Born Wild (Wolf Hollow Shifters, Book 3)

Born Wild (Wolf Hollow Shifters, Book 3)

by Nikki Jefford


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ISBN-13: 9781720404255
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/14/2018
Pages: 386
Sales rank: 907,673
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.86(d)

About the Author

Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan now living in the Pacific Northwest. Books, travel, hiking, writing, and motorcycle riding are her favorite escapes. She loves meeting people from all walks of life, from around the globe, and wouldn't trade her French husband in for anyone - not even Spike!

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Born Wild (Wolf Hollow Shifters, Book 3) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Pixel3131 11 months ago
I loved the story and this is my favorite couple so far. The depths of the story, the trauma and perseverance of Wolfrik and Callie, their healing and attitudes despite life's unfair dealings just spoke to me. While I didn't find it as intense or suspenseful as the previous two, it was just as emotionally moving and I'm thankful some moments were scaled back (particularly the compound scenes). Jefford is an exceptional writer and has a unique way of bringing the stories to life while also balancing romance with larger social and psychological issues. It's this complexity that has drawn me completely into this series and makes it a stand-out among other similar books. I can't recommend this story or series enough and look forward to returning to The Hollow.
IraWo 11 months ago
What a ride! I loved the first two books in this series but "Born Wild" might be even better than those! Kallie and Wolfrik, our hero and our heroine are damaged and hurt and you just want them to be happy again. Reading about Wolfrik and his time with the humans, his final fight and everything that led to his escape makes you feel with him and hope that finally his life might take a turn for the better. Might. If there wasn't his past coming to visit...or rather haunt him. And Kallie? Well, nobody likes to be pressured into an unwanted relationship but the way Palmer pursues her - yeah, I got so mad at him! He was simply disgusting. Not taking no for an answer, thinking himself the answer to every woman's dreams....nope. I really didn't like him. Not. At. All. When Wolfrik entered the scene and a certain bond formed between him and Kallie, I started to hope that those two would heal each other. Kallie's injury left her with a lot of pain and a bleak future that might turn into something much better - if those two can overcome not only their personal demons but also the threat from Wolfriks past. Well written as always, this book is another one in a great series that I really loved reading and that I can wholeheartedly recommend!
Shawn 11 months ago
This is an amazing read! Nikki Medford Nailed it! Sallie and Wolfrik and Kallie are amazing. The story is one of tragedy loss and love. All emotions are felt as you read this book. The twists in the book you don't see coming and totally keep you on your toes!!! Old friends have returned in the book as the story grows and a few surprises happen in their stories as well.. This book is awesome you do not want to miss Wolfrik and Kallies story, it's an epic journey find not only the!selves but each other!
Limary Laguna 12 months ago
If you haven’t already read this series I recommend you start. The story sucked me in ever since I read the first one, I was so excited for this one that I finished it in a matter of hours( even with a 6 month old). Kallie is one of my favorite characters and this book just made me love her even more! I was so happy to finally see good things come her way! So many exciting things happen in this story and I cannot wait where the story takes us next!! Its a definite must read in my book!
jean5JW 12 months ago
Love this new addition to the Wolf Hollow Shifters series. “Born Wild” by Nikki Jefford is heartbreaking, heartwarming, and full of action and adventure, love, and so much growth. I love reading about the journey both Kallie and Wolfrik take to find themselves and each other. The character development continues to grow and I have really come to enjoy the community of characters that are in Wolf Hollow. I’m really looking forward to the next book.
Justine Mills 12 months ago
From the first book in this series Wolfrik's story has intrigued me the most. He was such a dark character and with all he's been through. I wasn't sure if he would ever be able to integrate himself back in Wolf Hollow. In Born Wild we find out all of the brutality Wolfrik suffered while he was imprisoned by the humans. Being forced into the fighting pits for entertainment. When he wasn't being forced to fight he was then forced to procreate on the full moon. With female shifters that have been imprisoned for breeding purposes. We also find out how it came about that Wolfrik escaped, but i'm keeping that little tid bit to myself you'll just have to read!! When Wolfrik returned to Wolf Hollow he was scarred mentally & physically. He kept his distance from the rest of the pack. Which was also welcomed by some of the pack members as they just didn't know how volatile Wolfrik was. Wolfrik is also coming to terms with the fact that the only other pureblood wolf. He was always told by the elders he would be mated too, has moved on and found herself a new mate. And not just any mate Sasha is now mated to a half wizard. Kallie who we met in the previous book really came into her own as a great character. I'll admit in the previous book i felt a little meh about her. Pinning after Raider who mated another and becoming seriously injured Kallie is made to feel less. She's taken off patrol duty and is kept around camp to help with the children and food. She's attracted the unwanted attention of and older wolf who is looking to make her his third mated partner!! This is the last thing Kallie wants and she sets out to attract a strong male who will hopefully stop the unwanted attention till she can prove to the pack that she capable of being a valued member again. The only problem is she knows the others all look down on her because of her injury. That is except Wolfik he doesn't, but then again he doesn't really look at anyone. Until Kallie makes him take notice of her!! "Think you can tame the wild beast, do you? I wouldn't want to, I love the beast." I loved Wolfrik and Kallie together their chemistry was feisty and playful. They only saw each other, and not the flaws others saw in them. Like with the previous two books there is so much going on around them. But Nikki Jefford writes these books so flawlessly that even with the secondary stories going on it flows beautifully. Her stories leave you so intrigued as to what is coming next. From this Paranormal/Dystopian series