Badd Kitty

Badd Kitty

by Jasinda Wilder


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ISBN-13: 9781948445139
Publisher: Seth Clarke
Publication date: 07/31/2018
Series: Badd Brothers Series , #9
Pages: 356
Sales rank: 246,977
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.79(d)

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Badd Kitty 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Loupy More than 1 year ago
Can life in Ketchikan, Alaska get any hotter!!! We not only have the original 8 BADD Brother Hunks, their wives and the excitement around Badd’s Bar and Grill but we now have their 3 Cousins in town. Three Extremely sexy brothers who happen to be triplets. I mean just WOW and no one can tell their story better than Jasinda Wilder. Once again she has given us a Sexy Hot Romantic book loaded with Fun done the “Badd” way. First we have Kitty (or Kitten as Roman likes to call her), who is a waitress at Badd’s Bar and Grill. She is a very sassy, independent woman who “thinks” she knows what she wants out of life. And it sure isn’t the foul mouth, egotistical, sexy Roman Badd who makes her feel things that she has no clue how to deal with. As for Roman, he may have a foul mouth, be rough around the edges and come across as a badass but he is also sexy, confident, goes after what he wants and right now that’s Kitty. Their banter back and forth is just great but when these two get around each other it’s explosive. The trouble is Kitty doesn’t believe in casual sex and wants more out of life and Roman isn’t wired that way. Can Kitty loosen up? Can Roman “care” about anything other than the moment? This is a Fantastic addition to the series. If you haven’t read the Badd Brothers series it really is a must, simply put one of the best series out there. 2 Thumbs up for a Highly recommended book and this reader can’t wait for Cousin #2 to hit my ereader.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
The whole Badd series is wonderful! Great stories with a real world feel!
Anonymous 10 months ago
Really great read. Enjoyed this book as much as the Badd brothers. Can't wait for the next installment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story is good but it stops quickly and then you wait for the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The best combination for a book and a man.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Badd Kitty... Mmm! This was an incredible introduction to, get ready for this... it's going to be so good..., triplets! The Badd cousins are triplets! How hot is that?! Three incredible looking men. Just wait to meet Roman! I just love how Jasinda can bring a reader to the edge of their seat. Badd Kitty does not disappoint. I loved the chemistry and the acceptance. The understanding between the characters in Badd Kitty was impressive. I devoured this book! Now I'm on edge, I need the next in this series. This one for the books! A well deserved five stars!
SusanReads1 More than 1 year ago
Eight wasn’t enough! Three identical triplet BADD brothers are cousins to the eight and bring more heat to the series! Rem, Roman and Ram are new to Ketchinkan and there to stay and open a bar (yes competition to their cousins. They are following in the family tradition of being badass and raising some noise! Kitty is a good girl and wants to resist Roman, she really does, but can’t stay away from him. He romances her and makes her swoon. There are a lot of sexy times between Roman and Kitty and they will steam up your screen!
fantasylandblog More than 1 year ago
I have only read one other book of Jasinda and it was not part of this Badd Brothers series, so I had no idea really what I was getting into. But I thought I would be okay since it seemed to start a new set of characters with the triplites and so I should be good. And I think I was. I will say the book was good, but there seemed to be a huge amount of sex and not much story. For this being my first story in this series I expected there to be more. But maybe it was just me. I will be reading more of her stories in this series and will see if there is a difference and I am hoping there is. A good read would recommend.
Kyvalentine More than 1 year ago
This was a great continuation of the Badd Brothers series. In this book, we are introduced to 3 new members of the Badd family...identical triplet cousins. As typical with the previous books in the series, the story is about a typical alpha male (Roman) and the woman (Kitty) he falls for. The scenes on the boat were extremely hot! It looks like we have 2 more books to look forward to with this new set of Badd brothers. Remington and Ramsey, I cannot wait!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series and can't wait to see more Badd's and their cousins.
DuckyDi More than 1 year ago
When Badd is oh so good… The Badd family is even bigger than we thought and these new-found cousins fit right into the unruly, sexy band of brothers! Roman, Rem and Ram are looking for a new future and what better way than to reconnect with their past… And find love while they’re at it! Roman is an alpha male with a history of ‘one and done’. He’s strong, built like the uber-firefighter he is, with a sinful body and potty mouth to match. Kitty doesn’t know what to make of Roman at first. He is definitely bold as he bowls her over at their first meeting with his forwardness and straight out sex appeal. On the surface, they are looking for very different things in the love department, but that doesn’t mean they want to give up trying. As they jockey to find common ground, best friends and new found family all weigh into the fray in a rollicking, hilarious courtship that is filled with heat and, surprisingly for Roman, heartfelt, deep revelations. Throw in family drama and this ended up being one of my favourite stories of the series. I love this author’s version of delicious BADD-ness and can’t wait for more! *Reviewed for Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the dynamic of the triplets but wish there was more. But with that said, the detail put in for Kitty and Roman were awesome. I just love the Badd family and look forward to the next stories!!! Just hope there is more dynamic between the 8 Badd brothers with their uncle and cousins. Particularly Bast ?
KDRBCK More than 1 year ago
Badd Kitty by Jasinda Wilder is book 9 in the Badd Brothers Series and at the same time the start to a new adventure with other family members. Welcome back to Ketchikan, Alaska and the Badd clan. Kitty Quinn is a waitress at Badd´s Bar and Grill. She´s good at her job and she loves working for the Badd brothers. Everything is about to change when a set of gorgeous triplets shows up and one of them sets his eyes on Kitty. I will not spoiler here, only so much, the Badd brothers are in for the surprise of their lives. They meet new family they never knew had. And this new family members are not nice and kind ones. I started reading and was immediatedly sucked into the story. I have a weakness for all things Badd related and the new addition to the family had me all giddy. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The triplets are mens men, strong, stubborn, set in their ways, badder than badd - but vulnerable at the same time. They want to be accepted and liked but would never ever show how they feel. In Kitty, Roman found his perfect match . It was highly entertaining to read how she put him in his place in a kind ( sometimes ) and loving way, not. I totally loved their bicker and banter, but I loved their chemistry even more. And oh boy their chemistry is through the roof high - fans herself. I recommend Badd Kitty and can´t wait to read more about the cousins.
RomanceSchmomance More than 1 year ago
Man, this series just never ends, but I love it so much. I'm not quite caught up in this series, but when I heard BADD KITTY was coming out, I was a bit surprised because I didn't think they had a sister. Gosh, can you even imagine if they did? But nope, sure was wrong about that one, we have triplet cousins to add to the crazy testosterone driven Badd family. This family is an absolute riot and I'm rather excited to have the triplets entering the family fold. They'll definitely bring a different kind of dynamic, but I'm definitely curious about their family history. The one thing you need to know about this series is that Jasinda packs in the steamy scenes like no other and they're nearly never-ending. Everything between Kitty and Roman was instant and absolutely hot. I loved how Kitty tried to NOT like Roman in every way especially because he's a cocky, arrogant SOB that definitely needs to be knocked down a few pegs. But Roman will find his ways to absolutely surprise you, he can be a little romantic when he tries. I loved and appreciated the dual POV because it helps us understand Roman a bit more. He's a tough dude and doesn't do feelings too much, but Kitty is able to bring that soft side of him out and I loved seeing it. As far as all the Badd books that I've read, this one wasn't exactly my favorite. But I enjoyed the introduction that we not only got about Roman, but his brothers, Remington and Ramsey. I look forward to read about them, these triplets seem like hot heads although not as crazy as Roman is. If you're looking for a quick, hot and steamy read, look no further ... or just read the entire Badd Brothers series! The triplets can't beat the original brothers, but they're a great addition to this intriguing family. I can't wait to learn more about their family history, there's soooooo much that is about to come up with that family and I can't wait to see it all unfold!
iScreamBooksBlog More than 1 year ago
"—admit maybe you like him not just in spite of the fact that he's an arrogant jerk, but even, maybe, a little bit because he's an arrogant jerk." Just when I thought we had run out of Badd…be still my heart. ♥ I can't tell you how thrilled I was to learn there were more Badd brothers. I've become so attached to this amazing family of brothers and their women that I was mourning their loss before I learned of this latest development, triplets! These Badd brothers are the bigger, badder, unpolished version of the family. Raised off the grid these cousins, also Badd brothers, are rough around the edges and used to doing exactly what they want when they want. When they show up in Ketchikan and walk into the Badd Bar & Grill where Kitty works it was a jaw-dropping experience, literally. Woo Hoo! I was drooling just listening to her thoughts, and when they got to the actual touching, well, let's just say you might need to keep some tissues handy. And guess what? Not only did I get to meet the rough and rowdy additions to the family, I was introduced to Kitty's fun and quirky roommates that had me laughing out loud. I enjoyed the hell out of this story that is full of witty banter, heated arguments, bulging muscles, girly giggling and drunken declarations. It's nonstop entertainment that had me devouring Badd Kitty from cover to cover and sighing with satisfaction when I turned the last page. Pleased that the author gave me a clue who the next book would focus on, giving me something delicious to anticipate. The line forms here...
StephPhillips More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book from the author. Surprise! You thought the Badd Brothers were done didn't you? we have a new set of Badd's we'll be enjoying. Let me introduce you to Roman Badd. He's one of three identical triplet Badd brothers. Three cousins none of the Alaskan Badd's knew about. Badd's Bar and Grill waitress, Kitty Quinn, can't believe her eyes when the three walk in the bar. Sounds like the start of a joke doesn't it? HA! Well she can't. Typically she's immune to the players who enter the bar and sit in her section. There's just something about this one guy of the three she can't shake. But how she should shake him is conflicted in her mind. You get what I"m sayin'? I enjoyed reading these new characters. You'll see a little bit of the Alaskan Badd's but it mostly focuses on Roman and Kitty. How he learns to woo and she gets to fall. But then like a typical Badd - he has to try and loose it all. Thank goodness for woman who know what they want! Be sure to add this to your reading pile.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Badd genes run strong!! Another Badd family member to drool over..Roman Badd!! Bad boy turned romantic. Just when you thought the series was over Jasinda rocks your socks with Badd triplets..what?! The story between Kitty and Roman is sexy and fun with a splash of serious. Really excited to see what is in store for the Badd family in the future!
morgansgammy More than 1 year ago
Who knew when we finished reading about the eight..count em..eight BADD brothers that there would be three more BADDs coming down the road..YEP triplets, Rem, Ram and Roman! Equally hot and equally badass, they come to Ketchinkan, Alaska and right into BADD's Bar and Grill to check things out and maybe even surprise the cousins that they didn't know that they had until months ago, and who don't know anything about them either...yet! But when Roman catches sight of Kitty Quinn, all bets are off and his over the top, jerk, arrogant, conceited personality take over and puts Kitty on the defensive, even though his looks alone have totally knocked her to her knees, figuratively speaking. Even when he offers her a job at the yet to be opened bar that he and his brothers are opening, he does so by putting her off and getting her incredibly angry...enough that she brings it to her bosses attention...and that's when family meets family for the first time! But it's Kitty and Roman's story that will have you engrossed in this book. I must say that it took me a while to like Kitty after she met Roman, and even a while afterwards too, but once they opened up to each other, getting to know one another, I finally felt like I could like her and that she was just what a man like Roman needed...and visa versa. They were truly made for one another. I cannot wait to delve further into this extension of the Badd family and look forward to reading more about these three hot men, as well as catch up with the first Badd family! Wonderfully entertaining and totally romantic in a rough and awkward sorta way. I highly recommend this book!
RandysGal69 More than 1 year ago
Kitty is one amazing leading lady. Roman Badd is a Badd cousin who you will totally have you saying to yourself: Why can't these handsome Badd men exist in real life? Yozzer! A quick fun, sexy read to quench your thirst of getting more of the Badd Family history which is one you don't want to miss reading. There is seriously something in the water in Ketchikan and you won't be afraid to drink it and soak it in. Another winning story is the Must Read Series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome storyline and I love the Badd series .