Be More Strategic in Business: How to Win Through Stronger Leadership and Smarter Decisions

Be More Strategic in Business: How to Win Through Stronger Leadership and Smarter Decisions

by Diana Thomas, Stacey Boyle


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ISBN-13: 9781633537842
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 08/15/2018
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Diana Thomas is an executive coach who partners with business executives, teams, and learning leaders to help them become more strategic and find more happiness in their lives. She brings deep expertise from her career as U.S. Vice President for Learning and Development at McDonald’s Corporation, where she led all aspects of training and development at Hamburger University, McDonald's global training center of excellence. Her work there was recognized with numerous learning industry awards. Today she uses her decades of experience, education, and expertise to help her clients increase their organizational impact and grow a committed and engaged followership. She is an editorial advisory board member for Chief Learning Officer magazine, a faculty member for MediaTec’s CLO Accelerator, and board member for the National Diversity Council.

Dr. Stacey Boyle has led global consulting and research departments for over 20 years, during which time she has built a reputation for groundbreaking work connecting investments in people to critical business outcomes. Today she runs Smarter People Planning, a consultancy that helps some of the world’s top companies and non-profits answer their pressing business questions and make strategic decisions. Stacey is a sought-after thought leader in workforce analytics, evaluation, and management consulting. Her experience spans across a wide variety of industries, including the learning industry's most popular service providers and awards programs. She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Behavioral Research and Evaluation from Oklahoma State University.

Table of Contents

Praise for Be More Strategic in Business 4

Dedication 11

Foreword 16

Introduction 20

Chapter 1 Finding Your Ground Amidst Disruption 30

What Happens When Strategic Leadership is Missing? 34

Why You? 36

What's All the Fuss about Change? 38

How Do We Win? 41

What's a Strategic Win? 42

Get Ready to Become a Winning Strategic Leader 47

Strategic Leadership Behaviors 49

Quick and Dirty Takeaways from This Chapter 56

Chapter 2 Six Factors for Strategic Leadership 58

When Was the Last Time You Tried to Climb a Tree? 60

The Rungs of the Ladder 60

Who Can Use the Factors? 62

A Quick and Dirty Framework for Strategic Leadership 65

Chapter 3 Factor 1-Develop Your Foundational Skills 66

1 Expand Your Knowledge of the Inside and Outside of Your Organization 67

2 Change Your Thinking 72

3 Look and Act Strategic 77

Where Do You Begin? 83

Enlist a Personal Development Board to Help You 84

Quick and Dirty Takeaways from This Chapter 88

Chapter 4 Communicate 90

Six Steps to Clear and Effective Communication 95

Navigating the Politics of Your Business 105

How to Report on Data, Trends, and Findings 109

Quick and Dirty Takeaways on Communication 111

Checklist for Factor 1: Develop Your Foundational Skills 112

Chapter 5 Factor 2-Establish the Vision 114

Creating a Vision and Strategy for Your Function 119

The Visioning Process 122

Strategizing 123

How Will You Know If You've Succeeded? 127

Quick and Dirty Takeaways for Factor 2 129

Checklist for Factor 2: Establish the vision 130

Chapter 6 Factor 3-Engage Stakeholders 132

The Governance Board 133

Quick and Dirty Takeaways for Factor 3 143

Checklist for Factor 3: Engage Stakeholders 144

Chapter 7 Factor 4-Build Your Strategic Plan 146

Plan, Do, Study, Act 151

Ask the Right Business Impact Questions 153

Know Your Enablers and Barriers 156

Finalize Your Business Impact Questions 160

Quick and Dirty Takeaways from This Chapter 162

Chapter 8 Create Your Impact Blueprint 164

Link Investments to Business Outcomes 167

Put Your Blueprint Into Action 181

Quick and Dirty Takeaways from This Chapter 184

Checklist for factor 4: Build your strategic plan 185

Chapter 9 Factor 5-Execute Your Strategic Plan 186

Change 187

Use the Rungs of the Ladder 189

Build and Lead a Winning Team for Everyday Execution 190

Using Data to Show Progress on Your Impact Blueprint 193

Update Your Impact Blueprint 200

Quick and Dirty Takeaways for Factor 5 203

Checklist for Factor 5: Execute Your Strategic Plan 204

Chapter 10 Factor 6-Make Decisions to Win 206

What Happens When You Stumble? 210

Strategic Leadership is an Ongoing Journey 212

Quick and Dirty Takeaways for Factor 6 214

Checklist for Factor 6: Make Decisions to Win 215

Conclusion 216

Be In Touch 222

Acknowledgements 223

Recommended Reading 225

About the Authors 227

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