An Accidental Guru: A Universal Guide to Happy in Layman's Terms

An Accidental Guru: A Universal Guide to Happy in Layman's Terms

by Jake Tyson


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ISBN-13: 9781504315104
Publisher: Balboa Press AU
Publication date: 10/17/2018
Pages: 158
Sales rank: 1,056,401
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

Jake Tyson, a native of Sydney, Australia, lost his knee in a serious motorcycle accident that ended his career as a carpenter. He went on to invent a range of award-winning tools that sold throughout Australia and the United States, where he appeared on live TV shows such as "the Handsome Handyman." He lives on Sydney's beautiful northern beaches with his three children, and loves nothing more than chewing the fat about the Universe, and living the life he is meant to live.

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From the age of about fifteen to twenty-one, I suffered with extreme depression. Depression is real, I've lived it and nearly ended myself over it. It requires a hell of a lot of energy. They call depression being flat line, and not being able to feel, but you actually feel a hell of a lot, and most of it is negative. Fear, blame, guilt, shame, anger, loss of control, hopelessness.

I was living hell in my mind, every hour of every day. It was like being in a deep, deep hole, with no way of getting out, and a heavy sky above pressing down on me. I was being buried alive, every hour of every day. My mind was living me, and I was utterly self-consumed.

I also suffered with hypochondria and was at the doctor every other day for a blood test, or with some weird ailment that didn't exist. I thought I was dying but the fear of dying was killing me, so I was trying to save myself before I died.

No doctor could help me. My thoughts actually had me believing I had brain tumours, liver disease - pretty much every illness under the sun. I could actually feel pain that didn't exist, but I made that pain exist through my thought. I was searching for reasons to feel like shit. Thought energy with strong emotion held onto for long enough invents our experience, and that's exactly what I was doing.


So here I am, age 21, living my mind. I want out of my mind and my thoughts. I am drinking, doing drugs and riding my motor bike like I'm in some kind of Grand Prix. Trying to kill myself, without actually having to do it myself. Something had to give.

I thought it would be death and out of this life here on Earth. Turns out it wasn't my time. One moment I'm flying along, high as can be, the next I'm on the side of the road, my leg torn off from above my knee. I had collided with a car. I lay on the side of the road, feeling a smashing pain in my skull as the blood pumps out of my leg.

The pain is appalling, otherworldly. I really do think I am going to die. And I suddenly know it is not at all what I want. "God," I cry, "please don't let me die".

It is here that I have my first connection with the Universe.

"Jake, you are not going to die".

Instantly, I am calm. Today isn't my day to die. I know it, know it is absolutely true.

As intense and profound as this was, I would dismiss this connection with the Universe for another 20 years. I convinced myself I had made it all up in my mind.

I wake up in hospital, in what would be my home for a while. All these pins are coming out of my leg, or what used to look like a leg. Now it's like something out of an abattoir. I am in real physical trouble here. Suddenly, I know I need to get on with shit. Now I really am sick!

I instantly forget all my past mind troubles and focus on getting better. Looking back now, I realise I didn't even consciously know I was doing it. I concentrated on looking healthy and strong and getting myself out of hospital. My emotion was only on what I wanted to be, not on what I didn't want. I was already fucked, and I didn't want or need more of that.

I wanted my health. I wanted life. My first goal was to get out of my hospital bed and go for a pee on my own. I did this after seven weeks. I remember being so happy and grateful for that. Not once did I care about how much money I had, if I still had a job, what car I had or what was on TV. Judgement and worrying about what others were doing was gone. My brain tumours, liver disease, ringing in the ears and all the bullshit illnesses I made up in my mind were gone. Worrying about what other people thought of me, or didn't think of me became obsolete, not even a thought.


Only one thing changed. My vibration. What changed my vibration? My thought. Who I AM. I realise now, I was who I thought I was, but I wasn't. I was living past conditioning, shit that didn't belong to me, other people's rights and wrongs and judgements that were not mine. We can end up living past conditionings that can happen when we are children. I was living others' lives and their thoughts, that I had allowed to become mine. I had allowed myself to be programmed because I had forgotten my truth.

Don't get me wrong. We don't need to have our legs torn off to change our thoughts. This really isn't rocket science.

Physical pain is nothing. Thought energy of the mind is hell! But it is only our thought energy vibration that needs to be tweaked. Like getting a car tuned. We get our vibration idling right first, bit by bit. Then follow the Universal Guide to Happy principles. Thought energy with our truth and remembering who we really are is bliss.

That experience feels like it was yesterday. I can laugh now because it doesn't belong to me anymore. I was living my mind at the time. The thing is, it was real, or at least that's what I let my mind believe.

It would still take me another 20 years of pain, being an arsehole, and my "cliff" experience with God/Universe, to consciously understand what I was doing. I can truthfully say, I don't think I'd be alive now if my motorcycle accident hadn't slowed me down. My leg being torn off was a gift. It sent me on a different path. Without it I probably wouldn't have got this guide. It was meant to be and is part of my soul's journey.


Remember the scene in Star Wars, the first one where the droid R2D2 shoots out the laser beam that creates the hologram of Princess Leia saying, "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." This is exactly what we are doing with our thoughts. They are the beam, and our emotion, depending on its strength, creates the hologram. The hologram symbolises our physical manifestation and life experience that we are inventing with our thoughts and emotion.

So, the first thing we must become aware of is that our thoughts invent everything that we experience. When we realise our thoughts invent everything, we are immediately conscious and start to wake up. Get through this first chapter and there will be lights flicking on everywhere, and it gets really easy.

From a very early age we know what the wind is. It's so second nature to know. None of us have ever seen it, but we absolutely know that the wind exists. We see how it moves the leaves on a tree or fills a yacht's sail to push it through the water. We feel it on our face. Although wind itself is invisible, we have no doubt about its energy.

Sound too is invisible, energy that vibrates in such a way that our ears can sense it, pick it up and process it. But we can't see sound. You've seen the clips of sound or water on top of a speaker cone, rippling and moving in waves? This is a visual of how that sound is vibrating, another version of what we hear with our ears. But we can't see the sound.

In fact, what we can see is not even a drop in the ocean of what really exists.

It's nothing new to know that we humans — and every other solid thing we see - are made up of 99.9% empty space. We get taught it in high school physics, when we're learning mass and density. Everything is made of atoms, and atoms are mostly empty space.

Our bodies are actually like the silk parts of a spider's web. If all the empty space between all our cells was taken away and we were compressed, we would be no larger than a pea. Our size is just an illusion of what really is.

So, if we are nearly all empty space, what are we?

We are vibrating energy and thought.

Our thoughts are as real as the wind. We know they are there and can see a product of what they invent. And in fact, our thoughts invent our experiences. Whatever it is we think about, we attract, and then experience in our physical life. But, there must be emotion behind it and that emotion must have passion. Is the emotion positive or negative? Awareness is the key.

This is thought energy, and with it you can invent the experiences you want to have and stop having the ones you don't.

No one is taught about thought energy at school, and its most important subject in life. My parents certainly didn't teach me about it. But, that's because they didn't know. I lived nearly forty years oblivious to the power of thought energy and how real it is. I lived in my mind, with my negative and judgemental thoughts, and had no idea they were inventing my life experiences.


Often, we focus our thoughts on exactly what we don't want. Mostly we aren't even conscious of it. Our minds are judgemental and like to create fear and worry. If we give enough thought energy and emotion to something for long enough, positive or negative, we draw that experience closer to ourselves. The more we worry and think about what we don't have, what's going wrong and so on, the more of that we are inventing. Frustration is a perfect example.

So, we need to apply the 80-20 rule. We need to be conscious and focus at least 80% of our thought energy on what we do want (and not dwell on what we don't). If we want to be wealthy but only think 20% positive thoughts on wealth, and the other 80% goes on how poor we are, and lack of wealth, we are going to remain poor.

We need to be aware of how we are thinking and turn our thought emotion around the second we catch ourselves slipping into the negative emotion.

If we want to be fit and healthy or lose weight, we must picture ourselves as strong, fit and lean. We need to talk about it with emotion and hold on to it, create the positive image and see ourselves there at our goal. Eventually, we will get there. Our thoughts with emotion invent it, it's a Universal promise.


A friend of mine was constantly entering her relationships thinking that her partner was going to have an affair or run off with someone else. She would focus so much attention on it. It was often without merit and she was basing her fear on a past experience with an ex-partner.

She was entering all her relationships in this fear-based thought. This thought and worry had her mind so wrapped up she would eventually voice it to her partner or accuse them of something that had not happened. Sure enough, the relationship would end again, exactly as all her previous ones had.

Then she'd say, "I knew that would happen, I just knew it"! She had some "fuck you" vindication emotion behind that statement too.

A verbalised thought with passion and strong emotion, held onto for long enough, has incredible power and energy. Or thoughts, repeated and spoken about enough times, can invent anything.

Did she have the affair? No. But did her thoughts and words perhaps have a play in the outcome? Did her verbalised thoughts and fear create something that once didn't exist? Maybe a seed was planted and spoken enough times to her partner, and it grew.

Many relationships start off with passion. We are both giving great thought energy to each other. Once we start focusing on what's not happening, or what they do that shits us to tears, and stick with those thoughts for long enough, that's what we get more of. And relationships end. Our vibration changes and no longer matches theirs. Regardless, if we look for the negative in the most perfect flower in the world, we will find it.


My friend ended up breaking the cycle and has been very happily in love for some time now. She doesn't worry about things that haven't happened because she doesn't want that. She focuses her thought energy on what she wants. She decided to love and trust. Her thoughts on her partner are far more positive than negative, and she gets her thoughts back in return. The rest just is. Swim with the riptide and only give thought to positive things we want. If it's with love and wanting to see others happy, it feels great too. That's our truth.


With every thought there is space, a time delay in bringing it to life. This is the Universe's way of making sure we really do want it. We need to be persistent.

Some of us reading this now have been on diets and training programs to lose weight. Often after three weeks we chuck in the towel. The mind is impatient, hasn't seen the results and wants to give in. It tugs at our willpower and tries to pull us back to our old habits. When this happens, the positive thought energy and emotion can die. Our mind thrives off being disappointed.

My mind was no different. I'll use money as an example. I asked the Universe why I had been broke for so long, why I was always so hard up for money and why it was so damn hard to make my business a success? The answer I got was, "What Jake, you didn't want that? It's what you focused so much of your thought energy on for months, even years, with emotion. You spoke about all these things with passion. Many times a day, to many different people!"

Turns out the Universe was right. Whenever I'd made a little bit of money, I'd spend 80% of my thought energy on the fear and worry of not having it anymore or losing it, instead of focusing on being grateful for my achievement and planning how to be strategic and focus on it growing. Guess what I got? Exactly what I thought and worried about. Yep, I lost it. My thought energy of the mind had me focusing on what I did and didn't have. I got more loneliness, more anger, less money, more depressed and more shit. I asked for it and got it every time. The Universe always delivers to us our thoughts and what we hold on to with emotion. Positive or negative to us at the time.

But it doesn't have to be like this. Reach for your original thought with emotion, love, passion and excitement. If we keep talking about, and picturing ourselves who we want to be, doing the things we want to do, we will become this. We can absolutely expect it. Accept it, it's the Universal law. If you want to be strong and healthy, picture yourself loving exercise, enjoying healthy food and making good choices. It's never a diet that works, it's the thought energy and emotion of the person behind it. And the only difference between what we label "lucky" and "unlucky" people, is their thoughts.

Allowing our thoughts time to become reality can also save us pain. Another word for time is space — we've all said, "just give me a bit of space". This is exactly what our thoughts need too.

When we are conscious, even non-conscious, the space gap gives us a chance to change our thought that may have not been a good idea in the first place. How often do we find ourselves saying, "I thought I wanted that, but I actually didn't"? How many teenagers at times of anger have wished their parents dead? Wow, lucky that thought doesn't come into play immediately! Two minutes later they'd be sobbing and saying, "I never wanted that"! And I personally would have died a few times by now.

Think any thought we want with truth emotion, then we are on the right track. Remember, truth is love. Love is an emotion and passion for someone or something, like playing a musical instrument. No matter what, this emotion always makes you feel great.


Throw worry and fear away forever. They don't help one bit.

"Consciously" talk about what you really do want, all the time. Day dream about what you want or want to be, what inspires you, fantasise. Pick a few little things to start off, so you can consciously notice them come to life: "I am happy. I am relaxed. I love my work." Whatever it is you want. Then go as large as you want! Write it down and read it back to yourself aloud every day as many times as you can. Keep adding to it and reading it back to yourself, aloud. Back the thought energy with passion and emotion. Add as much emotion as possible. Live it right NOW, like it's already happening.

Put your thought energy vibration out there and you will draw the people you need into your life to make it happen. It will happen, it always does. Hold onto it and don't even worry about how it will happen, the Universe takes care of this for us. Every time!


We all know that sounds are vibrating energy. A thought sounded and verbalised has a million times more power than a thought just on its own. That's the start of a thought being actioned. This, with strong emotion behind it, can invent anything - any experience we want (or don't want if we're worrying about it enough). Putting thought to anything we don't want, don't have or fear happening, is insane.

Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda and many other prophets and gurus knew the power of thought energy and spoken word. Their words were spoken with such truth, such emotion, that they live on forever. Buddha never voiced an opinion of someone else or uttered a spoken word that he did not want to experience. He was conscious of the power of thought energy and a spoken word. It becomes part of us. If we don't want to experience something, don't say it.

Many other well-known identities — Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Anthony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey — all use thought energy plus emotion plus spoken word (sound).


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements, ix,
Foreword, xi,
Prologue My eleventh hour, xiii,
Introduction So, what are we really talking about here?, xvii,
Chapter 1 Thought Energy Emotion – Changed In A Split Second, 1,
Chapter 2 Spoken Word Invents, 15,
Chapter 3 Separate From Nothing, 21,
Chapter 4 Knowing Mind Or Truth, 31,
Chapter 5 What Living Now Means, 39,
Chapter 6 Understanding Opinions And Conditioning, 51,
Chapter 7 I Am, 63,
Chapter 8 I Am Inventing, 67,
Chapter 9 Does Money Buy Happy?, 79,
Chapter 10 So That's How You Make A Cake, 87,
Chapter 11 Realising, 93,
Chapter 12 Stuff We All Need To Know, 103,
Chapter 13 Tuning In To Tune Out, 121,
Closing End The end is the start, 129,
Glossary Words used in this Guide and their best meanings, 131,
Further Reading, 135,

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