Boredom is Deadly

Boredom is Deadly

by Jackson Marlow


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Life shifts from boredom to murder for young, Gillian Crawford, a rich, gorgeous resident of Boca Grande, the quaint, resort village on Gasparilla Island in Southwest Florida. With its beautiful, white powdered beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and trophy size fighting tarpon, the barrier island is the quintessential getaway spot for those seeking peace and quiet, until murder and mayhem strike - then everyone's a suspect.

Gillian, recently employed by a CIA sponsored think tank, has returned home on leave. Her parents, mistaken targets of island drug runners, are deceased. Her closest relative is a reclusive billionaire, Jonathan Alistair Cromwell, owner of the colossal, five star Boca Grande Hotel. Transitioning from clandestine role playing to idyllic island life has been a challenge. She is bored. Her Mensa worthy IQ partly to blame. The town folk have pegged her as eccentric and detached. Her circle of friends is small: Sam Mitchell, the sheriff and ex-boyfriend; Hadley Stevenson, senior chef at the hotel and gadget guru; Father Francis Flannigan, the local priest and keeper of secrets; and new resident and father figure, Solomon Crawford. Neither Solomon nor Gillian like to talk about their past, which suits them both just fine. But when his catches up with him, she is targeted too. Suddenly her uncle's hotel is a hotbed for international guests, as Russian mobsters, Islamic extremists, Neo-Nazis, and a tall, dark, handsome stranger, all check in. Each on the hunt for what Solomon absconded with years ago: pink diamonds and a birdcage of enriched ore, enough for a dirty bomb or two.

Caught up in a ring of espionage and intrigue, Gillian must stay one step ahead if she's going to catch Solomon's killer. And then there's the treasure. What's an island without treasure?

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ISBN-13: 9780990504726
Publisher: Pulp21
Publication date: 06/03/2015
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Jackson Marlow is a pseudonym for Trudy Hamilton, writer of mysteries and short stories. Her unique manner of including scene photos with the storyline incorporates a Picture What You Read® format. She is a family warrior, geek, movie aficionado, procrastinator, daydream believer, and hater of peanut butter. She lives in Metro Atlanta and Southwest Florida with her husband who tolerates all of the above.

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