Blue Persuasion

Blue Persuasion

by Blakely Bennett


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Blue Persuasion by Blakely Bennett

Judy, dubbed Blue by her friends, is a voluptuous thirty-one year old woman longing for a love of her own. Even more frustrating than her dissatisfaction with her work and the unwanted attention her body garners is always coming in second with the opposite sex.

Bond, her best friend and lover, helps Blue stay sane and sexually satisfied, but she knows her place. Their secret relationship leaves Blue hungry to have a man she can call her own.

When she finally succumbs to Cat's artful needle for her first tattoo, she crosses paths with Tate. The towering, tattooed, motorcycle riding, American Indian fires off all her warnings signs, but she finds herself drawn to him against her own self-preservation.

Thankfully, Blue's close-knit group of friends help to keep her grounded, as does the women's group she attends weekly, but she still finds herself wanting and needing more.

Will Blue ever find the love she needs and deserves or will she forever come in second? Read her sexy story of friendship and love to find out.

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ISBN-13: 9780692367025
Publisher: TandemWriters
Publication date: 01/29/2015
Pages: 396
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Blakely Bennett grew up in Southeast Florida and has been residing in the great Northwest for over nine years. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in psychology, which accounts for her particular interest in crafting the personalities, struggles, and motivations of her characters. She is an avid reader of many genres of fiction, but especially enjoys erotica and romance. Writing has always been her bliss.

Blakely is married to a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband, who is also a writer, and who helps to keep her grounded. She is a mother, a communitarian, a lover of music (it is always on while she is writing thanks to Pandora), and a good friend. An advocate of love and female empowerment, she is also a facilitator for a women's group. She loves to walk and hike for exercise, and finds that, since moving to Seattle, Washington, she is now one of those crazy people who walk in the rain.

Blue Persuasion is her seventh novel and the third in the Bound by Your Love Series (Stuck in Between and Bittersweet Deceit) She is also the author of the dark erotic suspense My Body Trilogy (My Body-His, My Body-His (Marcello) and My Body-Mine) and the co-author of the contemporary romance, The Demarcation of Jack, which she wrote with her husband, Dana Bennett.

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Blue Persuasion (Book 3 of the Bound by Your Love Series) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
This is book 3 of the Bound By Your Love series and it features Blue and Tate. The story line was good. This group of friends were more like family. Tate described it best when he said that Blue's group of friends were very incestuous. There was WAY too much emphasis put on Blue's type of sexual release. There are too many threads connecting too many people in this book. Tate's quite the curious character. He's very contemplative and his thoughts and actions were very contradictory. But I guess when there's chemistry, whether it's good or bad for you, it's something that keeps you coming back for more. I felt bad for Bond. Why Rory? I didn't see any redeeming qualities in her and she actually seemed a little crazy. The whole situation with Rory was a little out of the blue. No pun intended. The story line was good and it kept me reading to the end. I probably should have read books one and two to better understand the dynamic of this great group of friends.
ecwordwiz More than 1 year ago
“Holy Jesus Mother Murphy!” Judy “Blue” Radford has a penchant for using the term “Holy” with any string of epithets you could possibly string with it. It’s one of the most endearing qualities she has along with her ability to be all-forgiving to those that probably don’t deserve the second, third or numerous other chances she is always giving. But what connected me most to Blue was her self-image and the fact that she felt she was always playing second fiddle with all the men in her life. I so got her feelings about being overly buxom and having every perv around her constantly hit on her without the slightest provocation. Don’t even get me started on men that make a woman feel she is inadequate or that’s she is always second best. If there is one thing Blue is tired of, it’s always being second, if at all. For years now, she has been Bond’s secret lover while he expends all of his energy and love on Jacqs. Well not all of his love, because Bond does truly love her, just not in that end all, be all way she really craves. And, she does love Bond, but when it comes down to reality he isn’t her end all, be all either. Enter one motorcycle riding, sexy, tattooed, American Indian, hot as sin English Professor, Tate. Too bad, he has a major chip on his shoulder. He absolutely swears he will not love Blue, he doesn’t want a relationship and he’ll let her go if Mr. Right appears. He wants to know everything about her but refuses to share the smallest of details about himself. He’s jealous and possessive. Ummm, anyone else seeing the writing on the wall here? This boy has a hell of a past he’s keeping under wraps and some major trust issues to work his way through, but at the same time he is such a keeper. And, holy schiznit, talk about sex on a stick. If dominate men handy with a length of rope, floggers, paddles, clamps and the like are your thing, then Tate is sure to please. You might ask why I bring up Bond when this is definitely a story about Blue and Tate, but although this is not a ménage story it is definitely a love triangle. Or, should I say triangles? Bond has a habit of ending up in these situations. His relationship with Blue and the love they hold for each other plays heavily in this story. Bond is ultimately Blue’s best friend. He’s also a day late and a dollar short when he realizes just how much he really cares for her. I really came to like him in Stuck in Between, but Bond really started to shine for me in Blue Persuasion. I can’t wait to see him find his HEA. Blue Persuasion really hit home for me. The whole story resonated. I really wanted to kick Tate in the butt and tell him to wake the hell up and see what was right in front of him. I wanted to hug Blue and be her absolute bestie. I had an affirmation sticky phase in my own life at one time. I will never see those little yellow post its in quite the same way ever again after Blue Persuasion. This is one book I totally recommend. Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.
trishedmisten More than 1 year ago
This book has made me an official Blakely Bennett fan. Blue is a thirty year old woman who's been unlucky in love thanks to a voluptuous body that makes men see her as an object first and a person second, if ever. Tate is a sexy forty-three year old whose still recovering from a bitter divorce that left him heartbroken and jaded when it comes to love. Put this unlikely pair together and the sparks fly. This book is the third installment in a series but is perfectly capable of standing on its own. Having not read the other two books before this one, something I intend to remedy soon, I had no trouble keeping up with the story and its many colorful and engaging characters. One thing the author did here, that you don't see done enough, is to wait until after the first chapter to introduce the male lead. Instead, she gives us a first chapter devoted entirely to Blue and we start to understand what makes her tick. I was in love with Tate from the start. The fact that he's older set my heart racing and it just took off from there. Tate was unbelievably complex character. Just when I thought I had him figured out, he threw me for a loop. There were times when I wanted to slap him on Blue's behalf, but when he finally opened his heart and let Blue, and us, in on the sordid details of his divorce, we all felt for him. And the sex scenes were off the charts. Every time I get to that first sex scene in a novel, I always cringe because I never know if it's going to read like a sex manual or if the author will be able to pull it off. Blakely's sex scenes were superb and well blended in the story. They were erotic but not simply sex for the sake of sex or for creating shock value. I'm looking forward to reading more of Blakley's work.
lisa44870 More than 1 year ago
¿¿¿¿¿½ - A Copy was provided by the author in return for an honest review. Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance MC1: Judy "Blue" MC2: Tate Storyline: Outside of the blurb, the storyline is that once Blue becomes involved with Tate her focus begins to change. She begins to realize that although she loves Bond, she's not actually in love with him. And while she does fall in love with Tate and she recognizes that the relationship is not necessarily in her best interests, she does try to set some boundaries that she hasn't done with other relationships. Conflict: Blue has a complicated place in the circle of friends dynamic. She's friends with everyone, but almost everyone is part of a couple. And she shares Bond's affections with Jacqs. And Bond shares Jacqs with Red. (Their story is told in [book:Stuck in Between|20560304]). However, Bond's relationship with Jacqs & Red is open, while hers with Bond is still secret. Then when she meets Tate, he's everything that frightens her. And he's extremely closed off about his past. And he refuses to be open to love or to anything that resembles a commitment. And Blue knows she deserves these things. And she wants these things. But she really and truly loves him. And she agrees to be with him as long as things work until he diminishes her to nothing in front of someone from his past. Then she walks away. My Thoughts: This was really difficult for me to rate. I had a difficult time connecting with Blue. She's open, almost to a fault. I like that about her. Except for her relationship with Bond. The secrecy part of it really bothered me. Because they're part of this close-knit group of friends & they're doing this behind the back of not only a good friend, but Bond's other lover. And I'm not cool with that. I did like that once Blue realizes how deep her connection to Tate is, she cuts things off with Bond immediately. And I like that she made Tate open up to her. Especially when he'd get all possessive. Because I felt she was correct; he didn't have the right to be jealous of how tight she was with Bond if he was going to be distant with her. Quid pro quo and all that jazz. I also liked that Blue was quick to forgive, I think that's a quality that isn't seen frequently. I also had a difficult time connecting with Tate - because he was so closed off. I felt bad for Blue when he was distant with her, yet laughing & seeminging having a good time with other people around her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was given an ARC by the author ¿¿ I'm not into books with BDSM, but that didn't stop me from loving the story behind it all and the people I met. Blue and Tate's story is an emotional rollercoaster. They have both had their hearts broken and their trusts misused. But they deserve a chance at ginding real love. The one. True love.. We follow the on the journey, through the highs and lows. If you liked Fifty Shades than you will love this story. It's a milder version, with a better storyline ¿
Southern_Vixen More than 1 year ago
Great Weekend Read!! Blue has been trying to come to terms with the her past, while moving on with her life. she feels she has to settle for being someones second not realizing she deserves better. she has been Bonds secret lover and Bond is also tied to a threesome. When Blue meets Tate and all that changes. The only problem is Tate has been hurt by his ex-wife and friends, he vow to never love again. This book is a journey of healing and self discovery. It is a good read.
BonBon2 More than 1 year ago
Love this author, her books are amazing. I will definitely read more of her books in the future. Great plot and the characters were great
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blue Persuasion was apparently a good book. This is the first book of the series that I read. It started slow for me but once I got into the third chapter, I was wishing I had read the first two. The story and the characters started forming in my mind and I honestly could not put the book down. I read it in two evenings after work. Blue (aka Judy) is a beautiful woman that lacked in love growing up and it molded into insecurity for her and she felt that she would never be truly loved. This story had personal reference to me and I loved every moment in it. Blue grows throughout the book and its great. I totally related to her throughout the book. Blue's friends are truly friends to her. Blue relies on them to get her through each day. Her best friend , Bond (aka Mitchell), I had a love, hate relationship about him through the first half of the book. Tate, Blue's lover, is very mesmerizing . He is very hard to read and very private, but Blue does such a great job at figuring him out throughout the book . Blue persuasion is about friendships that stay together through bad and good. Love that is lost and love that if found. The book truly hits home for me and is definitely a very good read. I'm anxious for the next one. I will also read the first two of the series as well. The book was also a very good length. Thanks for the story!! Your truly a fascinating Author.
clpetit56 More than 1 year ago
*An ARC of this book was given for an honest review.* Blue Persuasion is a story of two broken people searching for the impossible... a love strong enough to put the pieces of their broken hearts back together. It's a story about love, second chances, relationships, heartbreak, family, friendships, and finding yourself. It's also intense, painful and very much alive. The emotions in this book are so overwhelming. The characters, the storyline and discovering all the secrets suck you in and keeps you turning the pages. From the very first page to the very last, Blakely Bennett lets her readers experience the journey of her characters right along with them. These characters become real and you feel their emotions. And lets not forget the sizzling sex... it's so freaking hot, you'll be left in a puddle of lust.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. I am a part of the Review Team @ The Paranormal Bookshelf.  Category: erotica, romance, 18+ only Spoilers: None, but with some content generalizations Book #3 in the Bound by Your Love series I was able to read this book in two and a half days with a lot of breaks (not because I wanted to, but life beckons) and I have to say, this is a wonderful addition to this series. I had already been a fan of these books but Blue's story really was enlightening not only for her as a character but to several of the other characters as well. Author Blakely Bennett does a wonderful job in how she writes and creates this close group of characters. Her writing style is fun and easy to read but also very well crafted.  I also believe that this is the best of these three books so far. Blue's story really touched me and I had moments of crying and rooting her along on this journey. All the ups and downs and tough subjects that came to life in this book just drug my heart in all kinds of directions which is a great quality of a book. There were a few slow moments but not a lot which was nice. Very few grammatical mistakes which is always a highlight for me. I can spend more time reading rather than "okay this is wrong". The steamy scenes are just as hot if not hotter than the other two books in the series. I love how the author experiments with different situations in her books. Not the same old stuff over and over.  I can't wait to read the next book in this series and see what happens with Bond and also what the past characters have in store for me. So I give this 5 stars. Great Job!
ML_Rosado More than 1 year ago
Blue Persuasion, another amazing and steamy story from Ms. Bennett. This volume of the Bound by your Love series gives us the intriguing story of Blue. An amazing woman, trying to find love and herself. I like the way the author showed us a vulnerable woman trying to find love without any success and settling for all the wrong men. Until she meets Tate. American Indian Mr. Hottie! That man is everybody's type! The two succumb to their passion and sexual appetite in a way that you only have to read it to believe it. Blue Persuasion is a perfect read! Get it NOW!
TSRBR More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin Stars A Dragonfly symbolizes transformation, adaptability while the cherry blossom symbolizes the beauty and the fragility of life…both represents my existence! Blue This is the third book in Ms. Bennett’s Bound by Your Love series.  It is the story of Blue and her search for where she belongs and the one she belongs there with!  Characters from previous books play an important role in this latest saga.  The author shows the progression of relationships in this tight group of friends and their growth within their individual stories.  Blue and Tate’s story will touch your heart as the two struggles towards the redemptive power of healing. The past haunts Judy and continues to invade her life.  Her mother’s many boyfriends, her father’s betrayal and her brother’s treachery have left her feeling unloved and unworthy of love. When you add in the fact that she is always playing second fiddle to Bond and his relationship with Jacqs, it is hard to fell self-worth.  Blue feels like she is his dirty little secret within their close knit group.  She decides to get a tattoo to show the transition she is going through and while there meets a sexy, hot male that makes her lady parts stand up and take notice.  Tate is everything she wants and at the same time everything she needs to avoid, especially when he lets her know that all he can give her is sex.  What’s a girl to do?  Does she break it off with Bond and take what Tate is offering? Tate is instantly attracted to Blue but his past haunts him and it is not easy to act on the need he feels.  He has secrets that refuse to let him move forward and find someone to share his life with.  Tate senses that Blue is also damaged like he is and needs to heal.  Betrayals by people he trusted in the past have caused him to keep his heart protected from others.  Can he help Blue and at the same time heal himself?  There is no denying that the pull between them is hard to resist but when he finds out there is another man involved, can he control his jealousy?  Will Blue agree to a monogamous relationship, even without a future? Can he fit in with her group? Is there a happily ever after for Blue and Tate?  Read this sexy, funny book to find those answers!  You will not be disappointed in their story! Hero –Tate: 4.5 stars Heroine: Judy ‘Blue’ 4.5 stars Steam: 4.5 stars  Plot: 4.5 stars  Cliffhanger: No Would I recommend this book: Yes! If you believe in fated love and HEA this is the book for you!  It has a sexy alpha female, a hot Native American male and sizzling sex.  What’s not to love?  Would I read other books by this author: Yes! If you do not have Ms. Bennett as a favorite author, you need to add her to your list! Each book in the Bound by Your Love Series is a must read!  I cannot wait for her next book to be released! ***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BLUE PERSUASION IS AMAZING!!!  Blakely this your best one yet from the series!  I loved catching up with the whole gang and MY RED mmmm.. I was hooked from the beginning  I can't believe how much I connected with Blue...your writing always makes me feel what the characters are feeling. I laughed (Rory with Bond was highly amusing lol.) I cried a lot too, in parts I was a blubbering mess!  I loved Tate, he was sexy as hell...especially his anaconda!  The sex scenes were SO HOT my knickers exploded. I was left horny as hell. #deathbyorgasm. oh how I loved the ending *sigh.  SORRY NO SPOILERS. it for yourself. This is an absolute MUST READ! Well done Blakely, for yet another fantastic book....Serena x
Domesticvixen More than 1 year ago
Oh where do I start? This book quickly became a favorite of mine. I could not put the book down . Here we have a girl who wants to come first in someone's life for once. Right then and there I completely understood Blue. Blue always intrigued me in the other books and I never quite understood what she was about until I read this book. We all want something more out of life and out of love but we sometimes settle for less. Blue made me see that Bond although he can seem douche-y at times really does have a loving and caring heart. Blue also made me realize that it isn't so bad to be forgiving for the right reasons. Oh and let me not forget the spiciness that Blue and that hot man Tate brought when they finally got together!!! It is refreshing to read that even though you have had not so perfect lives you can find that person who makes your life perfect for you. Blakely's style of writing has me feeling like I am part of the group and each and every time I am left anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. While each book can be read as a standalone , I highly recommend reading each book in the series to get truly get the feel of this great group of friends.