immigration, welfare, education, and debt. With the elimination of liberal and conservative zealots and through the careful measurement of student data in the high schools, the educational system works with federal government forces to ensure that the perfectly administered economy offers a Brave New World-esque supply of workers, intellects, technicians, immigrants and other cogs in the American economic engine. Follow the coming of age of two young outstanding teachers, Murray Mallory Moore and Jacob Wilde, who upon their recent nomination to the Academy of Principals, find that during their training, they will enter a secret society which works in conjunction with Homeland Security to ensure the smooth operation of America's Utopian society by extending that usage of educational data to hunt down the pariah students of America in the most Orwellian manner. As Moore and Wilde are exposed to the dark underbelly of America's perceived idyllic state-student assassinations-set up by Senator Schmitt's Great Compromise of 2025, a moral crevasse explodes between Moore and Wilde as they come to grips with this Swiftian world where logos takes precedence over pathos. Follow Murray Mallory Moore and Jacob Wilde's strange rite-of-passage as the Department of Homeland Security conducts bizarre team-building skills and enigmatic psyche tests regarding prospective teachers' respective dogmas. Discover the benevolently heinous events-terrorist attacks, political murder, citizenship revocation, institutionalized deportations, and student assassination-which are utilized to maintain this terrible beauty that has become Ameritopia. Travel from America's Mid-West town of Cincinnati to the Grand Canyon back to Washington D.C. and then, for the final test, the island of Guam, a penal colony, where America sends its societal degenerates for the remainder of their lives. Steeped with literary and historical references, inundated with SAT/ACT preparatory vocabulary, and sprinkled with copious literary allusions, this politically castigating novel which targets the Millennial Generation and has been stylistically composed to utilize the crafts of Orwell, Huxley, Swift, Joyce, Hardy, and Heinlein in hopes of being taught in America's high schools, begs the young adults of the United States to wrestle with the political conundrums of their generation and asks how far down a road of dystopian practices should America go in order to achieve Utopia.

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ISBN-13: 9781480114890
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/18/2013
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Corey L Simmins, a secondary Language Arts teacher in one of Ohio's largest high schools, teaches AP Language and Composition, pre-AP literature, and Science Fiction. Being a self-proclaimed, bombastic anglophile-reeking of chutzpah and panache-he perpetually attempts to find the balance between his romantic notions of the world and the grim Conradian reality which surrounds him.
As a chronic logophile and swaggering elitist, Corey L Simmins possess a penchant for dystopian and utopian works, along with a predilection for allusions. Ameritopia 2075, inspired by student requests and constructed utilizing social media, represents his first publication in any form.
After graduating from Northern Kentucky University in 1995 and studying abroad at King's College London, Corey L Simmins-married with three children-continues to live in a delusional Miniver Cheevy-esque world opining about the lost age of British heroic idealism that once supplied the world with the likes of Shackleton, Nelson, Scott, and Mallory.
Born in the insignificant city of Dayton, Kentucky, many who know the author, often juxtapose the exile James Joyce felt with his native Dubliners to that of Corey L Simmins and his estranged relationship with his home town. Due to his chronic abhorrence of pathetic diction, Mr. Simmins composed his novel refusing to utilize the words "is" or "was" for he claims they represent "the gateway to ignorance." Being a misanthrope of the first order, rumor has it that the author surrounds himself with an eclectic group of inklings to stave off the madness brought on by being trapped on this God-forsaken mud ball called Earth with the likes of 7 billion people, most of which are willful idiots.
Many who know him realize that his hope of fulfilling his goal of dying in obscure misery is quickly coming to fruition. Though the noble demise of Virginia Woolf fascinates him, Corey L Simmins wavers with his favor between the stolidity of George Orwell's self-imposed exile into oblivion on the Isle of Jura and Aldous Huxley's trip through the doors of perception into the after world.

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