Breaking Free

Breaking Free


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Breaking Free by Brandy L Rivers


They say that dreams can come true, but as a Dreamwalker, Devlin had yet to experience anything but nightmares. Then again, the druid had been held by sadistic vampires and dark mages for twenty years, forced to do their bidding. Newly escaped, he stumbles upon a dreamrealm where he can't resist a little werewolf.

Jamie just wants someone to call her own. She feels like she's been waiting for an awfully long time, when a man who teases her memory begins to visit her while she's dreaming. From the moment she feels his turmoil, she's drawn in, wanting nothing more than to heal his broken soul.

Before Devlin can decide what to do, he has to make a trip to Edenton. His first goal is to make sure someone who can't remember him is safe and happy. The little werewolf of his dreams happens to live there, and she's even more irresistible in real life.

When you've been taught all your life to run, what will make you change? Can Jamie convince her mate to stay and fight? Will he risk everything to have what he needs? Or run to save them all?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781500122720
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/07/2014
Series: Others of Edenton Series , #4
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Brandy L Rivers is the author of the Others of Edenton Series. There are more Others of Edenton in the works. She is also working on the first couple books in the Others of Seattle series.
As an avid reader, Brandy has always loved writing. She became serious about it as a stay-at-home-mother. She has a file full of manuscripts she plans to edit and put out there eventually.
She lives in Western Washington with her husband and three kids, where she is already working on future stories in the series.
If you are interested in receiving emails about future book releases, please sign up for her email distribution list by visiting her site at:
You can also find her on Facebook at:
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Breaking Free 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
This is the forth book in the Others of Edenton series. I really enjoyed it! Jamie is a wonderful character. I really liked her. She is a werewolf with the gift of empathy and can sense the emotions of those around her. She is also the sister of Jess, who is married to the Alpha of the Edenton pack, Slater. When she meets a stranger in a dream, she is instantly drawn to him and the emotions he invokes in her. Can she convince him to stand and fight, when danger threatens to tear them apart? Devlin is also a wonderful character. Unfortunately, I didn't have an immediate connection with him, but as I got to know him better I found myself liking him. He is a druid with the ability to heal and visit peoples dreams. After escaping from being held captive by the Dales, he finds himself intrigued by the werewolf whose dream he'd walked into. Unable to resist visiting Edenton to see his long lost sister, as well as the werewolf of his dreams, he will have to find the courage to face the danger that follows him. I have been wanting to continue reading this series for quite some time. I started reading this story and was quickly hooked. I found myself thrust back into the lives of those living in Edenton. The story is told mostly through the eyes of Devlin and Jamie, though other characters have a say too. This gave me the ability to see what they were thinking or feeling. It was wonderful to meet the residents of Edenton again, they felt like old friends. The characters themselves feel lifelike and likable, though I love to hate De Marco and Malachi. They are the evil vampires/shadowstalkers that forced Devlin to do their bidding. I must admit that the time hop in the beginning of the book confused me at first, but as the story unfolded, it began to make more sense. Devlin has not had an easy life, having been on the run for most of it, along with his father, Declan. However, as the story progressed, I noticed a change in him. I love it when the characters evolve on the page; I also love flawed characters, they come alive on the page. There's a lot of heat between the main protagonists and it fairly sizzles on the page. There is also a lot of action in this book, with a big fight scene near the end, as well as a huge emotional rollercoaster ride as secrets are revealed and lives are changed. I wasn't surprised about the identity of Devlin's sister though. I was, however, extremely disappointed to reach the end of the book. It felt like I'd only just started reading and then it finished! But, having said that, I raced through the pages as I was completely gripped by the story. Though, I did feel that this story was not as good as the previous book and the fight scene felt a little rushed. Nevertheless, I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Mending Scars, as soon as possible. Brandy L. Rivers has written an entertaining paranormal romance series. I love her fast paced writing style, and the flow is wonderful. Her characters are lifelike and likable. With her ability to write in both the paranormal and contemporary romance genres, she is one of my go to authors when I'm in the mood for a sexy read. Due to explicit scenes of a sexual nature, as well as use of bad language, I do not recommend this book to readers under the age of 18. However, I do recommend this book if you love hot erotic paranormal romances full of sexy men and determined women. - Lynn Worton
JoyceHays More than 1 year ago
The latest entry in the ongoing saga of the Others of Edenton introduces us to Declan, Moira and their children, Devlin and Fallon (whom we met in In Too Deep). The prologue takes us back 71 years to when Declan and Moira meet before moving forward nine years to when they must part for their family's safety. Devlin and Fallon are separated to be raised by the parent best able to teach them to handle the talents each were born with. Devlin is now on the run from the Dales and DeMarco, the dark mage that captured him and his father twenty years ago. Free of the dark wards, he starts dreaming of Jamie and eventually promises he will find her. Afraid of bringing the dark mage and Dales to Edenton, Devlin tells Jamie he can't stay for fear of what they will do to her. Rivers has outdone herself with Breaking Free. With each new Others book, her characters gain more depth and complexity. The town of Edenton becomes more interesting and vibrant. New characters are introduced, saved, find strengths within themselves of which they were previously unaware. When Jamie finally convinces Devlin to tell her the whole of his history, he again has what was missing for years,  the unconditional love he needed. Once his relationship to Fallon is no longer a secret, everyone begins training to protect themselves, each other, and their town. Devlin, a healer and gentle soul at heart, is unable to find the warrior within until a few choice comments by Preston. (I love this part.) All our favorite characters are back, both the good and not so good. Love, family and a looming battle that will decide much had me devouring this book at the first opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed this visit to Edenton and look forward to my next trip. If you enjoy shape shifters, vampires, and other paranormal beings, a bit of light romance, you can't go wrong. Visit Edenton, you'll enjoy yourself. But for two missed errors, I would have gladly given Rivers 5 stars. Unfortunately, I must adhere to the criteria I set forth for rating a book. Regretfully, I can only give her 4. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really love this whole series. Light-hearted paranormal romance at its best. This book brings back the whole cast of characters that we have all come to know and love, but this time features Jamie and Devlin. Jamie is a strong and spunky woman, which is a good thing for the two of them because Devlin is not. Don't get me wrong, Devlin is a sweetheart who possesses a quiet inner strength, but the overall perception that I got is that he was a bit of a pushover. Anyway, as I have come to expect from this author, this book was well-written with vivid imagery and fascinating lore that just draws you in from the beginning. You can't help but love these unique characters. If I had one complaint, it would be that I thought Devlin repeated the same line about needing to leave way too many times. That said, it's a minor thing and doesn't change the fact that this is a wonderful good-vs-evil story that will touch your heart and leave you wanting more. 4.5 stars. **I was provided a copy of this ebook from the author for honest review**
Celvia More than 1 year ago
This is the fourth book of the Edenton series. Brandy Rivers did it again. I really love this series. This book starts with the backstory of how Fallon and Delvin's parents meets and escape from the Malachi and Dales. Wow. What a delight. Fallon, one of my favorite characters, has a brother. Wow. Delvin is a Dreamwalker and healer, a trait he inherited from his father. Delvin has been running his entire life from the Dales. He was in their custody for 20 years before he manage to escape again. Delvin comes inside in Jamie Abrams's dreams and he is drawn to her. He has to see her as least once before he has to be on the run again. Jamie has an abhorrent history with men. She wants a mate. Someone will love her and she will love in return like all her friends have. I love the different ringtones for each individual. The chemistry between the both of them was hot. I love it when Jaime was so good that Delvin passed out TWICE. It was a pleasure to revisit all the other characters from the previous books. I hope this is not the end. I want more. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the Author and the "Lovers of Paranormal" Group on Goodreads.
TSRBR More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating:  4 Rockin’ Stars Two parents with exceptional gifts are forced to separate and each takes one of their children to insure that survive.  Staying together as a family would only pull the evil that pursued them to where they were hiding and allow them to be captured. The father, Declan would take their son Devlin and teach him how to use his gift as a Dreamwalker.  The mother, Moria would take their daughter Fallon and help her learn to use powers with the help of a family friend, Gabriel.  This is the only way even if it means never being together again as a family.    After years of constantly moving all over world, Devlin and his father are captured by the dark mages that serve DeMarco and Malachi.  Devlin is a healer and not a fighter and is considered weak because of his nonviolent gifts.  He is tortured and those around him are also so that he will do the darks bidding.  His gifts are used in a twisted way by the ones holding him but they cannot destroy the goodness in his soul.  He finally finds a way to hide his presents and escapes.  After Devlin escapes he finds himself dreamwalking for the first time in twenty years and he meets Jamie in her dream.  Devlin promises Jamie that he will find a way to come to her if only for a few days. Jamie and Devlin feel a connection that says that they may be mates.  Devlin knows that he will be pursued and anyone around him will be in danger so he cannot stay long and take a chance of Jamie being used against him to make him do evil.  Devlin also wants to see his sister Fallon who because of a blood oath does not know that she has a brother.  They both live in the town of Edenton.   When the two meet it is impossible for them to deny that they belong together.  Jamie begs Devlin to tell him everything and to stay with her in Edenton where he will be safe.  She tells him that the others of Edenton have defeated the dark mages in the past and if they work together will be able to again.  Dare he believe that this is possible?  Will he be able to claim his mate and get to know his sister?  Is his father still alive?  Will they be able to track him to Edenton? How will the others of Edenton feel about him will they let him stay and be a part of their community? Hero –Devlin: 4 stars Heroine –Jamie Abrams: 4 stars Steam: 4 stars  Plot: 4 stars  Cliffhanger: No Would I recommend this book: Yes! Love truly conquers all in this story of fated mates and magic! At times the story is heart wrenching but the in the end good does overcome evil and love is the key that unlocks the doors to redemption for our hero. Would I read other books by this author: Yes! I love the way Ms. Rivers writes and have read all the book that she has written.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the Series Others of Seattle, Storm Mistress. ***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***
Sami_Creech More than 1 year ago
Jaime has been in a bit of a funk lately. Though she is happy that her sisters and her friends have all found their mates and are happy she longs for her one and only. Jamie has a rather vivid dream one night about a man with emerald green eyes and hair the color of fire; what makes this dream different is that she can sense his emotions in the dream state. Devlin has always known he was a Dreamwalker but since his capture and escape from the Dales he has not dreamwalked in a long time. That is until he stumbles into a dream involving a very sexy she wolf with dazzling blue eyes. He makes a vow in that dream to come and find her. To his amazement she is also living in the same town as his little sister who he has had no contact with in over 20 years and who really has no idea he exists. Devlin plans on keeping it that way for the people who are chasing him will use anyone to get to him and his sister Fallon is already on their radar for a more nefarious purpose. Once Jaime meets her dream man in person there is no way in hell she is letting him go. One of the biggest obstacles is making Deviln believe that he will be safer by staying the other one being making everyone trust him and their mate bond. Though this is Jaime and Devlin’s love story it also has a lot to do with Fallon and both of them finally having the chance to end their nightmares once and for all. This story also shows that no matter what one may go through their true integrity cannot be totally diminished based solely on circumstances. So many of the character’s in this book gain and loose someone they love or have loved or heck in some cases never even knew existed. This is a wonderful story and I personally cannot wait for the next installment this is one of those series that just keeps getting better as it goes on. Truly impressive.
TracyG-1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I love this series.  I love all the characters we've met throughout the series.  My heart breaks for Jamie.  All she wants is a love of her own.  When she finally finds that love, he plans to leave to protect her.  Poor Devlin was raised on the run.  Always trying to stay one step ahead of the Dales.  That's all he knows.  I did get tired of Devlin always saying he would just leave to keep everyone safe.  I did find him to be somewhat, for lack of a better word, whimpy throughout the story.  I felt that he just needed to stand up for himself and fight for the life he wanted.  I liked that Jamie just took charge and pretty much told Devlin that they were going to fight for their love.  I loved reconnecting with all the characters from the previous books.  While we do hear from them, this can be read as a stand-alone.   Overall, this was an easy-to-read, fast-paced book that had me wanting more of these wonderful characters.  I'm looking forward to reading more of this series. 4-Bombs Reviewed by Tracy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful blend of paranormal genres! Brandy creates a world of shifters, vampires, magic and many other creatures. In the midst of an ongoing battle, they find friendship and love, and will do everything in their power to keep each other safe. Although this is the fourth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. The author does a great job in explaining the background without it distracting from the current story. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance with action, love and some steamy scenes. Can't wait for the next installment in this series, I'm hoping it will be Preston and Dacia's story. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
Shirley_W13 More than 1 year ago
This is Jamie and Devlin's book. Devlin is Fallon's brother who she was not aware of. He is a dream walker and is pulled to Jamie in a dream. Needing to quench his curiosity to meet his dream girl and see his sister at least once, he decides to make a quick trip to Edenton and then disappear into hiding from the Dales. When Jamie and Devlin mate, leaving is not so easy. Can Fallon and Devlin undo the mistakes their parents made? Brady's past comes back to haunt him amidst an announcement of new life! One of the best ones yet! Love this series! Love this author!!!
Year-in-Books More than 1 year ago
Another Win for Brandy Rivers! Brandy L Rivers' Others of Edenton series is fast becoming one of my favorite shifter series. Yes, her novels include magic, wolves, shape-shifters, and vampires but it is her ability to make the fantastic world her characters live in relatable that makes her one of my Must Read authors. It's one thing to write something fantastic and keep everything in the realm of the mystical/magical - floating along without ever having your feet touch the ground. It takes another kind of talent to immerse your readers in that mystical/magical world but keep them tethered in "real world" at the same time. When her characters find their mates it's not always sunshine and roses - in all honesty I don't think a single one of her characters has just happily settled into the role of mate without some instance of hesitation/resistance. This makes for a series made up of characters I want to get to know. If these men and women would just easily accept what life hands them, the stories would be over way too quickly and wouldn't be worth the time to read them. The Others of Edenton series and its newest member Breaking Free is worth the time to read it - maybe even re-read it a few times. Rivers introduces her readers Devlin - a druid with the incredibly rare and unique ability to dreamwalk - just as he discovers the woman meant to be his other half. Jamie - werewolf, empath and twin sister to her alpha's mate - is torn between her mind and her heart when she literally comes across the man of her dreams. With past lives and past deeds that just won't stop haunting them, Jamie and Devlin are thrown together as mates while being forced to fight for Devlin's freedom from his past. The pack members and friends within the town of Edenton find themselves banding together to continue their fight against the mysterious Dales. Brandy Rivers keeps bringing my heart back to her lovely little town of Edenton and her characters make me want to never leave. This small town full of big hearts will make you want to come back again and again.
sarahmcradit More than 1 year ago
Each of Rivers’ books are better than the last. Breaking Free introduces some fun characters, and adds further dimension to ones we already know and love. Devlin quickly steps into the lead as my favorite male character of the series, with the right balance of heart, toughness, and sensitivity. And Jamie, who I was neutral on before, showed some very rich dimension and vulnerability that made her entirely worth rooting for. It’s also nice to see characters we know and love settle into lives that make them happy. Fallon and Brody are starting their marriage and life together. Liz has fallen into a comfortable rhythm with her two men, and Jess and Slater seem as if they’ve been together always. As this series progresses, the depth grows and grows. There’s unlimited potential for our Others of Edenton!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Breaking Free is another great installment by Brandy L Rivers. I was riveted to the pages of the paranormal world she has created. I loved seeing the lives of the other characters progress that we have grown to love in her previous book. One reason I love this series so much is that each book is completely different from the rest. I never feel like I’m reading the same story as before. Devlin and Jamie are no exception as we learn about the world of Dreamwalkers. Thank you for another great book!!! Don’t delay, one-click today!!!!
Colleen2000 More than 1 year ago
First I'm going to say I love this series, the town of Edenton that this author has created amazes me. so many different people/others all living together to create a close knit community. Devlin had a horrible past and felt like he should continue running to protect everyone, but Jamie made him want to stay. Finding his family was a plus. Together they can conquer anything, the passion in this book and all the others is panty melting yet done with class. If you haven't read this series you don't know what you're missing. I can't wait for the next one.
shannybaby1 More than 1 year ago
Devlin has been held by the Dales for 20 years having to do terrible things to survive, but he is still honorable. What happens when he escapes? Devlin is a dreamwalker and his dreams lead him straight to Jamie, has she finally found her mate? Devlin finds more than he could wish for when he goes to Jamie, he finds family and friends! Will they be enough to stop the danger that is following Devlin? Will the past finally destroy Devlin's family? There is so much going on in this book, I loved it! I love how in each book you get some of everyone not just the main characters. Brandy Rivers has a way of drawing you in and you don't want the story to end! So excited to see what comes next!