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4.1 9
by Justine Musk

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In downtown Manhattan, a rising young painter is haunted by disturbing dreams. Her walls are covered in her own scrawls: Release the boy...
In small-town Minnesota, a teenage orphan struggles with a knowledge beyond his years—and a destiny he wants no part of...
In California, people are tuning in to a new underground rock


In downtown Manhattan, a rising young painter is haunted by disturbing dreams. Her walls are covered in her own scrawls: Release the boy...
In small-town Minnesota, a teenage orphan struggles with a knowledge beyond his years—and a destiny he wants no part of...
In California, people are tuning in to a new underground rock band. Young and old, hipsters and hippies, all are falling under the spell of its wildly charismatic lead singer. Her voice breaks down all barriers—including the ones between heaven and hell.
The fans of Asha are starting to find one another—and the world is running out of time...

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The Barnes & Noble Review
Stephen King's The Stand meets Mötley Crüe's autobiography, The Dirt, in Justine Musk's page-turning debut novel, BloodAngel -- an apocalyptic thriller fueled by sex, drugs, and rock n' roll that chronicles the last days of the millennia-old battle between angels and demons.

Jessamy Shepard is an up-and-coming artist quickly making a name for herself in the New York City art scene with her haunting paintings of an enigmatic boy. But a reoccurring nightmare is beginning to unravel her sanity. Ramsey Doe is a 15-year-old “bookworm skate-punk” living with a foster family in Minnesota. When he's not writing prose that is unfathomably deep for his age, he's surfing the Web, downloading music from obscure bands or chatting with his Internet friends. When he finds out about an underground rock band out of California called Trans, fronted by a wildly charismatic woman named Asha, his future is irrevocably altered. Asha, it turns out, is actually demon-possessed and hell-bent on re-creating Earth in her own evil image. All that is standing in her way are two unlikely heroes -- a painter and a punk -- who are just beginning to understand their mysterious heritages and godlike powers…

As primitively rousing and addictively entertaining as the eardrum-assaulting, hip-shaking music featured within, Musk's BloodAngel has all the dark intrigue of a King thriller, the unrestrained audaciousness of a Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake novel, and the cool irreverence of a Cory Doctorow creation. Highly recommended. Paul Goat Allen

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Bloodangel 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
MontzieW More than 1 year ago
BloodAngel (BloodAngel #1) by Justine Musk is an interesting, dark urban fantasy with new intriguing creatures of both good and evil. I like that there is something new out there, not the same old thing. I have read Musk's books before and enjoyed them. A good dark fantasy once in a while lightens things up, lol. She has new creatures, great plot, twists, turns, some gore but yea, it's a dark fantasy. I enjoyed the wondering of who is the boy in the painting, who is the summoner, who is this singer, and what is a Dreamliner? The book was scary, fun, twisted in a good way, good vs evil, suspense-filled, and had lots of magic/fantasy. What more could a good dark fantasy want? Oh, did I mention the angels and demons?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I thought it had an iteresting way of bring each character in on their own and then leaving small hints about how each one is connected to the next. I don't finish a lot of books I buy but I loved this book and had a VERY hard time putting it down. I can't wait for the sequal 'Lord of Bones' to come out in (hopefully) July of 2008.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the poetic way this one was written, and how each character was devevloped seperatly and than finally brought together. Only thing is I felt a little detached from the main character Jess, when I thought I should know her more, maybe becuase it was written in the 3rd person. This kept the book from being 5 stars for me. Also I hope we haven't heard the last of Asha. If you like dark gothic stories, you'll really enjoy this story.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Painter Jessamy Shepard is having her first showing in a New York City art gallery and seven of her best pictures are of a fifteen-year-old boy that she never has seen she believes she was inspired by her imagination. She is wrong as the boy in the painting does exist. He is the orphan Ramsey Doe who lives with his foster family in Dearmont, Minnesota. The time has come for both of them to know their destinies. --- Kai enters Jess¿s life quite abruptly and tells her how she is the descendant of one of the world¿s most powerful Summoners, beings who are the descendants of the mating between humans and angels. He is seven centuries old and has plenty of magic, the same kind that is locked within Jess that he will help her release so she can locate Ramsey who is hunted Bakat Akisa, an evil Summoner who escaped from prison after being locked away for five centuries. She wants revenge, she wants the world to burn and become a hell-world where she and the demons she lets loose will rule and she needs Ramsey to make that happen because hidden inside him is a being who can open the realms of the Dreamlines and let the demons come to earth. Kai and Jess intend to stop her or die trying. --- Justine Musk is a great new writer on the horror scene and will appeal to fans of Karen Koehler and Poppy Z. Brite. The characters, especially the Summoners, have an interesting perspective on life as they have walked the earth for centuries. The history and culture of the Summoners is also fascinating and even Akisa elicits reader sympathy having been a sex slave at one time. It is hoped that there will be future books featuring the Summoners. --- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Though this book is a little dated, it is a great Christmas gift, for the young adult gothic romance adventure lover. This book dives into the lives of 3 different people, their lives all intertwine with the lives of a long lost brother and sister. Kai Youngblood and Bakal Ashika, brother and sister who hate each other, but have not seen each other ever since the destruction of their home city. It starts off in the life of Lucas Madoax, then it jumps into the life of young painter, Jessamy Sheppard. Jessamy Sheppard is a young writer who life is interrupted by Kai Youngblood. Jessamy has been painting a series about a young boy who she doesn¿t think exist. In a Minnesota, young Ramsey Doe, has been writing dark poems and posting them on the internet. He is a foster child, and has no clue what has been happening to him or what happened to his parents. Lately, there has been 2 strange scars appearing on his back, because of a powerful Summoner that has been sealed into his body. Bakal Ashika is a demoness who calls herself Asha, while touring with Lucas and his new band. Asha is the lead singer of the new band called Trans, that just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and is a hit all around California. Everyone young, old, meek, bold, hippies, punks, goths, and everyone alike is tuning into their music and is going out into the desert just to see them play for their biggest performance ever. Asha¿s demonic ¿friends¿, are using the bodies of her fans and the blood of Ramsey, to bind them forever to the physical plain. The only thing standing in Asha¿s way are 2 very unlikely heroes. Jessamy Sheppard and Ramsey Doe are the only things standing in her way. Jessamy is being trained by the love of her life, Kai Youngblood, and a demon by the name of Del. With Kai and Del¿s help, along with the help of young Ramsey, will she be able to defeat Bakal Ashika or will she die trying. Jess has been having strange haunting dreams and sleepwalking. She has been writing on her arms and walls in anything she can write with, `Release the Boy!¿ repeatedly. She has been wondering why this is happening and why it is happening to her. Ramsey has been hearing a voice call out to him sometimes, and he ¿accidentally¿ does kills someone that was once close to his foster sister. This book is a must read, but be warned there is some vulgar language and a scene which some people might not approve. Other than that, this book is a must have and once it has began, it must be finished. Many people enjoy it, and if you love horror, the supernatural, romance, adventure, and anything gothic, then you will fall in love with this, just as many others have.