Beyond The Surface

Beyond The Surface

by Nancy Eldeek


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ISBN-13: 9781468577518
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/26/2012
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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Beyond the Surface

By Nancy Eldeek


Copyright © 2012 Nancy Eldeek
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-7751-8

Chapter One

Inspirational Introductory


Life is like a gift it has to be unwrapped and then explored, at first we are careless but as we proceed in our journey we then come to understand a little more as wisdom approaches.

What matters today will not matter tomorrow and what happens tomorrow leave it to tomorrow and don't let yesterday's sorrows become your shadows.

Count your blessings and not your misfortunes; the best answer to life is that we all have to find our own purpose.

Purpose comes from within.

What are your inner desires?

Do not fear- fear itself is the greatest suppression.

Climb the ladder of life with courage and if you happen to slip don't get discouraged because life is a gift.

Inspirational Introductory

Life is a teacher

What matters today will not matter tomorrow,

What happens tomorrow comes from yesterday's sorrows.

Regrets will always be your shadow!

Every day we realize how precious life is and how fragile everything around us is;

If time was real we would spin back the wheel.

We live to die believing that there is a place for us in the sky.


Love is hope and understanding, willingness and devotion ...
Love is not to be confused nor abused, it stands alone above all and with its absence we are
Empty as if we have no soul.
Our whole lives we strive to belong and to have a place that we can call a home, only to find
That home was love all along.


Freedom comes from within ...
It's like your home when you are feeling all alone.
Now I'm no longer a stranger to what I have always known.
Looking back on all the years, when I was chasing dreams
Every time a star appeared, making wishes was superstitious.
Inside my heart I carried a fire
In my breast, that flame is what keeps me alive,
Bursting into existence, wiping away all the rain setting me free!
I still keep the faith because freedom is what I was after.


Watching ships sail by, like time in space,
Nothing in its place sailing to the never-days
Say hi to tomorrow and goodbye to yesterdays.
Let the wake wash away my journey of sails
In my past and leave the sorrows behind my eyes.

4 Letter Word

Love! Love is not just a 4 letter word
Love is immortal!
Love is a deep fire embedded in our souls,
Love is the music of our hearts with every beat of life,
Creating a new melody with every whisper of breath
An unborn love is yet to pulsate with every birth;
A heart arrives.

Wounded Heart

You do not know me
I'm a wound from your past.
I'm a tear from a cut that burns with no flame,
But has not yet healed with moving on
I'm a forgotten soul to your heart,
Love is pleasure and pain boundless by the heart.

Seasons of My Heart

From January until December
All that I remember, was it age that swept me under?
Returning alone, was it Winter that washed us away
Or was it Autumn that made us fall?
Like leaves dying away or a dead tree
That will never Spring again.
Pure wisdom, I took to the heart
And made my own way, with Summer's sunshine
Erased the lines of yesterdays!


I see beautiful blue skies in your eyes
I see striking green fields in your eyes
I see cherry colored roses resting on your smiles
I sense a gentle breeze from your fingertips down my spine
A whisper of silk is where your hair lies
The ground envies your shadow every time the sun shines.

Addicted to Love

Addicted to love, pain and the past ...
I crave the breeze of your touch
Between us the present and the past ...
Cold nights that came with heavy rains
Despite the miles and distance far between us
Lacking a desire that is called time.

Rose with Thorns

We can easily fall for the rose
But still get stung by its thorns ...
Like a bee sting!
When we can only be mesmerized by its beauty
And the garden of paradise that it comes from; yes believe! It is Eve.
Not thinking of what lies beneath that beauty ...
A shocking discovery of pain!

Fear of Love

Fear of love; I'm violated my heart shivers
At the site of blooming roses
Birth of spring, damp nights ...
Standing at my window past desires awakened
Rain drops falling apart from my gazed eyes.
Standing at my window
Glimpses of your shadow passing me by,
Remembering the empty promises like ashes
Blown with the wind and forgotten.


Imagination is what we have designed
Our inner emotions can fool us at times
When passions arise
This could exist for the moment
But it doesn't mean it is everlasting leaving us with confusion what we thought was real is
An illusion of our own imagination!

I've Lost My Innocence

I've lost my innocence
Where did my innocence go?
What happened to that glow?
Has it been that long ago?
Or is it time letting us know
Sitting on hills and watching mountains grow.
Was it the traveling or was it the distance
Did I fall asleep and did not know
I wish it was possible to purchase a ticket back to
Long time ago!

I Did Not Surrender

I fell to pieces at that time of my life
Not because I was fragile, it was dark
I did not surrender!
It was just a stumble
I picked myself up and put me back together ...
Piece by piece and completed the puzzle
Now I can see the whole picture more clearly.


If time was reversible and we were able to change fate,
Life would simply become a repeated incident
Because our destiny awaits us
We are fortunate to be alive,
Fortunate to love and have been loved,
Fortunate yet not to have died
Life is a circle that has to be completed.

Still I live

Did you want to see me broken?
Did you want to watch me lose?
The cruelty in your eyes approaches wanting to cut through into my heart,
Still I live!
I mean after my heart was ripped into pieces
The willows in my garden grew back this spring.

Breaking the Silence

My heart has hardened where every soft spot used to be
It has become a solid rock influences by time.
The essence that once had a voice now has resigned,
Leaving everything behind
Take me away from my pain ...
It has resided inside, built a home made of stone.
My pain is breaking the silence, becoming louder with every deep breath inhaled
Leaving a space in my heart every time I exhale!

I Only Wanted To Forget

I boxed up all my sad old memories yesterday,
Undecided! Only time can tell.
An old collection: of pictures, gifts, stuff and more.
All is becoming by time an old cheap treasure
That is about to sink deep into a place called nowhere,
What was once familiar now is unfamiliar
Like the past is fading away into the sunset but
Only this time never to rise again!

Leave Me As You Wish

Leave as you wish and take that love you caused with you.
Leave to your world and leave me in mine
You can take it all back, take it with you.
I rather live without
I will not allow you to take my years
Take all your demands and fake emotions
And leave me with my dreams.
I will wash away my tears!

I Shall Not Blame

The end of us was quick and bitter
Beautiful and sweet, slow and weak
The happiness was measured with time between us
Sharp arrows of pain, right through our hearts
Silence, unsaid words, pierce in my mind
Pride and silence, I cried
A cold flame of desire, how bitter the memory that did not last
Perfect pleasures we inhaled deeply
But recklessly let our passions die
Traces of a moment were left behind
So is that painting forgotten and denied
Melted desires are due for so long
How stale the everlasting yesterdays
Becoming signifying nothing, but no fault
I shall not blame.

Love Is Beyond Me and You

My heart used to be deep and far like a foreign place
Now it is familiar like my eyes are filled with love for you.
Just breathe through my breath and live
Through my every heart beat
My love for you has no beginning, no end,
No bottom and no surface
It's deep like a shadow drifting beyond life and
Still can't live without you if there is no light.
Love is beyond me and you
Love is deep obis, once we lay in it we can stay there a life time.
As I stare into your eyes
I drift away like water
I crash in rage
I wash away.

Walk With Me

You are my shadow, so walk with me
We have mutual love for each other
So don't walk away
Without you I would crumble
I would never find myself again
Walk beside me, walk behind me
Walk with me, just never let me go
With you I find a beautiful taste to life
Without you, life is just plain bitterness
So walk with me, and I will walk with you as one
You make me want to be brave
You are worthy
I long for your presence
This is my heart
And this is what it desires
Walk with me, you are my presence.

All That I Would
Do For You

There is nothing I wouldn't do for you
I would make all the stars shine for you
All the oceans rise and fall for you
All the planets line up to cater to you
All the mountains stand up for you
Have the wind rush just to be with you and
The clouds draw perfect pictures of you
Make all the rain wash away your pains
And let the breeze dry your tears
My love for you will never cease
I want to make all your dreams come true
There is nothing that I wouldn't do for you.


I can still hear the laughter's even though they are years away
The rusted memories that never faded are still insight,
The visions still walk with me today
Dreadfulness, judgments from the past remain.
Holding the past in high regards while trying to obey
It's all fresh in my mind, doesn't seem like it's ever drifting away
All the complicated details insist on staying yet another day.
Leaving everything behind doesn't repair time
Allowing it only to heal with age like fine wine!
It is my companion I cannot deny
It has no place of rest, but not much of a thrust
Uncertain it resides, for memory never dies.
I hear it calling my name from time to time
Faithful to the memories I still remain.

I Allow You to Get No
More of Me

I allow you to get no more of me
A farewell in our opposed paths
We shall perceive
Hope lies far away
Deep at the bottom of the oceans, tears that never dried
I shall defend my heart against you.
My dark nights turn into blooming shiny days
Shared our life together as one
How and why do our hearts betray us?
I want to escape my prison, the prison of love ...
Master the art of living, whether it's gain or loss.
Where is my innocence?
Where did my soul go?
Was it washed away by the waves on the shore?

Red Wine Fantasy

The sipping of red wine reminds me of the streams that ran wildly in her forests,
Raging across rocks over powering forces of nature
Over whelmed like an exotic rush pushing through
A cold breeze rises from her cup, giving me chills, reaching out for a kiss
I fear the raging streams
Echoes of what is dear to me, recalling dreams, shadows from a past never want to awaken.
I'm so drawn, haunted by the image of her raging beauty
I desire to take her by thy waist, lay her down with perfumed silky sheets and become
Mesmerized into her eyes that I adore never to ignore
I sip one more time of her red wine lips
Live flowing passions arise from death, cruelty she approaches with tenderness
I alone have loved her more, but the wine was forbidden.
I have no form to love another, how can I live with despair
We made our vows forever, but forever was never meant to be, because it was just a

You Amaze Me

I have seen different countries of this world
I have seen the beauty in flowers and diamonds
I have seen the awe in the birth of a child
I have stared into deep ocean waters for hours
I have watched fires burn until they turned to ashes
My eyes have looked across endless miles of desert
I have watched sunsets go down that have brought me to tears
I have seen rainbows come up on a rainy day
I have watched the moon become full, as if close enough to touch it
But it is you that amazes me
You are the reason I have hope now, don't ever doubt the love I feel for you
You are the one that has the key to unlock closed doors
You are the one that gave me something to believe in
You fulfill my dreams and desires
Faithful and loyal, I will stand by you
I have asked God for miracles that have never come
I have had endless nights of pain and fear
I have searched inside myself for answers
I have had to feel emotions that I have always ran from
But you are there to save me
The one thing I will tell you, until the end of time

Drifting Apart

Addicted to what we had, I want you close
I'm having withdrawals
My heart is skipping beats
You keep switching faces; I want us to be close again
So which side of you am I getting from you now?
Makes me want to drink and think,
Am I dreaming or did you really leave
If that is love then it is tuff!
Yes I'm talking about us
This is my heart, it's saying the truth
I wonder where your mind is sailing to
Do you wake up in your dreams and see me and you
You keep resisting, but all I hear is what my heart is telling me
Why is that my obsession?
It is too much to take, I'm about to break
It ended so soon
I thought forever was in your heart
But somehow we drifted apart.

Far From My Eyes

It seems like you are farther than the stars
Becoming deeper than the bottom of the sea
Far from me, like the sun that is shining down on me
Away from my eyes
I hate to feel a doubtful love
Far from me
Is it because you are ignoring my desires
Is it because you are cruel to the heart
Silent to the ear
Far from me, afraid of falling apart
Catch our falling star
Remember Midnight Dreams and sweet kisses from my lips to yours
I can still taste it in my sleep, it never gets weak
A hundred flower petals on the sheets
My fingers through your hair
You stare into my eyes, falling into each other souls
If you only knew how I love you!
So, do I doubt your love for me?
No, never, not as long as our hearts burning with fire of desires.

Everything Stopped For
a Moment

Seasons come and seasons go
And I still love you
Never stopped
Loving you is like a sting, with pain it came
A chill from the rain
Your cold heart left me that winter
It felt as if the world and time, everything stopped for a moment.
Silence captured my thoughts
Come over to my heart once again.


Your soul is like deep space
Your heart is like shallow water
Your mind is foreign refusing to adapt
Your eyes I cannot read
Your pain is so cold how can I ever sleep you've
Caused my dreams to weep
I tried reaching out to you, giving you my heart to keep
It was your love I craved to seek
I never knew it could make me feel so weak
That's why I cried you a (Pennsylvania creek).
Your lack of emotions became so bleak,
Suspending a relationship making it so cheap!

Closer to You

Let me love you in my own special way
Let me in your heart I'll swim through your veins to
Unlock the mysteries and ease your pains
Unleash your dreams and thoughts upon me, break the
Barrier and let us be.
Nothing is far all is near
Close your eyes for I am here
Be that flower in my garden of eve
Give me your love and my love you shall receive
Now I measure my chances with a signed promise only a heart
Beat away, to envision it only in my sleepless midnight dreams.

Midnight Dreams

You left me heart broken
You left me drowning in my own tears
Burning holes in my pillow
Your heart is so cold towards me!
What happened to I love you and you love me,
You should have not left me.
You are frozen; you cause my bones to shiver
Remember one night I asked for directions to your
Heart, instead you lead me to your dark alleys made me lose my way,
Will it never been the same since that day.
I started thinking, how crazy life is, one minute we're thinking
That we have achieved our destiny only come to find
We haven't even started the journey.
My heart misses you at midnight especially, it all started
With a simple dream that did not last ...
It just stopped ticking, making time dissolve between us.


You are my shadow
Walk with me
We have mutual love for each other
Don't walk away
Without you I would crumble, I would never find myself again.
Walk beside me, walk behind me and walk with me,
Just never let me go.
With you I find a beautiful taste to life
Without you life is just plain bitterness, so walk with me and I'll walk with you as one
You make me want to be brave, you are worthy
I long for your presence, this is my heart and this is what it desires
Walk with me you are my presence.

Laying Under the Sun

As I lay here under the sun
Wondering what tomorrow would bring
I'm scared of fear; Fear of not achieving hope for tomorrow.
Suddenly hope flourishes from above
The clouds with rays of lights reflecting into my eyes
As I start growing, my spirit becomes peaceful, my skies are silent,
My oceans move calmly, my mountains stand taller.
Earth lies still beneath me while I wait for tomorrow.

Brighter Days

Chasing myself and going beyond myself, driven
By ego like a nightwalker but wanting to bump into everything right for myself
Feeling brave! Streetlights blinding me
Moving from the dark walking closer towards my heart
But still in my dreams I kiss your lips goodnight, and ask the lord for a
Better tomorrow with no sorrows and to put dream in their places
Sometimes I see strange faces standing in the dark,
I just look through it all and search for brighter days.


Excerpted from Beyond the Surface by Nancy Eldeek Copyright © 2012 by Nancy Eldeek. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Life is a teacher....................10
4 letter Word....................18
Wounded Heart....................20
Seasons of My Heart....................22
Addicted to Love....................26
Rose with Thorns....................28
Fear of Love....................30
I've Lost My Innocence....................34
I Did Not Surrender....................36
Still I Live....................40
Breaking the Silence....................42
I Only Wanted to Forget....................44
Leave Me As You Wish....................46
I Shall Not Blame....................48
Love Is Beyond Me and You....................50
Walk with Me....................52
All That I Would Do For You....................54
I Allow You to Get No More of Me....................58
Red Wine Fantasy....................60
You Amaze Me....................62
Drifting Apart....................64
Far From My Eyes....................66
Everything Stopped for a Moment....................68
Closer to You....................72
Midnight Dreams....................74
Laying Under the Sun....................78
Brighter Days....................80
In Your Glory....................82
Love Me Unconditionally....................84
The Heart....................86
I Can Do Better....................92
Standing Still....................94
A Kiss....................96

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