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Brand Renegades: The Fearless Path from Startup to Global Brand

Brand Renegades: The Fearless Path from Startup to Global Brand

by Sean Dowdell, Thora Dowdell
Brand Renegades: The Fearless Path from Startup to Global Brand

Brand Renegades: The Fearless Path from Startup to Global Brand

by Sean Dowdell, Thora Dowdell


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Learn to Fail Forward
Brand Renegades shows readers how to develop a non-traditional success formula to disrupt and innovate their industry. Club Tattoo founders and industry disruptors Sean and Thora Dowdell share their experience as a woman-run company in the male dominated world of tattoos and piercings. The lessons taught in this book are about learning to admit failure and learning to fail forward. Readers will learn how to:
  • Work ON the business instead of IN the business
  • Know when to take calculated risks
  • Make affordable mistakes to innovate
  • Step away from their comfort zone
  • Become a powerful leader and not just a boss

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    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781642011227
    Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
    Publication date: 05/25/2021
    Pages: 208
    Sales rank: 1,050,413
    Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

    About the Author

    Sean and Thora Dowdell are the founders and owners of Club Tattoo, one of the largest tattoo and piercing studios in the country. Sean opened the first Club Tattoo studio in 1995. Thora joined the business shortly after they met in 1997. Early on, the couple saw opportunity and capitalized on the untapped tattoo industry. Working side by side for 21 years, the couple became leaders of the tattoo and piercing industry creating a business model worth $30 million dollars. Club Tattoo currently has six locations, with two on the Las Vegas Strip, inside Planet Hollywood and The LINQ Hotel and Casino. Utilizing their individual strengths, Sean serves as the CEO, while Thora serves as the COO. Remarkably, the couple has been working together for 21 years.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction xi

    What to Expect in This Book xv

    Chapter 1 Our Brand Renegade Origin Story 1

    The Brand Renegade Blueprint 5

    Chapter 2 Harness the Power of Mentorship 13

    What Is a Business Mentor? 16

    Why You Should Get a Mentor 18

    Your Job as a Mentee 22

    How to Link Up with Mentors 23

    Chapter 3 Understand what Makes a Partner Tick 25

    A Cautionary Tale: Sean's Long Road to a Successful Partnership 26

    Starring Fresh 34

    Our Formula for a Successful Partnership 36

    Chapter 4 It's Your Customer's Experience, Not Yours 39

    Understand the Customer's Journey 41

    Use the 4-R System: Recognize, Request, Respond, and Repeat 43

    Keep Your Brand Messaging Consistent 45

    Offer Consistent Customer Service 49

    Chapter 5 From Small Business to Brand 53

    Find Your Niche-Then Double Down 54

    Let Go of Assumptions and Reset Your Brand Mindset 55

    Discover and Define Your Target Audience 57

    Leverage Your Brand by Appealing to Emotion 59

    Appeal to Customer Values 61

    Chapter 6 Marketing … White Do we Begin? 63

    The Four Keys to Marketing Success 64

    Determine Your Product or Service 65

    Pinpoint Your Target Market 68

    Understand Your Competition 69

    Identify Your Niche 70

    Online Reviews 73

    Chapter 7 Keep It Up … It's Working 75

    Encourage Brand Awareness 76

    Build Brand Integrity 76

    Be Dependable 81

    Focus Your Brank Mareketing 82

    Chapter 8 Cut the Excuses, Get Up, and Do Something! 85

    Change Customer Perceptions, Change Your Future 86

    Work Through the Fear and Jump into Action 87

    Always Take the Meeting 90

    Innovate to Elevate Your Brand 91

    Chapter 9 Add "F*!%" To Your Brand Vocabulary 95

    Plan for Failure 96

    You Can't Re-Create the Wheel-But You Can Build a New One 97

    Don't Let Fear Drive Your Emotions 98

    Focus on the Result You Want-Not Your Fear of Failure 100

    Sometimes Doing the Right Thing Can Still Mean Failure 101

    Beware of Ulterior Motives 104

    Chapter 10 Be Powerful Leaders, Not Bosses 105

    Wanna Be a Leader? Put In the Work 107

    Harness the Power of Your Passion 107

    Lean into Your Curiosity 108

    Find and Give Inspiration 108

    Communicate with Your Team Early and Often 110

    Delegate to Empower Your Team 111

    Give Back in an Impactful Way 112

    Chapter 11 Leave it Than You Found It 115

    How to Create Value Within Your Brand 116

    Add Value with Strategic Partnerships 119

    Put Your Values and Mission in Writing 124

    Chapter 12 It is Not About the Money 127

    Going International 127

    Let Innovation Lead You 131

    Narrow Your Focus to Grow Your Global Brand 134

    Chapter 13 What you Know can End Up Biting You 137

    Location, Location, Location 140

    If Something Doesn't Feel Right, It Usually Isn't 142

    Difficult Negotiations Often Mean Rough Sailing Ahead 143

    Some Problems Can Put You Underwater-Literally 143

    Buyer Beware When It Comes to Fees 145

    The Tax Man Always, Always Cometh 146

    Put Your Trust in the Right People 147

    Know When to Get Off Your Ass and Get Out 149

    Chapter 14 F*!% It. Do It Anyway 153

    First Impressions May Not Tell the Whole Story 154

    Placing Our Bets on The LINQ 156

    The Gamble Pays Off 158

    Building Our Global Brand 159

    Clicking with a Partner: The Best Kind of Magic 162

    Back to the Strip 163

    Chapter 15 When the Business World Stopped 167

    March 2020: A Grinding Halt 167

    Making Hard Decisions 168

    Looking for a Life Raft 169

    Getting in Line for PPP 169

    Making Tough but Necessary Decisions 171

    The Bills Don't Stop, Even When the World Does 172

    Chapter 16 Create an Exit Strategy 175

    A Good Exit Starts with a Strong Plan 177

    Strong Partnership, Strong Strategy 178

    Creating Healthy Boundaries 180

    Considering the Legal and Financial "What Ifs" 181

    Chapter 17 Now that we've Made it, what do we Do? 183

    Good Intentions Aren't Always the Best Intentions 184

    Don't Do It for the Glory, but Share It to Inspire Others 186

    Get Your Staff Involved 187

    Renegade Gratitude 188

    Acknowledgements 193

    About the Authors 195

    Index 199

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