Bloodtypes, Bodytypes, and You: Why Your Unique Genetic Code is the Key to Losing Weight for Life

Bloodtypes, Bodytypes, and You: Why Your Unique Genetic Code is the Key to Losing Weight for Life

by Joseph Christiano ND Cnc Cnhp

Paperback(Revised and Expanded)

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Why do some diets produce life-changing results for some people but not for others? World-renowned health and fitness coach Dr. Joe Christiano updates his tested and proven weight-loss program based on the simple concept that your blood type-O, A, B, or AB-determines your body's ability to absorb nutrients, fight off disease, and lose weight. Revised to include protocols for detoxification and address healthy colon function, this updated edition explains how a well-balanced eating plan based on blood type is pivotal for losing weight and keeping it off for life.

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ISBN-13: 9781599792903
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 04/22/2008
Edition description: Revised and Expanded
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 383,201
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Joseph Christiano, ND, CNC, is a certified natural health professional who has spent forty years in the field of nutrition and exercise. The former Mr. Florida bodybuilding champ and Mr. USA runner-up has helped coach Hollywood celebrities, major media personalities, and swimsuit winners in the Miss America, Miss USA and Mrs. America pageants. Dr. Joe has been featured on the cover of Central Florida magazine and in an Iron Man magazine feature article. He has also appeared in The Sun in London, England, Woman’s World, Women’s Health and Fitness and Pageantry magazines. He has been a health and fitness columnist for New Man magazine. He is the author of several books, including The Seven Pillars of Health, Never Go Back, and My Body, God’s Temple.

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Developing a Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle
Genetics-Your Foundation for Success     11
Bridging the Gap     27
Thermogenic Weight-Loss Program-Instinctive Eating According to Your Blood Type
Your Colon: Good Health From the Inside Out     49
The Blood-Type Weight-Loss Program (Thermogenic Weight-Loss Program)     59
How to Become an Instinctive Eater     97
Diet and Nutrition     113
Blood Type A     133
Blood Type B     145
Blood Type AB     157
Blood Type O     169
Family Meal Planning     181
Pick-a-Meal Recipes     201
Body Genetics-Reaching Your Genetic Potential
Body Genetics     247
Nutrition Support Ideas     269
The Right Program for Your Body Type     281
Real People, Real Results     297
Epilogue     313
Notes     314
Nutrition Support Ideas     316
Thermoblast Weight Loss Meal Replacements     318
Body Type Workout Video/DVD     319
Thermoblast Twelve-Week Weight Loss Program     320
Health and Fitness Coaching and Services     321
Services and Benefits     322
Emotional Food Triggers Questionnaire     323
Table of Charts
Reasons to Change-Positive Values; Reasons Not to Change-Negative Fears     33
Setting Goals-Are You Making Progress?     35
Food Triggers Grid     38
Checklist of Pitfalls     43
How to Use Meal-Replacement Products     69
Twelve-Week Protocol at a Glance     72
Fat-to-Muscle Ratio and Lean Muscle Rating     76
Group A, Participant #1     79
Group A, Participant #2     80
Group B, Participant #1     81
Group B, Participant #2     82
Group C, Participant #1     83
Group C, Participant #2     84
Insiders' Tips for Losing Weight     87
Benefits of the Journey Experience     99
Determining Your Blood Type     107
Monitor Your Progress     111
Glycemic Index of Common Foods     115
Sample Pick-a-Meal Daily Plan #1     124
Sample Pick-a-Meal Daily Plan #2     124
Protein and Exercise     130
Pick-a-Meal Planner     132
Exercise Paradox     251
Body Fat Test     283
Rule of Thumb for Healthy Eating     285
Initial Measurement Sheet     286
Progress Report Card     287
Dietary Analysis     288
Determining Your Body Type     289
Troubleshooting the Pear Body Type     290
Troubleshooting the Apple Body Type     291
Troubleshooting the Banana Body Type     292
Training Heart Rate Expressed in 10-Second Count     295

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