Beef and Other Meat Jerky Recipes

Beef and Other Meat Jerky Recipes

by Deborah Dolen, Mabel White

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Beef and Other Jerky Recipes has been one of Deborah Dolen’s Bestselling books for a decade. Formerly in spiral bound, it is presently only offered in eBook format. Deborah Dolen is a Bestselling author of 28 DIY type books, but this is by far her bestseller. Dolen’s Jerky book has been a popular gift for hunters and purchased by hunters, not to mention wives who are faced with a sudden influx of meats from their husbands who hunt!

This eBook has been updated September of 2012 with delicious new recipes such a Gyro “Greek” style jerky and a similar “Ground Meat” version of Greek style because this book also instructs how to make jerky with ground meat and a jerky gun – or if you do not have a jerky gun, how to freeze it and slice it to still make jerky with ground meats. Regarding the Greek style, Deborah Dolen also includes the traditional cucumber yogurt sauce recipe that typically is served with Gyros. When the book was updated in September of 2012 a few recipes that were just not popular were omitted and several new highly regarded recipes added.

This book has recipes for wild game, even Caribou, many for venison as well as commercially secured meats. Most recipes offer two methods of making jerky, either the oven method or dehydrator – although some recipes are designed only for those using smokers. Other delectable recipes include Blue Ribbon Jerky and Jack Black Label Sweet Jerky. Deborah also created a favorite jerky recipe that includes Cola, Pepper Beef Jerky with Triple Sec and a Deli Meat Jerky where you can make Jerky with deli meats.

A good meat Jerky is was one of the easiest things to make and once you get your technique down, you can make tons of it. Many people are succeeding at Mom and Pop Jerky operations right out of their garages. Beef Jerky was one of the mainstays of American pioneers when they were settling the west. It enabled them to preserve their meat and ensured they did not go hungry in times of need.

As one purchaser explained to the author - another reason Jerky is so popular is because wild game is usually natural and does not contain hormones or other chemicals.

Baja Style
Blue Ribbon Jerky
Beef T-Jerky
Beef Jerky Recipe The Kids Love -Thick w Honey
Beef, Deer, Elk or Moose Jerky
Branch Jerky - Venison
Brined Jerky - Smoker
Cucumber Garlic Yogurt Sauce for Greek Styles
Cured Jerky - Commercial Red
Deer Jerky Brine & Smoke
Deer Jerky II
Deli Meat Jerky
Dixie Jerky -All Game -Beer
EZ Style
Fave Jerky Recipe
Granny's Jerky
Greek Style Gyro Jerky
Greek Style Hamburger Jerky
Ground Meat Jerky
Hamburger Jerky
Hawaiian Jerky
Herb Jerky
Home Style Jerky
Hot & Smoky Coke Jerky
Hot & Tangy Jerky
Jack Black Label Sweet Jerky
Jerky Venison and Red Wine Vinegar
Jerky Marinade -Simple- 4 Parts
Jerky Time - Multi Meat
Lemon Seasoning Jerky
Marinated Jerky
Marinated Spicy Caribou Jerky
Mild Mexican Jerky Dry Rub
Onion Ground Beef Jerky
Oriental Style
Pepper Beef Jerky w Triple Sec
Sweet Jerky
Taj Mahal Satay Style w Peanut
Teriyaki Marinade
Thai Beef Jerky
The Jerky Marinade
Valley Style
Vegetable Roll-ups
Venison Jerky-Cold Smoke
Venison Jerky BBQ Style
Venison Jerky #2 "The Best Venison Recipe EVER"
Venison Jerky #3
Venison Jerky #4
Well Seasoned Jerky
Western Barbecue Jerky
Western Barbeque Jerky Sweet
Wild Game Jerky - w Whiskey
Yankee Style

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About the Author

Resident of Palma Sola Florida, Deborah Dolen has authored 36 "how to" books and films spanning a decade. Author Deborah Dolen lives on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida with her golden retriever "Ringo" who was a Katrina rescue canine. Deborah Dolen's work in book and film can be found on mobile platforms, although most of her hard copy books were allowed to go out of print in 2006 due to the mobile platforms offering more convenient delivery making her hard copy books and films mainly collector's items.

Most of Deborah's musings revolve around natural or environmental affects. Deborah is a graduate of Eckerd College in St. Pete, Florida and Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. Many of her books were the direct result of raising three daughters as a widow and projects she designed to teach them life skills, ended up being complied into books as the internet became popular and a clear demand was shown for Deborah's recipes, formulas or over all writing in general.

Deborah Dolen can be found on all of the social medias that include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and OpenSalon.

Deborah's bestselling books include: The Beekeeper's Digest, which shows how to make a variety of finished products from bee materials - honey, wax, and pollen are spun into gold to make candles, lip balm, hand cremes, medicinal syrups and so much more. Floral Design Basics is Deborah Dolen's second bestselling book and Handwriting Analysis in Psychology is another popular Dolen authored book.

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