Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight Exercises

by Tammi Diamond


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Learning how to do proper exercise to burn calories, drop pounds and build muscle can be a daunting task. Rather then feel lost in a sea of different exercises let this book guide you into a set of solid exercises that will help you meet and exceed your goals..

Whether you are new to the world of workouts or have done it before you will find useful information within the pages of this book, from HIIT exercises to low impact work that will still melt the pounds off.

From top to bottom this book is an educational journey that cuts straight to the point and gets you moving. You won't find any preaching or judgment just solid workouts and an overview of some of the best food to eat while you work towards your muscle building goals..

Do you want to find a healthy lifestyle and have fun?

You can do it with the information found within the pages of this book. There is a wide variety of exercises to make sure that you have a wide variety to choose from and never get bored with what you're working on.

iExercises that can be done by anyone, no matter what their life stage or walk of life from young to old.

Best of all everything is explained in easy to understand terms and diagrams are included where you may have questions about positioning.

7 REASONS to Buy this Book:

Want to lose weight the healthy way

iBuild lean musclee

Get your cardiovascular system in shape and stave off heart attack and stroke

Have fun while you get fit

Learn a variety of techniques that you can do anywhere not just in the gym

Improve your core strength

Know what foods will benefit you best during your workout

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