Brazilian Revenge

Brazilian Revenge

by Carmen Falcone


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Human rights lawyer Leonardo Duarte wants to destroy Satyanna Darling, the woman who disappeared after a weekend of earth shattering sex...along with his priceless sculpture. But when he finds her in a Brazilian prison a year later he realizes she didn't act alone and blackmails her into helping him find the man behind the theft.
Satyanna wants to return to the US and stay out of prison, but she knows Leonardo won't let her, unless she takes him to the man who really stole from him. As they embark on a cat and mouse game to find the man with all the answers, dodging their attraction to each other becomes even more difficult. But even while things heat up between them, secrets and mistrust threaten everything.

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ISBN-13: 9781682811221
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: 02/29/2016
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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Brazilian Revenge

A Brazilians Novel

By Carmen Falcone, Alethea Spiridon

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2016 Carmen Falcone
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-597-0


"You weren't kidding when you said this was high profile." Satyanna stepped into the huge, gorgeous ballroom, her stomach fluttering. The organizers of the Copacabana Palace Gala Ball, which was held before the Brazilian Carnival, had pulled out all the stops. Harry had told her the theme was fairy tales, and he'd been able to buy her a luxurious, if outrageous, costume in time.

"No. Just the way I like it, my dear," he said with his prim British accent as he winked at her. Well, fake British accent. She had always doubted whether he hailed from across the pond, as his elegant drawl had become less enunciated over the years. Who was able to fake a freaking accent for a whole lifetime? "Let's mingle." He led her through the crowd, and her eyes feasted on the extravagant decorations and the sparkling chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Tons of shiny, velvety, citrus-colored fabric adorned the walls, and dim lighting gave the ambience a sensual vibe. Not that it was quiet; the drums from the samba music made the dance floor hum, and the closer she got to the band, the faster her heart raced.

Maybe it was just because of Harry. A new beginning. "Do we have to mingle?" She raised her voice. "I thought we could hang out." Like you promised, when you invited me on this trip.

Things would be different, wouldn't they? Even though they hadn't really talked in the past few years. "That's what we're doing, darling." Her father figure pursed his lips. "Doesn't mean I can't network."

Network? A shiver of fear surged through her. "If you're doing anything illegal while we're here, I'm out." She squared her shoulders, and even though he couldn't see part of her face because the veil covered her mouth, she frowned. Damn Scheherazade costume. "You promised me —"

"I promised you this trip would mark a new beginning for us, Satyanna. And despite any mistakes I've made in the past, I always keep my promises," he said.

True. He had promised to help her out of the youth house when she'd been a teenager, and he had done it. He had promised to find her birth parents if she helped him on a con artist scheme that still haunted her conscience — and damn it, he'd done that too, even though she dreaded what she found out.

Her heart shrank to the size of a pearl, and it was as if she were a scared child instead of a twenty-five-year-old woman. New beginnings. If Harry was the only family life had given her, she had to give him a second chance. Or a third.

"Good," she said and smoothed her hand over her sultry, silky costume. She hoped the Swarovski beads on her top would distract people from the fact that it was cropped and exposed her stomach. The flowing pants compensated for this, although the rich material was sexy in its own right. She kept touching it to feel the softness against her palms.

"I've followed your advice and stayed away from illicit activities." He grinned. "Besides, you should take advantage of this opportunity, too. Didn't you bring that nifty camera along?"

She smiled. "It's in the hotel safe." Truth was, she couldn't wait to go out and explore Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings. Capturing the raw beauty would be a great way to jump-start her professional career in photography.

"But you're here. Let's enjoy, Satyanna. You've been studying a lot. You deserve it."

She made a face. "Fine."

"You also deserve that hunk over there," Harry said, pointing to a tall, gorgeous man across the room. Even though the sexy stranger had on a flawless black tie, his chestnut hair was ruffled as if he had raked his hands through it one too many times. She watched his face, and even from afar, there was no doubt that a five o'clock shadow covered his square jaw. Interesting. "Actually, I take it back. I deserve him, although I doubt he'll go for a sixty-year-old gay man."

"I agree with you there."

"Oh, well. Let's learn the samba, shall we?" He extended his hand. She glanced at it before taking it in hers and following him onto the dance floor. Professional dancers mingled amongst the partygoers, and a sea of sequins, feathers, and sparkles overwhelmed her sight. Laughing, she tried to keep up with the rhythm, but there was no way her ass was gyrating like the local women's. She couldn't remember the last time her behind had experienced any type of action.

Her gaze strayed across the ballroom, and her heart skipped a beat as she searched for Mr. Hotness. He wasn't where he had been before. Of course. Some lucky lady had probably snatched him up. She eyed Harry, who was following a male dancer's every step closely even though he had no hip action. Harry winked at her, and she sighed. Good thing they each had their own hotel room. The only father she'd ever had wasn't just a recovering con artist, he was also a shameless slut.

She smiled. Well, time to feast on the fabulous buffet.

The food stations were no ordinary affair. Lines of people stood to try the mouthwatering canapés, tender meats, and sugarcoated desserts. She reached to the end of the line and looked around her. At times like this, she wished she could offer more than a mere greeting in Portuguese. Maybe she could make small talk with other tourists.

Peering away from the band, she focused on the folks strolling to the balcony. Hello, Mr. Hotness. A lump formed in her throat the instant her eyes — her body — recognized the man Harry had pointed out minutes ago. She parted her lips and clenched her clutch against her body as if she could use it as a shield against her quickly hardening nipples. Instant attraction. This had to be it. She looked over in Harry's direction again and found him dipping his head to whisper something into the younger guy's ear. How the hell did he do it? Shaking her head, she brought her attention back to the man who had unsettled her serenity.

Silly small talk was harmless, right? Maybe the guy didn't even speak English, which would bring things to a stop quickly and spare her the embarrassment. Before she thought things through, she found herself walking toward him, even though her knees weakened a bit more with each step.

What the hell? She had dated before and even had a boyfriend or two while studying at the New York City Photography Institute. This ... by the time she made it to his side, she still had no fucking idea what she was going to say. He held a tumbler that was half filled with ice and some sort of alcoholic drink. Up close, he was bigger and taller, even though she stretched to her full five feet nine inches. His profile was intense, his eyes looking above even though there was nothing but a cloudless sky sprinkled with stars. The music from the dance floor faded into the background, and she inhaled. The man was completely content with being on his own, and this fascinated her, even though she couldn't quite understand the sentiment — not after a life of being on her own for the most part.

She felt an unfamiliar throbbing sensation in her heart; it surged all the way down between her legs. "What are you supposed to be?" she asked him. He turned to look at her, and she noticed that his eyes were a gorgeous hazel — cinnamon with a hint of gold.

"Excuse me?" he asked without a smile and lifted his glass before taking a swig.

"Your costume," she said, pointing at him. She lifted her hand to keep him from speaking. "No. Don't say it. Let me guess. A mysterious guest. Perhaps a party crasher who stole some rich guy's black tie."

He chuckled, and the sound was masculine, hearty, and infectious. The planes of his face softened a bit, and she almost reached for his drink to have a shot, because she needed something to settle her nerves. "Go on," he said, with a heavily accented voice.

"You used someone's suite, maybe even a deluxe one. But you were afraid they'd return, which is why you didn't have time to shave." She pointed at his face. "Your hair is messy. You're worried about something. Perhaps someone stood you up."

He offered her a half smile. "Who would that person be?"

She leaned in. "A woman. A woman who likes to keep you on your toes."

"Maybe she will meet me with our new passports before we fly off somewhere," he said, his eyes watching her as if she would escape from him otherwise.

"In that case, I better introduce myself before she gets here. Satyanna Darling." She offered him her hand, but in typical Brazilian style he gave her a kiss on both cheeks. The kiss was nothing more than it should have been, but, oh, it unleashed a part of her that she had no idea had been suppressed until then.

He disengaged and squared his shoulders, and a draft of cold air replaced the heat that swirled around her during their brief touch. "Leonardo Duarte. Who are you supposed to be?"

"Queen Scheherazade," she said, removing the veil and stuffing it in her clutch.

"Never heard of her," he said with a shrug.

She leaned back a bit, her hands perched on her waist. Sure, he was a guy, but hadn't he done his basic fairy tale homework before attending the party? Although, it wasn't as if her tale was as pure as some other stories. "Seriously? You never heard tales from One Thousand and One Nights?"

He shook his head. "Enlighten me."

"There was a king who didn't trust women after his wife cheated on him. Every day he married a different virgin, and after having sex with her, he killed her the next day so she would never be another's. Then, they ran out of virgins, and a woman named Scheherazade volunteered to be his wife."

"How did that turn out?"

"At the end of the night, she told him a story but left out the end. He didn't kill her because he wanted her to finish it. From then on, every night, she would tell him a story and make him wait until the next day to hear the end. After one thousand and one nights, he fell for her and spared her life."

A seemingly endless silence stretched between them, and he stared deep into her eyes. The air disappeared from her lungs, and she clasped the balcony railing to make sure the experience was really happening. She was super turned on by a virtual stranger, and judging by the darkening of his eyes, he was, too. "Smart woman. And, from the looks of it," he added, his gaze sliding down her neckline and toward her breasts, "very beautiful."

Her sex clenched. "Did you come alone?" she asked, angry at the urgency in her own voice. What if a gorgeous woman materialized in front of them, asking for him? Best to know now.

"Sim. My sister made me get out of the house."

I should send her flowers and a thank-you note. "Why is that?"

"She's a worrier," he said and raked his fingers through his hair. A sigh left his lips, and he glanced down. "My ... father is sick."

"Oh. I'm very sorry."

He cleared his throat and then opened his mouth to say something, but just shook his head. Biting her lower lip, she pondered. She curled her fingers into a ball, trying to stop herself from reaching out to him and offering him a hug or squeezing his shoulder. "I guess cancer kills any flirtatious conversation, doesn't it? Hence me not going out much these days."

"Seems like you're a good son. That's hardly a deal breaker in my book," she said.

He raised his brow. "I do what I can. You know how it is."

"I don't, actually. I'm an orphan." The words spilled from her lips before she thought them through. Shit. The last thing she'd wanted was to play the sympathy card. There was something about him, though, that compelled her to talk about herself — and to want to know more about him.

He observed her. "I'm sorry."

Why was he sorry? Not having a family sucked, but she guessed her life would have turned out worse if the lady — she used the term loosely — who had given birth to her hadn't lost her parental rights when she was four. Or if she hadn't been harassed by her stepfather once her adoptive mother, Carol, died. Enough of that. "See? Now that we've peppered in some backstory and gotten that out of the way, how about going back to flirting?"

"I like your style, Satyanna Darling." He touched her pants, his finger rubbing the silky fabric. She was sure Harry had dropped a small fortune on it, because even though it was far too sexy and revealing, the texture of the fabric and the elaborate jewelry on the golden belt left no doubt that it was expensive. The warmth from his hand seeped through the material, and her body signaled more commands than an air-traffic controller: Touch him. Kiss him. Screw him. "And your costume."

She licked her lips. "What are you drinking?"

He lifted his square glass. "Caipirinha."

"Caipi what?" she asked, even though she had heard about the lemon-flavored cocktail fueled by a Brazilian liquor.

"Caipirinha," he repeated, unfazed by her presence. "I'll give you a taste."

She couldn't help but gape at him as he lifted the glass to his sensual, curled lips. There wouldn't be much left after he took a drink, but she realized that his sharing his caipirinha was a different idea altogether when he pinned her to the spot with his sinful eyes.

As if in a trance, her lips parted, and she took such a deep breath that if her top had busted open, it wouldn't have been a surprise. He tipped her chin upward with his index finger, and the modest touch sent raging desire through her. There was no escaping. He dipped his head, and as if in slow motion, she began to notice the delightful sensations swirling inside her. Her nipples pebbled, and a heat wave shot through her sex. The anticipation was a turn on, but would he live up to the hype?

His lips covered hers, and she opened her mouth to grant him full access. The feel of his stubbled skin against hers belted an electrifying tingle through her. Her breasts were full and heavy. A passionate, demanding kiss followed, and she wrapped her arms around him for more support. He pulled her closer, eliminating any distance between them. Never in her life had she been the hostage of such an enthralling attraction.

Aroused, she moaned into his mouth, and his hand slid down her back until he cupped her buttocks. Wow. The man had a firm touch as his fingers kneaded her ass. His pull brought them to a perfect mold, and his erection saluted her. God. What a salute ... Things were getting out of control fast ... and she loved it.

The last few years of her life had been focused on working, studying, and saving money so she wouldn't have to depend on Harry financially ever again. One-night stands and casual flings never appealed to her, for they clashed with her dream of forming a meaningful relationship and having a family someday. Her own family.

He stopped kissing her for a moment, and they both panted. Goals and dreams could certainly take a night off, right? Her heart beat fast and furious, warning her that she had no say in the matter. "My place or yours?" he asked.

"I have a room in the hotel."

The next few minutes were a blur in her head. They sprinted out of the ballroom toward the hallway elevators. For a moment, she had the eerie sensation someone was watching them. Glancing over her shoulders, she looked for Harry, but saw no sign of him. Maybe he got lucky as well.

"You want this?" Leonardo asked, and she didn't miss how he inhaled and looked at her, his eyes so warm that fire could have brewed inside their depths.

"Yes," she said, and he offered her his hand, the endearment bringing a smile to her face. Even though it was just sex, she wasn't alone in this. "Am I crazy?"

"You're not the only one."

Like Sam Smith's song. The second she took his hand in hers, warmth engulfed her. He flashed her a smile as they stepped into the crowded elevator, and his face brightened. They seemed to be part of a secret society, as if they were the only man and woman to share such a deep sexual connection. Heat spread across her neck and cheeks. When the violin ping indicated they had arrived at her floor, her pulse spiked. Never letting go of her hand, he walked alongside her, and her fingers trembled as she fumbled to get the keycard from her purse and into the slot.


Excerpted from Brazilian Revenge by Carmen Falcone, Alethea Spiridon. Copyright © 2016 Carmen Falcone. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Brazilian Revenge 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
AmyHiggs More than 1 year ago
This may be Carmen's best book yet! I loved Satyanna and Leonardo! This book is filled with awesomeness and the twists and turns will leave you turning the pages as fast as you can!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite book so far by Carmen Falcone! It had me intrigued from the moment I opened the book and held my interest throughout the whole story. The relationship between Satyanna and Leonardo was filled with angst and love, even though neither would admit to it. Great read!!
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Satyanna Darling’s substitute father had taken her to Rio de Janeiro purportedly for a vacation. At a ball before the Brazilian Carnival, Satyanna sees this gorgeous man, talks him up, and before they know it, Brazilian lawyer Leonardo Duarte and Satyanna are in her hotel room having wild sex. But when she goes missing at the same time as Leonardo’s most precious piece of art, he sees red and he vows revenge. His efforts pay off, and a year later he finds her in a jail in Rio; he makes a bargain with her: she must help him find his sculpture and he will not prosecute. Little did they know that this was only the beginning of a very complicated story… Oh my goodness! This whole book is a spoiler! BRAZILIAN REVENGE is still our Carmen Falcone at her snarky and sexy best, but I never expected this book to be such a page-turning suspense! Talk about plot twists! Who knew Ms. Falcone could write such a gripping suspense! There’s also quite an emotional angle to the story. But worry not, the sexy bits are all there, as well as the great characters: Satyanna is a wonderful woman; she’s had a tough life, but her heart is good, and she’s honest in spite of appearances. Leonardo has a hard time coping; he would want nothing more than truly hate Satyanna, but he just can’t; the attraction is just too strong. And I so loved that Brazil was so prominently featured, and so well described. I just can’t say more, because I will not spoil anyone’s reading. So many things I did not see coming; unbelievable! I have been reading mysteries and suspense novels since I was in grade school, and never was I so taken aback, especially with the initial turn of events! I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
LOVED this book! It has it all - a great story, a hot romance, and characters you feel for and care about. This is the first book I've read by this author - it's actually part of a series, however it is a stand alone novel and I didn't feel like I missed anything by jumping in in the middle. Having said that though, I'm going to read the rest of her books. She is now on my must read authors' list. If you like romantic suspense, you will love this book. This is a must read for fans of the genre.
Melody-19 More than 1 year ago
This is the second book by this author that I've read and in my opinion this book is just okay. It was interesting enough to want to finish and see how it was all reconciled but there was a great deal missing in the actual emotional relationship. The hero in this book, Leonardo, was extremely judgemental and didn't give the heroine, Satyanna, much of a chance and they didn't come together emotionally until the last couple of pages. That is too long of a wait IMO. They did come together intimately but he would use excuses like it being a stressful time and he needed the release then the next day he would tell her he regretted ever being with her. He did this numerous times and with all that was going on in the story I would have thought he could have been there for her in a supportive and emotional role, especially after thy find out some great but stressful news. He was too cold and unfeeling for my taste. I will have to admit that as I look back on Leonardo's treatment of Satyanna throughout the book, it was cruel, cold, mean, and uncaring just as withholding emotions, feelings and love can be. Unfortunately I still didn't like him by the book's end. It's hard to give a great review when you don't like the hero and felt he did not redeem himself in the end. He should have been horsewhipped for the way he treated her. He thoughts and emotions were like operating a faucet. Hot, cold, lukewarm, other words he was all over the place, wanting her one day then not talking to her for three.
Dina1 More than 1 year ago
OMG author Carmen Falcone's writing just gets better and better. This story is filled with loss of family, betrayal by one thought of as father and friend in the most horrendous way. We have a weekend of passionate loving turning into a year of looking for revenge for one, and a decline of hope and utter despair for the other. Will truths be told and believed, and can trust and possibly love be found amongst murder and physical attraction. This story has it all proving that the author not only can write about sexual adventures, but suspense and thrills as well. I can't wait to see what she gives us next
alexiajanie More than 1 year ago
"Brazilian Revenge" by Carmen Falcone is part of the series 'The Brazilians.' It's steamy, romantic, suspenseful read about a Brazilian lawyer Leonardo Duarte and sexy Satyana Darling. They hook up during the Brazilian carnival and she ends up going missing about the same time as a piece of art. Sometimes things are not all that they seem. When Leonardo finds Satyana in a prison he recruits her to help him find who is responsible for the missing art. So much more to this book and you'll love it. I couldn't put it down.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Hot And Spicy This is a good romance that is about a Human Rights Lawyer named Leonardo Duarte who is out to seek revenge on Satyanna Darling all because she stole some priceless sculpture and because she had some fantastic mind blowing sex. The way the story is written he was more upset because he felt used and felt this connection with Satyanna. Fast forward a year later in the story and Leo finds his mystery woman in prison in Brazil. Leo tells her he will get her out of jail BUT he wants his sculpture back and the person behind the heist. Satyanna has no choice so she takes the offer. Satyanna is a good person, just had a lot of bad choices and people who steered her wrong. She also has strong feelings for Leo and felt bad for the position she was placed in and never thought she would sleep with Leo but it did happen. Holy Moly , Leo is someone I would sleep with on the first date/first meeting too but I understand why she is so off kilter now. Their story is one of betrayal , loss, pain, passion, hope , action and sexual chemistry. It is good and has a lot of elements that I liked but there were some parts to the story that didn’t flow correctly. I think it would be great to know that he didn’t see her as easy right off the bat but I guess that is supposed to be part of the story. I loved the heroine-she made the story perfect but the hero needed alittle work. And the flow needed to move smoother. Overall, this is a good story, just needs alittle more work My rating:3.9 stars **** *I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review***
MarciP More than 1 year ago
Brazilian Revenge is another hit by Carmen Falcone!! This book has murder, mystery, and lots of passion! It is HOT HOT HOT!! Carmen Falcone has done it again and wrote an impossible to put down MUST read! Satyanna is a hot mess looking for a family to call her own and chooses Clemonte to be her father figure even though he is a law breaker. Leonardo is a successful man who wants to have the kind of love his parents had. Does he get the love he is looking for and does she get the family she longs to have? You will just have to read it to find out. Once you start reading you won't be able to put it down! There are some great twists and turns that you don't want to miss!
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
This is a great book; this book is part of The Brazilians series by Carmen Falcone. Leonardo Duarte is a human rights lawyer and wants to destroy Satyanna Darling the woman who broke his heart and took his priceless sculpture. When he finds her in a Brazilian prison he realizes that she didn’t act alone. Satyanna wants to return to the US and stay out of prison, so she teams up with Leonardo to find the man who really stole his sculpture. If you are looking for a great romance with suspense, then you need to read this book. I can’t wait until the next book is out. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
AuroraDawn5 More than 1 year ago
Revenge is sweet, but love can be sweeter. When Lorenzo Duarte met the beautiful American Scheherazade at a costume ball the spark of passion between them lead him to throw caution to the wind. He needed a distraction from his worry and depression over his father’s death sentence by cancer and fiery and passionate Satayana Darling was exactly the ticket. It was only once the weekend was over and Satayana, her partner and his family’s prized sculpture were all long gone that he realized exactly what his weekend had cost him. Now, he’s determined to find the sculpture and have his revenge on both Satayana and Harry, her con man partner but over the past year, his efforts to locate the elusive beauty have not been fruitful … until he receives a call from a women’s prison. They have Satyana and, more surprising, she asked them to contact him. He arrives at the prison to find her dirty, beaten and much changed from the woman he knew so briefly a year before, but the spark between them still exists, and more importantly, the story she tells sets them on a journey where they will need to rely on and trust each other to get what they both want. The Brazilian Revenge is a well-crafted story, part suspense, part mystery, part romance and all drama. It takes its main characters through danger, uncertainty and a good deal of self-analysis and growth and, until the very end, you’re never quite sure how it’s all going to turn out. It was a great read, and one I found hard to put down. Carmen Falcone just keeps getting better and better and this story is perhaps her best one yet.
MELHUTCHINSON More than 1 year ago
I must say that I think this is one of the best books I have read by Carmen Falcone yet!! What she has done in this one is awesome and kept me turning the pages until I was done with it. Satyanna is a young lady that has wooed her way into Leonardo's hotel room one weekend. With her sly performance, Leonardo never suspects anything is going on with her until she goes to his house one night with him and suddenly disappears. Along with Satyanna's disappearance is also the disappearance of one of his most valued sculptures. Leonardo looks everywhere for Satyanna and finds her a year later in a prison all alone. Leonardo bails her out and says he will not prosecute her for the theft if she will help him find the man that has the statue now. So, Leonardo and Satyanna start out on their journey to find this man, but on their way there, they get tons more. The suspense, mystery and romance that Carmen Falcone interwove in this story is what keeps us as readers intrigued. I am always amazed what these Author's come up with for their twists and turns in their stories. Do Satyanna and Leonardo find the statue along with a whole lot more? You have to read this story to find out. You will not be disappointed one bit!! I also love the way that Brazil was so fluently described and referenced in this story! Well done Carmen Falcone!!
AlaineB More than 1 year ago
I received this book as an advanced copy in return for an honest review... I loved this book, and the best by Carmen so far in my opinion. We have Satyanna Darling, she is an orphan who was brought up by her father figure who used her to con/scam people when she was young and didn't know any better. She meets Leonardo Duarte and has a wild weekend with, where it's not just the sex that kept him entertained... When he meets her again she is in prison and needs his help to return to the US, he finds it hard to trust her again, even though he needs her help to return his fathers priceless sculpture. There are plot twists that will come right out of the blue and you won't know what happened or even when to expect... I loved this book, and another happily ever after with a twist.
Crystal_Yawn More than 1 year ago
First off I just wanted to say the cover is rocking, love it! Next this book starts with a tasty, naughty bang, right at the beginning. it grabs you and pulls you in. the plot has a bit of mystery, some unexpected turns and some real juicy moments. The storyline is not predictable which makes it awesome. we see Bruno and his beautiful wife again, extra bonus, I love series of complete books :) Satyanna has her work cut out for her in this one. she just wants family. Leonardo cannot trust a word she says, but will he learn too? This was a fun engaging read to see who wins, the con man or the lawyer. I'm hoping to see Camilla's story soon ;) ;)
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
After reading the first chapter the book gets very intriguing. This one keeps you on your toes. with the twists. Leonardo is a tough one for me to like at the beginning, but he wins me over pretty quickly. I give Satyanna a lot of credit she doesn't back down with everything she's been through in life. She keeps her head held up high. Leonardo and Satyanna have a lot of chemistry. It gets pretty steamy when they get together. Lives are on the line unless they can find the one behind it all before it's too late. Leonardo has a lot of trusts issues and he is very suspicious when it comes to Satyanna. Will Leonardo realize too late how he feels for Satyanna? Over all a great read.
Blsfan68 More than 1 year ago
This is another wonderfully written story by Ms. Falcone. The mystery and intrigue are mixed throughout and paced perfectly to keep the reader's attention right up to the end with a few surprises along the way. The emotional growth of Leonardo is heartwarming. I loved how Leonardo's family welcomed Satyanna into their lives. This is a very enjoyable book. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Brazilian Revenge by Carmen Falcone is a very sexy page turning story. Carmen knows how to turn up the heat in this guessing game. You think you have it figured out and then, it takes a turn. Leonardo and Satyanna are trying so hard not to fall in love with each other, but oh boy is that going to be hard. This book has everything I look for in a great story revenge, secrets, hot, sexy scenes and full of suspense. This is one book you do not want to miss, make sure you grab a copy and fall in love with Carmen's writing style like me. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
wackyheadcase More than 1 year ago
Satyanna and Leonardo started the pages of this book hot, and continued to blow me away with the twists and turns for the remainder of the book. I'm a huge Carmen fan but this one might just be her best work yet. Great storyline, smooth flow, and fun characters. a copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.