At the Edge

At the Edge

by Cait London

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At the Edge by Cait London

Claire, Tempest, and Leona: triplets blessed—or cursed—each with a special extra sense that they would deny, given the chance . . .

Claire, the youngest, finds solitude and escape in rural Montana. The descendant of an ancient Celtic seer, she struggles to conceal her unsettling power to sense what others feel—the good and the evil, the pain and the joy.

When her peace is shattered by her new neighbor, Neil Olafson, Claire's shielded emotions start simmering. He's the opposite of everything she's ever wanted, a man who ignites her latent sensuality. And while her eerie powers have frightened others away, Neil isn't running. And when Claire comes face-to-face with danger, he becomes her protector—as well as her lover.

Now, Claire and Neil must confront the past and save the life of a young innocent. But there is a killer lurking in the background who wants them both dead before they can unravel his dirty secrets. And he's been very busy . . .

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ISBN-13: 9780061806742
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/13/2009
Series: Aisling Triplets , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 211,711
File size: 706 KB

About the Author

Cait London is a national award-winning, bestselling author who fully enjoys the perks of her career, like traveling and meeting readers.

Cait's contemporary, fast-moving style blends romance with suspense and humor, and brings characters to life by using their pasts and heritages. Her books are filled with elements of her own experiences as a scenic and wildlife artist, a photographer, a mountain hiker, a gardener, a seamstress, a professional woman, and a homemaker. She also enjoys computers and reading, aromatherapy and herbs.

Of German-Russian heritage, Cait grew up in rural Washington State. She is now a resident of Missouri and the mother of three daughters, all taller than she.

The best events in her life have always been in threes, her good luck number. Cait London says, "I enjoy creating romantic collisions between dangerous, brooding heroes and contemporary, strong, active women who know how to manage their lives. I believe that each of my books is a gift to a reader, a part of me on those pages, and I'm thrilled when readers say, "That was a good book.'"

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At the Edge

Chapter One

Twenty-two years later

"I should go talk to him, but I really do not want to," Claire murmured to herself.

From her kitchen window, Claire watched the man standing in front of the house next door. Hunched against Montana's bitter January wind, he seemed alone, his collar turned up, his hands in his jacket's pockets.

He stood so still amid the ghostly white snowdrifts and stark, leafless trees that he seemed a part of the landscape. Snow covered his knit cap and shoulders now, but he hadn't moved. He stood facing his aunt's house as if he were facing memories and bracing himself to enter it.

Claire had recognized Neil Olafson immediately; she'd seen him many times as he'd visited his aunt. There was no mistaking that tall, powerful body, despite the curtain of snow.

A warning tingle at the back of her neck caused Claire to reach for the telephone before it rang. That special tingle told Claire that one of her older sisters was calling. The triplets and their mother rarely needed the ring of the telephone to know family was calling. Their psychic link was stronger than electronics, and Claire's senses instantly picked up the identity of the caller. "Hi, Tempest. Neil Olafson is over at his Aunt Eunice's house now, and he's been standing outside, just looking at the house for some time."

"Mmm. Dreading to go in. You should go to him, Claire."

"I know. He really needs someone now. He looks so alone."

"He is alone, you know that. He's lost all of his family, according to what Eunice said. It's the right thing to do, Claire—to walk over there, say a few comfortingthings, then leave."

Claire inhaled slowly. She still had her family and could afford to comfort a grieving man she'd seen but never actually met. In fact, she'd avoided meeting him for five years, preferring her solitude and her work.

Tempest was unrelenting, an older sister nudging a younger one. "You know you should. He's standing out there, lonely in a freezing blizzard, dreading to go into his aunt Eunice's home, and he's all alone. You were her friend, and he knows it. Just remember to protect yourself. You know how to block other's energies from you. You can protect yourself when you try really hard. Just go over there and do it, then you're done."

"I've managed to not meet him since I moved in here. So I just walk up and tell him that I'm sorry his aunt died?" Claire was only prolonging the moment. Her reluctance was genuine, but so was her affection for the elderly woman who had just passed away. Tempest was right: Neil Olafson looked as if he really needed someone else standing near him in that snowy cold mist, someone to share his love of his aunt.

A gust of wind tossed the snowflakes in front of Claire's window; they churned slowly, almost like elegant dancers, before settling onto the layer of snow on her window ledge. To see better, Claire wiped her hand against the window glass, clearing it of the fog her breath had created.

Open on the cold glass, her hand paused as she thought of her friend, an old woman who had died at Christmastime. Claire continued looking through her window as she steadied the pewter hummingbird that dangled from its suction cup on the glass. The cheerful little bird seemed at odds with the blanket of snow draping the trees and Eunice's little house.

Her sister, always in tune with Claire's emotions, sensed her hesitation. "You need to help him, and you want to, so just do it. You'll regret it if you don't. He's alone, grieving, and you're elected. Eunice would want you to. You'll be okay, Claire. You're stronger now, but you also know how to block the feelings of others better. You've had enough practice. You deal with people all the time."

"On a necessity basis, Tempest. I'm out here in the-middle-of-nowhere Montana because I need solitude. I'd be drained and exposed to everything if I dealt with people every day. This is different. It's emotional. He's grieving. You know how dangerous that can be to me, especially when I'm missing her, too. I could take his emotions, his energy, into me, and they'd be magnified by my own, and—"

"You'll be fine. You've gotten better at protecting yourself. And wear the brooch I made you. If you feel you're in trouble, focus on that. We all have one, and we're all together. Love you. Truly, I do. Get back with me about what happens. You can use me to get rid of any upsetting energies. And I want to know what he looks like up close," Tempest advised, before the connection closed.

Snowflakes swirled around the man as Claire replaced the telephone.

How often through the years had the older woman peered through her own kitchen window and waved back at Claire? Or toasted her with her morning cup of tea?

Claire had missed the morning ritual, just as she was ending her all-night work session, and Eunice was rising.

The big man hadn't moved and stood like a shadow in the bluish white mist. Claire understood that this time was different; this time was Neil Olafson's reckoning, to face the truth of a loved one's passing. He would be wrapped in memories of his aunt Eunice. Since her death, he'd come only once, just after her funeral, staying but an hour or so.

Claire placed her hand over her heart, where the warm, fond memories of Eunice rested. She inhaled sharply, her heart twisting just that bit as the memories tightened within her: the little tea parties they'd shared, the way Eunice had always wanted her to meet Neil Olafson, her nephew. I worry about Neil. He'll need a soft hand when I'm gone. He's been through so much. . . .

The secluded valley was so quiet that Claire could almost hear the snowflakes tumble down her window's glass.

At the Edge. Copyright © by Cait London. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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At the Edge 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Awful. Do not waste your time with this book. The story sounded good in the description but it was way too convoluted. And much too dragged on and on. The hero and the heroine were not good together. They fought, he walked away...they fought, she walked away...over and over. And don't even get me started on the ending, or should I say what ending? All those hours I invested in reading this book and there wasn't even an "I love you" or "I care for you" or anything. Ugh. I'm actually mad I can't get my time back.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Renowned psychic Greer Aisling has used her gift to help police departments find missing people and solve homicide cases. However, she also kept her beloved triplets (Claire, Tempest, and Leona) out of the limelight in spite of the paparazzi efforts to take pictures of them and scientists and behaviorists wanting to study the trio. However, while Greer worked a case with the Canadian police, agents of the Blair Institute for Parapsychology abducted the then ten years old triplets from their home. For two days they conducted all types of tests until Greer came back and recovered her children. Law suits followed, but only time will tell how much psychological damage the Institute caused in the name of science.----------------- Twenty-two years later, in order to have some privacy, the four women keep their distance because they are mentally connected. Especially needing space is the empath Claire, who has moved to open Big Sky of Montana to find peace. However when her elderly neighbor dies, the lady¿s nephew Neil Olafson moves in and drives Claire to distraction as she is attracted to him. She agrees to help Neil find his abducted son Sammy, snatched almost eight years ago when the child was six months old. When someone assaults Claire, Neil comes to rescue the strange recluse with a power he does not understand the power of love.-------------------------- This is the charming first of a trilogy of romantic fantasy tales starring the Aisling triplets. Claire is a terrific character as her need to help others hurts her since she can be mentally overloaded with everyone else¿s problems (sort of an adult version of the X-Men¿s Rogue). Neil is a skeptic who wonders if he fell in love with a nut case until he begins to see her capabilities. Fans will be charmed by Cait London¿s entertaining story of love between the psychic and the skeptic with two more tales to come.--------------- Harriet Klausner