Betting on Ideas: Wars, Invention, Inflation

Betting on Ideas: Wars, Invention, Inflation

by Reuven Brenner


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ISBN-13: 9780226074016
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Publication date: 07/28/1989
Edition description: 1
Pages: 255
Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

1. Why Do Nations Engage in Wars?
Appendix 1.1: On Probability, Thinking, and Stress
Appendix 1.2: On Making Up Our Minds . . .
Appendix 1.3: . . . on Political Thought, in Particular
2. On Gambling, Social Instability, and Creativity Now . . .
With Gabrielle A. Brenner
Appendix 2.1: Evidence on Patents: Diagrams and Comments
Appendix 2.2: Firms and International Trade: An Alternative Viewpoint
Appendix 2.3: On the Methodology of a Uniform Approach
3. . . . and during the Industrial Revolution
4. Why Did Inheritance Laws Change?
By Gabrielle A. Brenner
5. On Politics and Inflation
Appendix 5.1: Unemployment: A Note
6. What Insurance Can Indexation Provide?
The Canadian Experiment
Appendix 6.1: Indexation: Additional Viewpoints
7. The Choice

What People are Saying About This

Jonathan Hughes

Betting on Ideas is an ingenious and erudite creation, easily as much so as History - the Human Gamble. Its appeal like its predecessor's, is to a wide audience: historians, economists. sociologists, and anthropologists, among others. And like its predecessor, the book's greatest value is as a general, truly novel paradigm of large scale human behavior. -- (Jonathan Hughes, Northwestern University)

John Hey

In my opinion, people who have "theories of the world," are either dangerous crackpots or visionary geniuses. Reuven Brenner has a "theory of the world", which he has already expounded in his 1983 book, History - the Human Gamble, and on which he now expands in this second book. I cannot decide into which category Brenner falls - since much of what he says makes sense ... Perhaps Brenner is a visionary genius? -- (John Hey, University of York, Economica, November 1987)

G.O.W. Mueller

Certainly one of the most unusual and mind-challenging books I have read in a long time. -- (G.O.W. Mueller, Professor of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University)

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