Blinded By Vampires In The Light

Blinded By Vampires In The Light

by Timothy Telymonde

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Blinded by Vampires in the Light is a tale of global conquest. The book aligns actual events with motives and objectives never before considered. It becomes unsettling as the events of current times come into perspective. Never has anyone considered medicine as a motive for the South East Asian wars of Vietnam and Korea. The author considers the very real possibility that the longevity and medical benefits of the Thunder God Vine may provide such motive. The advantage of Such Knowledge is almost immeasurable. The book begins with the expedition of Botanist, Charres Wilfordi Wilford. His findings regarding the great vine were never made public. The book brings us to modern times with a new perspective on history considering the new set of motives for every action and resulting wars all the way to current times.

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BN ID: 2940158150418
Publisher: Timothy Telymonde
Publication date: 04/13/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 8 MB

About the Author

About The Author
Timothy Telymonde was formally a medical Device Researcher, after receiving FDA Approval of a break through 49 million pixel imaging device he learned that many great products never make it to market as he personally experienced a hostile takeover by those he thought were his friends. Twelve years later, after injuring his eye, Tim was diagnosed with Anterior Uveitis (a leading cause of blindness globally). Tim learned there was very little the doctors could do. Neither the antibiotics nor the steroids were effective.

Tim founded a charity called CureEveryone.Org, only to learn others were raising millions more and they were not receiving any positive results. While researching the many diseases and building the Cure Everyone website, Tim had noticed a viral root to almost all of the major diseases. He formed a tree graphic to illustrate his findings. Tim then began researching the true weakness of viral disease. Tim began to consider that most serious herpes and Aids class double stranded large DNA viruses remain undetected within the spinal column. Tim hypothesized that the answer would also regenerate spinal column injuries. Tim located two compounds, Triptolide and Cholesterol, that in mouse studies regenerated spinal injuries even after complete separation. One of the compounds Tim located Triptolide was classified as a HDAC inhibitor and reduced almost all inflammation known scientifically as NF-KB. In common speak the compounds inhibit the viruses ability to hide in latency within the human genome and within the genome of most living things. They accomplish this almost magical feat by breaking the viral histone hiding bonds, hence allowing for full DNA reads of our Genome. Once the DNA can be read in full, disease can be identified by the immune system and an immune response can be generated. Tim located the source of these compounds in South East Asia, in Korea and Vietnam with a relative Terpeniod cousin in Afghanistan called Taxol. Taxol is now extinct due to the afghan war. this occurred just prior to its pharmaceutical patents expiring. After gaining confidence that this Anterior Uveitis was improving every day along with a long list of other ailments, Tim began to let others know what he had learned.

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