Be a Survivor: Lung Cancer Treatment Guide: Revised Third Edition

Be a Survivor: Lung Cancer Treatment Guide: Revised Third Edition

by Vladimir Lange

Paperback(3rd Revised ed.)

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This much needed lung cancer resource is developed in consultation with a large national team of experts featuring: * Candid testimonial by survivors * Straightforward, easy-to-understand language * Objective and up-to-date information + Beautiful color photos and graphics * An empowering message of HOPE. The book addresses each step in the diagnosis, staging, treatment and recovery process, and includes a chapter on end-of-life issues, and a section specifically for the patient's partner or caregiver.

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ISBN-13: 9780578486239
Publisher: Lange Productions
Publication date: 06/24/2019
Series: Be A Survivor Series
Edition description: 3rd Revised ed.
Pages: 174
Sales rank: 786,737
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Vladimir Lange, MD, a Harvard Medical School graduate with 30 years of clinical and multimedia experience, is considered an authority on cancer patient support. His medical education materials are respected and utilized worldwide.

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Perhaps the only thing worse than being handed a diagnosis of lung cancer is the feeling of confusion that follows. You may be overwhelmed by the torrent of information that is coming at you. You may feel unable to understand why certain treatments are being recommended. You don't seem to have enough facts to make the decisions you are being asked to make. And you may feel like a pawn in a game being played by strangers. ....I organized the book in a way that mirrors your path through treatment and recovery. Use this book as a guide to help you understand all aspects of your treatment and recovery, so that you can become an active partner with your medical team.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 1

Introduction 3

Chapter 1 Facing Lung Cancer 7

Coping Strategies 7

Understanding Your Feelings 8

Dealing With Guilt 9

Dealing With Fear of Dying 11

"Doctor, What Is My Prognosis?" 12

Sharing the News 13

Assembling Your Support Network 15

Partnering With Your Healthcare Team 17

Gathering Information 19

Planning Your Treatment 21

Learn the Lingo 24

Chapter 2 Lung Cancer Basics 25

Lung Anatomy and Function 25

What is Lung Cancer? 28

How Cancer Spreads 30

Types of Lung Cancer 31

Chapter 3 Diagnosis and Staging 33

Diagnosis 33

Staging 35

Stages of NSCLC and SCLC 37

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Staging 38

Small Cell Lung Cancer Staging 41

Chapter 4 Treatment Options 43

Understanding Treatment Options 43

Surgery 44

Radiation Therapy 45

Chemotherapy 46

Other Therapies 47

Treatment Options by Stage 48

Chapter 5 Surgery 51

Surgery 51

Surgical Procedures 52

Getting Ready 54

Pre-Operative Details 55

Surgery Day 56

After Your Operation 59

Going Home 62

Lung Surgery Risks 63

The Benefits 64

Chapter 6 Radiation Therapy 65

What is Radiation Therapy? 65

External Beam Radiation Therapy 66

How Treatment is Given 69

Side Effects of External Beam Radiation Therapy 70

Internal Radiation Therapy / Brachytherapy 73

Role of Radiation Therapy 74

Chapter 7 Chemotherapy 77

Local vs. Systemic Treatment 77

What is Chemotherapy? 78

How Chemotherapy Works 78

Do You Need Chemotherapy? 78

How Chemotherapy is Given 81

Side Effects of Chemotherapy 83

Other Side Effects 87

Chapter 8 Targeted Therapy/Immunotherapy 89

What Are Targeted Therapies? 89

Side Effects of Targeted Therapy 90

Immunotherapy 91

Who Can Benefit From Targeted Therapies? 90

Chapter 9 Complementary and Alternative Therapies 93

What Is the Difference? 93

Mind-Body Connection 94

Complementary Therapies 95

Alternative Treatments 97

Chapter 10 Clinical Trials 99

What Are Clinical Trials? 99

How Are Clinical Trials Conducted? 100

Participating in a Clinical Trial 101

Is a Trial Right for Me? 102

Chapter 11 Life After Cancer 105

Emotional Recovery 105

Healthy Habits 107

Good Nutrition 107

Regular Follow-Up 108

Post-Treatment Depression 109

Chapter 12 Advanced Cancer 111

Facing the Future 111

If Treatment Fails 112

Quality vs. Quantity 112

Planning for the End of Life 113

Palliative Care 113

Hospice Care 114

Advance Care Planning 115

Leaving a Legacy 117

Chapter 13 A Guide for Your Partner 119

What is Lung Cancer? 120

What Do I Do Now? 121

What Your Spouse Needs from You 122

Meeting Your Own Needs 126

Glossary 129

Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Providers 133

Index 157

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