Atemi: The Thunder and Lightning of Aikido

Atemi: The Thunder and Lightning of Aikido


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Atemi: The Thunder and Lightning of Aikido revisits the source of the art by teaching the striking methods that made Ueshiba’s techniques so effective. This is the most comprehensive text on striking in Aikido, and it begins with the notion that strikes should not be disregarded in modern dojo. It explores the common (yet mistaken) notion of atemi as a secondary aspect of Aikido, and argues that such an idea is incorrect, since O-Sensei’s own teachings reveal that striking is the very core of the art.

The authors describe through brilliant and specific examples and clear photographs, how atemi is used in Aikido pins and throws while still keeping with the physical philosophy of the art. The journey continues as they then demonstrate how Ueshiba Morihei and some of his most important students viewed atemi and technique as one, instead of separate aspects of the art.

The text is divided into three sections: Shodan (beginner’s level), Chudan (intermediate level), and Jodan (advanced level). The final chapters suggest ways that O-Sensei taught his students how to develop internal power, which can be channeled into Aikido’s powerful strikes.

Atemi: The Thunder and Lightning of Aikido presents a thorough explanation of O-Sensei’s teachings and suggests that many practitioners have only scratched the surface of the art’s true nature.

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ISBN-13: 9781943155194
Publisher: Tambuli Media
Publication date: 03/24/2016
Pages: 230
Sales rank: 805,957
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Aikido's Striking Techniques
Tohei Koichi (1920-2011)
O-Sensei's Martial Arts Background
The Omoto-kyo Connection
Aikido's Misconceptions
Aikido's Martial Efficacy
PART I - Shodan (Beginner) Level: An Introduction to Atemi-Waza
1 - Aikido Attacks
Balance and Centering
Grabbing Attacks
Sen (Initiative)
2 - Striking in all Aikido Pinning Techniques
Ikkyo (Ude Osae): Technique Number One
Nikkyo (Kote Mawashi): Technique Number Two
Suki (Defensive Openings) and Atemi
Sankyo (Kote Hineri): Technique Number Three
Ju Yoku Go o Seisu: Softness Controls Hardness
Full Body Control
Technical Variation from the Same Attack
From a Tsuki (Thrust) ....
Consider Principles, not Form
Yonkyo: The Fourth Teaching
Targeting Pressure Points
Moving beyond Form
3 - Striking in Aikido: Throwing Techniques
Throwing in Four Directions
Turning Four Directions into All Directions
Shiho-nage and the Sword
Strikes and Shiho-nage
Effective Practice
Martial Variation
4 - Putting it all Together
Striking Sequence from Katatedori
Striking Possibilities from a Straight Punch
From Empty-handed Shomenuchi
From Shomenuchi with a Sword
From Yokomen Attacks
From a Round-house Punch
Possible Entries and Strikes for Kicks
From Grabbing Attacks
Contents ix
From Grabbing Attacks continued
From Grabbing continued
Knife or Club Attacks
Other Techniques
Striking or Ground Techniques: The Same Mentality
PART II - Chudan (Intermediate) Level: Irimi
5 - Irimi and Other Concepts from Sword Arts
Shisha Tachi
Makura no Osae
Isshin Itto
6 - Irimi-Nage
7 - Aikido is 75-Percent Strikes
Using the Eyes
Mind Strikes
Aiki and Kiai
The Breath of Life
Striking for Real
PART III - Jodan (Advanced) Level: Kokyu Power
8 - O-Sensei's Power
9 - Tohei Sensei's Background
10 - Tohei's Four Basic Principles
11 - O-Sensei's Solo Training Drills

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