Beaufighter Boys: True Tales from Those who flew the 'Whispering Death'

Beaufighter Boys: True Tales from Those who flew the 'Whispering Death'

by Graham Pitchfork


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A departure from the Cold War for the Boys series! Researched many years ago by the author for a project which did not come to fruition, Beaufighter air and ground crew gave freely of their stories which ranged from complete memoirs to brief anecdotes. And there were a plethora of original photographs for him to choose from. Graham Pitchfork has built on these reminiscences to trace the roles of Beaufighter squadrons spread across all the theaters of World War Two operations. From home bases, through north-west Europe, North Africa, Malta and the Mediterranean to the far Far East and south-west Pacific, the Beaufighter served far and wide as did the crews of the RAF, RAAF, SAAF and New Zealand and Canadian squadrons. All are covered in this quite unique book to be savored by all those interested in the war in the air from 1939–1945.

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ISBN-13: 9781911621447
Publisher: Grub Street
Publication date: 08/29/2019
Sales rank: 577,366
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork spent thirty-six years in the RAF, as a navigator, and commanded 208 Squadron. He was director of Air Warfare, and before retiring was director of Military Intelligence at the MoD. He is the author of several successful aviation books, particularly Buccaneer Boys for Grub Street. In 2012 Graham received both the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators Awards and the Air Power Association Award of the CP Robertson Memorial Trophy for services to aviation writing.

Table of Contents

Foreword 8

Introduction and Acknowledgements 9

Author's Note 11

Chapter 1 The Bristol Beaufighter 13

Chapter 2 A Man for Every Theatre 19

Chapter 3 Night-Fighters over England 25

Chapter 4 Bomber Support Operations 33

Chapter 5 Birth of the Strike Wings 40

Chapter 6 Conspicuous Gallantry 47

Chapter 7 Early Operations off Norway 53

Chapter 8 Diary of a Strike Wing Pilot 62

Chapter 9 The Anzac Wing 1944 75

Chapter 10 Black Friday 85

Chapter 11 Operational Tour in Malta 93

Chapter 12 Night-Fighter Navigator Ace 98

Chapter 13 Mediterranean Strike Pilot 105

Chapter 14 Shipping Strike off Italy 110

Chapter 15 Combat over Sicily 115

Chapter 16 The Western Mediterranean 122

Chapter 17 Action over the Aegean 131

Chapter 18 Aegean Operations - 1944 139

Chapter 19 The Gambut Detachment - September 1944 148

Chapter 20 Action over the Adriatic 156

Chapter 21 Silently into the Midst of Things 163

Chapter 22 Looking Backwards over Burma 175

Chapter 23 Flying Elephants over Burma 179

Chapter 24 Memorable Sorties in Burma 187

Chapter 25 Australians over Papua New Guinea 192

Chapter 26 Early Operations over Timor 198

Chapter 27 Search and Destroy in Timor 204

Chapter 28 Operational Swansong 212

Abbreviations 217

Bibliography 218

Index 219

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