Beckam (In the Company of Snipers, #20)

Beckam (In the Company of Snipers, #20)

by Irish Winters

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He's a Boy Scout…

Former Army Captain Beckam Garner grew up in America's heartland where people lived the Golden Rule. Honorable and steadfast, he now finds himself on a mission that will not only test his patience but every last one of his people skills. The job is simple: locate and neutralize the murderer targeting homeless veterans in Washington, DC. There's just one problem. Of all the trained operators he could be working with, he's stuck with The TEAM's snarky secretary. What on earth is Alex Stewart thinking?

She's better than everyone else…

Camilla Brinkman isn't afraid of anything or anyone. She hates everyone equally and has no problem telling Alex Stewart precisely what she thinks of him and his almighty TEAM. The man is a flaming jerk. So are his minions. She's smarter than all of them put together. All. Of. Them. Especially Beckam. She'll show him…

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BN ID: 2940163628971
Publisher: Irish Winters
Publication date: 12/25/2019
Series: In the Company of Snipers
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 59,529
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Beckam 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
the_gleam 24 days ago
The suspense and emotion brought on from this story was superb. I was emotionally connected from the moment the story opened. Beckam and Camilla were a perfect team. There were two people that were different but so needed each other. Beckam could have easily been titled Camilla as we learned so much about who she really was and why. And why Beckam was the perfect person to see her light. The story kept the twists, the drama, and the action quite real. Beckam is another winner in the In the Company of Snipers series! While part of the series, it can be read as a stand-alone.
littlejewl2000 25 days ago
It is amazing how Ms. Winters pulled you in an doesn't let you go. Her books will make you laugh, cry and stay up all night. This book is proof of this. Her books make you realize you can overcome any obstacle and still come out on top. This book was given to me by the author for an honest review
Countrygirl124 25 days ago
My heart just melts in a big ole’ puddle for Beckham. He’s the perfect book boyfriend. The patience, understanding and love he shows Camilla is just beautiful! Grab a box of Kleenex because you’re in for a heartbreaking emotional journey. But I promise the HEA is so worth it. Beckham is a former Army Ranger who lives by a code to honor his fellow man and protect the innocent. But nothing has ever tested his patience like the snide, cold secretary that works the front desk at the TEAM headquarters. Kah-me-ah Brinkman the one person everyone tries to avoid. Beckham couldn’t be more surprised when his boss Alex Stewart picks Camilla to be his partner for his new mission. Going undercover posing as a homeless couple to find the person who is targeting and murdering homeless veterans. He finds himself snuggled up with Camilla in a too small tent trying to keep from freezing to death. But damn nothing has ever felt so right to him. Camilla is full of surprises and so much heartache and pain. Many secrets are hidden behind those pretty brown eyes. Secrets that could destroy her. But Becks all in and she’s a mystery that he’s determined to solve. “I voluntarily received this arc book for an honest review”
Hawksmom3 25 days ago
Camilla Brinkman, newest and orneriest addition to the TEAM, won no friends with her superior attitude and disdain for all the idiots around her. Others cringed when she actually had the nerve to mouth off to Alex Stewart, TEAM creator and all around badass. The showdown they’d all been expecting finally happened when Alex handed her an ultimatum – put up or shut up. Her bluff had finally been called, so she took her only option and folded. Beckam Garner, former Marine scout sniper, was terribly uncomfortable being witness to this verbal altercation. When his name was used in the same sentence as Camilla Brinkman’s, he knew he was deep in it now. He and Camilla were to go undercover and stop the person responsible for recent murders of homeless veterans in the district. As her agent in charge, he sure hoped she was as good as she thought she was. This was the perfect pairing - Beckam with his strong compassion and belief in all things good, and Camilla who had never seen a good day in her life. A wonderfully written tale of the true power of love, Beckam will win your heart with his gentle spirit and humanity. You will also learn to love the very broken Camilla, who has had to fight so hard against loving anyone or asking for love in return. Another five-star book from the talented Ms. Winters.
Winterguard_love 28 days ago
I don't know how Irish does it but book 20 in the series is still as amazing as the first. Most series that i read i find myself losing interest in if they go past 10 books but not Irish's books, I find myself counting the days till i can read it then stay up all night because I can't bring myself to put it down. The beginning was a little hard to follow and i could not help but wonder what exactly Becks involvement would be with Mrs Jones and if that woman was somehow tied to Alana and Molina, I also would have like to know how much time had past from chapter 1 to chapter 2 but once i got into the story it started making more and more sense and I really enjoyed the twists, its nice when the story is not completely predictable. Beck has had a pretty good life but he is still trying to find his place in the TEAM. As for Camilla she has a chip on her shoulder that could swallow the entire state of Texas and still have room for more, she thinks she is so much smarter and better than everyone else and she has no time for idiot's. When she is assigned a mission with Beck she tells Alex to go to hell in which he simply replies back to her that she either does the job or she can leave. Camilla takes the job not liking it at all or the people she has to associate herself with but as the mission drags on her life gets upended and she realizes that nothing is as it seams and that maybe the TEAM is more of a family to her than the one she was born into. I can't wait to see what Irish has in store for us next.
D3b3 30 days ago
Another winner for Ms. Winters. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, and I fell in love with the characters in this magnificent story. Beckam is a big, strong, men with a tender heart for others in his world. As he works with other men like him, he hasn't forgotten, and never will, those less fortunate. When a harsh, rude woman comes into their circle, Beckam finds the crack in her armor and works to understand this angry woman. Cam has built walls to protect her heart from more hurt, which made her look and act like a rude, selfish woman. She wasn't expecting Beckam to thaw out her heart. Trust was hard to come by as work their mission. The mission is interrupted by Cam's screwed up family and Beckam has to choose mission over the woman he has fallen in love with. Alex Stewart, a man above most men, makes the decision for Beckam by the rule he lives by: family first. I love how each story incorporates the characters from the story lines before. Ms. Winters has another winner. This is a must read, you won't be disappointed.
JessieLC 3 months ago
Beckam In the Company of Snipers Book 20 Irish Winters Beckam Garner, Army Ranger, Afghanistan-hardened Alpha male had the rug of childhood pulled out from under him at an early age. He took over being the MAN when his Dad Ross had a heart procedure and could not take care of the family the way he should. Being an Oklahoma farm boy, he had learned about life and death at an early age. Ross former Army himself had instilled virtue, honor, compassion, into his son who saw his Dad as his hero. But nothing could make a young man grow up quick like the accident that happened right outside the farm one day. Camilla Lopez Brinkman, was a pain-in the-butt, diva, witch, shrew who sat at the Customer Service Desk for TEAM. She treated any and all who came into her presence that same way. She lashed out, snarling. Everyone tried to stay out of her way! Beckam had enough as she verbally abused the poor Fed Ex kid who just needed a signature. Miss “Kah-meh-ah” as she forcefully pronounced her name, told Beckam to “mind his own business”. He came back with it was “his business to mind”, that “this entire place is my business. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a team here. We get along….” The mission Camilla and Beckam were thrown head-first into was a tough one. Transients were being murdered. They were being sent out as a team, undercover, to try and find out why. Camilla erupted, spewing venom. Alex Stewart, leader of TEAM has had enough. “TEAM is a team…Either step up to the plate, join in or….” Thus the mission began. Irish Winters has a way of telling a story that you really don’t see coming. She has the ability to weave an adventurous plot, tell the background and keep you on track all the while making you cry and laugh. You get drama, suspense, and romance all rolled into a tight bow! In this story she takes 2 very different unique broken characters that are really are eons apart and all of a sudden you see the brokenness coming together like pieces of pottery. It becomes a beautiful whole vase. So find a comfy spot, put out the Do Not Disturb Sign and open up the world of Beckam. You’ll be glad you did! I was given an ARC to read. The Review is all mine and freely given.
cherigCG 3 months ago
Camilla is hired to work on the TEAM for Alex--a team player she isn't. With a serial killer in the homeless of DC she's about to work or hit the road. How's the perfectly dressed "princess" going to like going undercover as homeless? Beckam left the Rangers as a Captain to work with the TEAM. He was anxious to lead again but as a newer agent, it hadn't happened. Now was his chance, even if it meant taking on the rude, uncooperative Camilla. Neither expected the case to go the way it did. Cam didn't plan to find out about her past--her sad past and she didn't even know all of it. He didn't plan to share what he could never forget in his own past. Alex seemed to know they would work together, Beckam had an understanding for people few did. The assignment is life-changing with both developing feelings they didn't plan for or want--or did they? The author gives us a character that is so dislikeable the reader can't possibly like her but is that the real Cam? Can Beck break through the walls her past has built? Can she learn to trust? There has never been anyone in her life she could trust--until now, maybe. The TEAM, with their wives, have always stood up for and been there for all of the family. Will Cam be able to make her way into their special group? Another wonderful story of tragedy, pain, and love. The author pulls a range of emotions from the reader. She has the best of the best TEAM and the worst of the worst bad-guys. The original assignment is only the tip of the story. Seeing what an amazing group the TEAM family is will warm your heart as much as the love story with just the right amount of steam and growth from the couple. Another winner!
TrishAM 3 months ago
What is there to be said when the 20th book in a series is just as exciting and enjoyable as the first. In the "In the company of snipers" the author has cleverly incorporated all the well loved characters from all the other books but leaving each one as a standalone. With Irish Winters you do not just read about the characters you feel them, you feel the love and respect the TEAM have for one another and their partners and wives, you feel the companionship and you feel the stern, strong leadership of Alex, but his intuitiveness and the tenderness when needed. Beckam Garner is a quiet, God fearing member of the TEAM who suffers intense guilt about the death of a young woman and her child although neither deaths were his fault, indeed, he hardly knew the woman. Camilla Brinkman or Kah-me-ah as she took pains to point out, is the only member of the team that doesn't fit, she is the daughter of a very wealthy man who thought that anything could be bought but whose wealth was not acquired legally. Camilla's arrogance, self important waspish attitude, didn't sit well with the rest of the team and the fact that she never missed a chance to tell them that she was better educated than any of them, including Alex caused an otherwise unknown atmosphere in the TEAM headquarters. On the city streets, ex military personnel are being systematically murdered and the team need to quickly find the perpetrator, there had to be a common denominator. Alex sees something in Cam that no one else can see and he had the inspired idea to put the two tortured soles, that are Cam and Beck, together as an undercover team. Beck is at first horrified but with his gentle way he quickly gains Cam's trust and of course romance blossoms. This story has everything, murder, suspense in spades, intrigue, drug and people trafficking, prostitution .......and of course romance. Beck's speech to Cam when Carlos died was pure gold, by this time I was an emotional wreck but in a good way. I loved every minute of this page turning book, would I recommend it ? you bet I would.