Breaking Him

Breaking Him

by Sherilee Gray

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Folks in town call him a monster—say he's dangerous. But I know him simply as Elijah Hays, the quiet, gentle giant who works with the horses on my ranch. I can feel him watching me, that steady intense gaze making me crave things I don't quite understand, burn in a way that frightens me. He's always kept his distance…until that night.

I remember him coming to my rescue, me following him into the barn, giving him his first taste of a woman, and his inexperienced yet barely controlled touch turning me to ash.

Now all I can think about is exposing the dark desire I see deep inside him—having him turn those dark desires on me. That low, gritty voice rasping orders in my ear. Those huge, rough hands holding me down when a storm blows in.

I want his surrender. His control. I want to break him…and have him break me…

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ISBN-13: 9781633757356
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 09/05/2016
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 183
Sales rank: 106,642
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Sherilee Gray writes sexy, edgy, contemporary romance, including Revved, Wrecked, Crashed, and Breaking Him. Stories full of heat and high emotion, following stubborn characters as they go against the odds...and getting their happily ever after. She’s a Kiwi girl who lives in beautiful New Zealand with her husband and their two children. When not writing or fueling her voracious book addiction, she can be found dreaming of far-off places with a mug of tea in one hand and a bar of Cadbury Rocky Road chocolate in the other.
Sherilee Gray is a kiwi girl and lives in beautiful New Zealand with her husband and their two children. When she isn't writing sexy, edgy contemporary romance, searching for her next alpha hero on Pinterest, or fueling her voracious book addiction, she can be found dreaming of far off places with a mug of tea in one hand and a bar of Cadburys Rocky Road chocolate in the other.

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Breaking Him

By Sherilee Gray, Karen Grove

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2016 Sherilee Gray
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-735-6


The dry Montana heat was unforgiving today. Dust coated the back of my throat, my sweat-slicked skin prickling from the harsh midday sun. The thunder of hooves drew my attention from unpegging the laundry and over to the field behind the house. Two of my horses galloped along the fence line, kicking up more dust as they passed. I lifted my ponytail from my sticky neck and shielded my eyes to watch.

They slowed, danced around each other, sizing the other up.


I wiped the sweat from my brow and looked to the sky, searching for rain clouds. We were in the middle of a drought, suffering the highest temperatures we'd had in over ten years. I had animals to feed, a ranch to keep afloat. If the rain didn't come soon, I'd have the bank manager out here again, hounding me. These were the things that should be occupying my mind as I tugged the last towel from the clothesline.

But how could I concentrate on any of that with the low, steady murmur searching me out, coming to me on the light breeze? The way that gravelly yet soothing voice was being used to gentle one of my skittish mares made me tingle all over, until I was forced to squeeze my thighs together.

Folks around town called Elijah Hays a monster. They were intimidated, scared of him. Even said he was dangerous. Not to his face. Never to his face. You'd have to be a stupid son of a bitch to say any of those things to Eli — and crazier than they accused him of being. But I'd never seen him that way. Not once. I trusted him to take care of my ranch just like my father had.

The ranch's main income came from cattle, but with the drought and everyone selling stock to get by, unable to afford the feed, cattle prices had dropped to an all-time low. If we sold now, we'd never recover. We usually survived the dry season by selling off the wild horses we brought in and broke for a nice profit. My dad loved horses, had wanted to eventually expand that side of our business. But this year, with him gone and only Eli here to work them, I didn't know if we'd make it through.

Pushing back the strands of hair that had come loose from my ponytail, I turned to watch him, unable to help myself. How could I see him as the townspeople did when I witnessed him like this each and every day? Eli had a way with horses unlike anyone I'd seen. It fascinated me, watching this huge, at times unnerving, man care for and baby them. The way he could break a horse with kindness — taming, bending them to his will with whispered words and those big, gentle hands — until they seemed desperate to please him.

He stood beside the mare, one hand gripping the wide brush, dragging it over her shiny coat, the other following in its wake while he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. My attention was drawn to his forearms, corded and veined, dusted with dark hair. Pure strength. His hands never left her once. And God, they were beautiful hands — huge and so damn rough. I knew this because when I brought him coffee in the afternoons, his fingers would brush against mine. But what had my nipples hardening against the soft cotton of my dirt-streaked tank top was his unbelievably wide back. It was bulked up with thick slabs of lickable muscle, deeply tanned from hours spent outdoors. My gaze dropped to soft, worn Levi's sitting low on his hips, cupping an ass that was meant to be squeezed, and often.

But if what people said was true, no one had ever squeezed that magnificent ass. No one had seen what he had hidden behind that straining zipper, either ...

He swept the brush across the mare's side again and again, biceps — thick as one of my thighs — bunching and rolling, dancing as he worked. I'd never seen the likes of him in my life. The man was beautiful, masculine on a whole new level. And he absolutely fascinated me.

The sound that had been steadily building in my chest slid past my lips before I could stop it. The needy moan loud enough for him to hear. I spun around before he caught me staring, quickly bending to pick up the wash basket at my feet. But it was too late. I'd been caught. The rhythmic cadence of Elijah's deep voice cut off suddenly, followed by the crunch of gravel under his boots as he spun around.

He didn't say anything. He rarely did, not to me — besides the "please and thank yous" he quietly rasped whenever I brought him food or drink. Otherwise he kept to himself. Had done so since he started working here twelve months ago.

I shivered again, that familiar zip of electricity shooting across my shoulders and down my spine. His eyes were on me. He had beautiful eyes, wide and thickly lashed. They were often on me, maybe as much as mine were on him. I liked it. I didn't see Eli as a monster. Because if he had murdered his father when he was just a boy, like everyone said, the man had deserved it. My dad, God rest his soul, had said so many times. Said Wyatt Hays had been a mean son of a bitch and he was surprised no one had done it before his son took a kitchen knife to him defending his mom.

But the folks here were still wary of him. I'm sure people who visited Deep River thought they'd stepped back in time. The people born in our isolated, backwater town generally lived and died here. And that's the way they liked it. Anyone different from them ... scared them. They didn't like the way Elijah rarely spoke, the way he kept himself apart. Though plenty of the women liked the way he looked just fine. I'd seen the lust-filled glances cast his way. Still, they kept their distance, would never dream of approaching him, frightened by his dark past, the gossip that surrounded him. His size and strength were intimidating, not that I'd ever seen him use them against anyone in anger.

No, Elijah preferred his own company, and I didn't blame him. Not when he'd only ever been subjected to the ugliest versions of everyone around him.

When he wasn't busy with the ranch, he was reading, or giving the sand-filled bag he'd suspended in the corner of the barn a beating.

He was a mystery, and I hadn't gotten any closer to him, learned any more about him, in the six months since my father passed away and I took over running the ranch. Because despite the way he watched me, he sent off unmistakable don't-come-any-closer vibes that could be felt fifty yards away.

"Miss Abigail?"

I jolted in surprise, goose bumps popping up all over my skin like an icy breeze had washed over me at the sound of his low voice edged with that delicious growl. Elijah never initiated a conversation. Not when he didn't have to. His voice sounded cautious, gritty, nothing like the tone he used on my horses.

My heart galloped faster as I turned on shaky legs. I plastered a smile on my face, forcing my eyes to stay above his shoulders. "Oh, hey, Eli," I said, like I hadn't been acutely aware of his quiet, dominating presence the whole time. Eli knew his job better than I did. The only time I sought him out was when I needed him to come to town and help me collect supplies. I usually just wrote what needed doing on a notepad in the barn, and he did it. I squinted against the sun, taking several steps closer, laundry basket resting on my hip. "Mare's looking good."

His brown eyes were locked on mine, making me squirm. He dipped his chin, dark hair that was darker from sweat falling forward across his brow.

Damn, the man had a way of looking at a person, direct, unwavering. Telling you without words that he didn't care what you thought about him, that he didn't care one whit if you believed all the talk about his past or what your opinion was about it, either. I didn't know if that was true or not, or if it was a defense mechanism he'd built to protect himself, but it was unnerving as hell.

I retreated a step. "Right, well, I'll leave you to it. I have to ... ah, go get ready." He didn't say anything, just kept his steady gaze locked on mine, and as usual my mouth ran away with me, trying to fill the inevitable silences when we were alone. "I've got a date, you know, with Kyle, so I better ..."

Something flickered behind his eyes, something that had the skin crinkling at the corners — not from a smile, no, he never did that — he looked tense, strained. That square, scruff-covered jaw was tight. His Adam's apple slid up and down the front of his thick neck before his expression smoothed out, once again impassive. My eyes dipped, like someone else had control over their movement. His sudden discomfort made my thigh muscles clench, wanting to move me closer, to brush his hair back and search his gaze until I knew what caused that unease.

Then my brain registered what my eyes were looking at, and I sucked in a breath at the sight of his bare chest. Something about his size ... his bulk ... The brown hair that dusted his pecs, bisecting his deeply ridged abs, all the way down to the waistband of his jeans, made me lose my breath every damn time.

Those tight abs tightened further, and my eyes darted up. Color darkened his broad cheekbones, but that was the only sign that he'd caught me ogling him. His rugged features remained arranged in their usual inscrutable position.

The strong and sudden urge to force him to react, to tempt him past his control — to climb that massive, ripped body, wrap my thighs around his hips, and hang on while he bucked into me like an ornery bull, snarling and grunting until we were both spent — was near overwhelming.

Then I noticed the way his powerful fists clenched and unclenched at his sides. It wasn't threatening. He was uncomfortable. Guilt swirled in my belly. He may watch me sometimes, but he'd never given any indication that he wanted more. He was happy with the horses, with his own company. I hated that I'd made him uneasy. He'd had enough of that his whole life, being stared at like a sideshow freak. I refused to be lumped in with the gossiping townsfolk whispering behind his back, speculating, judging. Eli wasn't the kind of man you toyed with, and I'd been reminded six months ago, as my dad was lowered into the ground, that close ties, relationships ... love, only ever caused pain.

"Well, it's getting late ..."

He motioned to the overflowing basket in my arms. "Let me."

At those two words, just an innocent statement, my heart jumped forward, smacking against my ribs, my quickening pulse relocating itself between my thighs. "I've got it. Thanks, though." I stumbled back another step. Like I had two left feet. "You have a good evening, Eli." Then turning away, I hustled my ass inside.

And somehow I knew his intense stare followed me the whole way.

* * *

"Girl, I'm sick of your damn teasing." Kyle dragged his sweaty hand higher under my skirt. "You finally gonna give me what's under here, or what?"

There was a slight slur to his voice, a slur I hadn't noticed when we left the bar. "How much did you have to drink? You said you only had a couple beers."

He shrugged. "A few shots as well." He grinned in a way I knew he thought was charming, but with a gut full of beer and whiskey, he just looked like a big, dumb idiot.

I'd known Kyle since high school. Back then he'd been a chauvinistic, irresponsible asshole; it seemed nothing had changed. When he'd asked me out a month ago, I'd decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, hoping he'd matured. The fact that he was good-looking, built, and had all his teeth may have played a part in my decision to give him a shot. Not to mention an eight-month-long dry spell and an itch that needed one hell of a good scratch. But nothing was going to happen here tonight. Not now, not ever.

I shoved the passenger door open and slammed it shut behind me. His door wrenched open as well, and he rounded the car fast. Grabbing my arm, he hauled me back and pinned me to the car before I'd barely taken two steps.

"Where d'you think you're going?" He pressed into me, the liquor on his breath invading my nostrils. "Time you paid up, honey. I've done the time, taken you out, bought you a burger, drinks, all that shit. Time to give it up."

I shoved at his shoulders. "You've lost your goddamn mind, Kyle Harris." I tried to wriggle free, but he wasn't having any of it. "Back the hell up, get in your car, and get out of here."

Grinding his hard dick against my leg, he grunted and nipped my earlobe, yanking my shirt down over my shoulder. "Cock-teasing whore. What the fu —"

Kyle was on me one minute, then being pulled away the next. My jaw went slack as Elijah, fingers wrapped around the back of Kyle's neck, dragged him like a sack of potatoes to the driver's side and slammed him face-first against it. Kyle flailed and cursed while he was being manhandled. The door was yanked open, and Eli shoved him in like his own personal rag doll, then slammed it shut behind him.

The expression on Kyle's face as he blinked up at the big man through the window was priceless. He looked shit-scared when he realized who he was staring at. The car started a second later, then it was gone the next, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

My gaze shot to Eli. I don't know how it was possible, but the man looked even bigger, muscles flexing, jaw tight, nostrils flaring with each angry breath. "Elijah?" I took a step toward him, and he jerked back suddenly, shock covering his face, before he turned and stormed toward the barn. The bang of the door after him was loud, echoing through the quiet night.

I had two options: I could go inside like a coward and pretend what just happened hadn't, or I could go after him, thank him for coming to my rescue, and attempt to erase some of that worry I'd seen in his dark eyes.

Wiping my sweaty hands on my skirt, I headed toward the barn. It was still hot out, but there was a breeze, and the light floaty fabric of my skirt whispered around my thighs. Anticipation ignited low in my belly as I neared, then the deep, repetitive thump of those solid fists connecting with the punching bag in the corner of the barn reached my ears.

I'd heard the same sound often as he beat the crap out of that bag, but this time was different. He was hitting harder, faster, working off his anger and frustration. Maybe I should be afraid. Maybe going in there now was a damn stupid idea, but I couldn't make my feet stop, couldn't make them turn me around. Pressing a hand to the barn door, I pushed it open and stepped inside.

The familiar scent of hay and motor oil hit me first. Every light was on, throwing a golden wash into the corners. A tractor took up one side of the barn. Tools and other equipment were scattered on the workbench that ran the length of the wall. On the other side was a rough wooden staircase that led to Eli's rooms, and in the corner, beating the hell out of that bag, was the man himself.

I stood there motionless, unable to take a step closer, yet I couldn't turn and walk out, either. As if he sensed me, he stopped abruptly and spun around. His wild stare crashed with mine, and I sucked in a breath. Every ripped muscle, vein, and tendon bulged. He'd obviously tugged off his shirt when he'd walked in, because now his chest was bare and glistened with sweat. He was breathing heavily, fists still clenched tightly.

"Miss Abigail?" he said through panted breaths.

Despite that wild stare and the way his body throbbed with aggression, when he spoke, none of it came through. His cheeks were dark from exertion, mouth slightly parted as each heavy breath pumped from his lungs, struggling to maintain control, but still he hadn't directed any of that anger at me.

I managed to unglue my feet and started toward him. He seemed to brace himself as I moved closer, hands on hips, back and shoulders stiff. When I stopped in front of him, instead of his direct stare, he aimed his eyes at the ground. "Eli?" He didn't move, didn't speak. Reaching out, I touched his arm. "Elijah?"

He jolted, muscles tightening under my fingers. God, I felt tiny standing this close to him. He finally answered, voice low, "Ma'am."

My nipples tightened painfully. He didn't pull away. "I just ... I wanted to thank you for what you did back there."

His head was still down, not allowing me to see those dark eyes. Without thought, I reached up, threading my fingers in his hair, and tipped his head back. My only thought had been to get those eyes on me again. I needed them on me.


Excerpted from Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray, Karen Grove. Copyright © 2016 Sherilee Gray. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Breaking Him 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written and hot sex scenes very good writer and nice story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Fun story. How refreshing it was to read about a man with little experience. I'm so sick of the playboys women seem compelled to write about. The hero and heroine had terrific chemistry and the sex was hot. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but there was almost too much sex in this book. However, it was hot for sure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book-great author & story-hot!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really good story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Small towns and long memories have tagged Eli with a reputation that is totally contrary to his nature. Where they see a dangerously violent man just waiting to explode, she sees the gentle protectiveness encased in powerfully physical strength and cannot help but be drawn to him the same as the horses he trains. I loved how these two grew together and strengthened each other with each step of the way. The story has the feel of an old fashioned western romance set with modern day values as it brings to mind the Garth Brooks song When the Thunder Rolls for all the passion these two share. An excellent read.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
What a wonderfully sweet, charming book this was! And the feels! From the beginning to end you can just feel every word. I absolutely loved Abi and Eli. Eli is an outcast, a monster, and a recluse. Abi has lost her family and struggling to save her ranch. Eli was hired by her father before he died and she has been drawn to him from the first day he arrived. Their initial coming together was angsty and awkward, steamy and beautiful. Sounds crazy, right? It was perfect. There is a lot of sex in this book. I could even go so far as to say this is a sex book. But the incredible thing about it is that each time this couple make love their relationship is evolving, the story is moving and the plot is expanding. Quite a talent to do that! I loved this book and I’m so happy my Goodreads friends recommended it. Sorry it took so long to listen to you! Heroine POV Safe Possible Trigger (view spoiler)
Jess_at_From_Me_to_You More than 1 year ago
4 out of 5 stars! Elijah (Eli) is a hulking handsome man with a dark past, yet he is the one man that makes Abigail (Abi) feel safe no matter what. Therefore, even though it feels like Abigail's world is falling around her ears, when Abigail decides to show Elijah what true affection is and that it's worth it no matter what is going on becomes one of her top priorities. Yet what will happen when the town feels Elijah isn't right for her, will she allow everyone to separate them or will their relationship grow because of it? This intensely erotic romance instantly wraps you into Abigail and Elijah's world and their growing relationship. In addition, it was so SWEET how Elijah handled Abigail, he's definitely a gentle giant at least when it comes to her. I couldn't get enough, I got addicted to the intensity. I recommend this novel to those looking for a HOT, passionate erotic contemporary romance. Review By: From Me to You ... Book Reviews -- read more of this review and a TEASER on my blog: --
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
"Breaking Him" by Sherilee Gray is an intense beautiful romance. This is Elijah Hays and Abigail Smith's story. Elijah Hays works with the horses on Abigail's ranch. The people from town say that Elijah is dangerous and a monster due to events that happened when he was a child. Abigail doesn't see him the way the people from town see him. She sees a man that is great to and with the horses. There is an intense chemistry between them. Abigail wants to know and experience everything with Elijah but he is shy and has never been with a woman. One night Elijah rescues Abigail and then things start to change between them. This is a beautiful love story. It's different from your typical type of love story. There is just something about this story that just grabs your heart. It's something that you just have to experience by reading it. FYI, includes mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray is a standalone romance told in single POV. It is a wicked hot romance that will have your panties melting and will set your book/ereader on fire. I'm not quite sure how it was done, but there was so much tantalizing sex and erotic intimate moments crammed into this book and it worked. It was completely a part of the really interesting and heart-string pulling story. Abi and Eli were amazing characters that just drew me in from the first page. Everything is well paced and well written. Steady with no major angst ridden moments and a happy ending that left me with the warm and fuzzies. This is my first book by this author - it WON'T be my last!
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Abigail Smith can’t understand why the townspeople call Elijah Hays a monster behind his back. He’s good with horses, and Abigail has no reason to doubt that he is a fine man, even with the accusations that he murdered his father when he was a youngster. It’s also rumoured that Eli is a virgin. Eli has been working at the Smith cattle ranch for twelve months, he was a big help to Abigail’s father, who died six months ago. Unfortunately, the hot Montana summer is not helping, there’s a drought and Abigail could lose everything. Abigail doesn’t date much, and one evening she goes out with Kyle, who had asked her once before, and unfortunately he is still the jerk he had seemed to be the first time around. Kyle has too much to drink, and tries to get Abigail to have sex with him, however Eli was lurking nearby and rescues Abigail. Abigail has been in serious lust over Eli, and he should be thanked properly, shouldn’t he? And what happens next is not quite what you’re probably thinking… As soon as I read the blurb – a virgin hero! - I knew I had to read BREAKING HIM. However, it seems that Eli had done his homework as he seemed to know pretty much how to do everything. I didn’t quite get the impression that he was that much of a virgin. And unless I missed it, I don’t believe that neither Eli’s nor Abigail’s age was mentioned, which I found a bit confusing. While I understand that BREAKING HIM is an erotic long novella or short novel, it felt like a very thin story merely held the various sexy bits together. The sex scenes are pretty good, but I never felt invested in the romance; something was lacking, some sparkle was missing, it was rather dispassionate, maybe because of Eli’s stoicism apart from his sexual demands, and being reminded how wet Abigail was for Eli. The story was very nicely wrapped up though; the ending was quite lovely. I must also mention the impeccable editing. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars Breaking Him was a very entertaining & steamy read. I really enjoyed Breaking Him, it was one of those books you didn't want to put down. Abigail and Elijah/Eli were likable, endearing, entertaining, passionate, and at times a little frustrating. And did I mention how hot these two were? The chemistry between was smoking! Seriously this book was HOT! I loved watching Abigail and Eli connect and open up to each other. After Eli's tragic past he was able to find comfort, love and peace in Abigail's arms and heart. If you're looking for a well written, entertaining, heartfelt and steamy read you'll love Breaking Him. Sherilee Gray is a talented author who writes heartwarming, entertaining romances with characters that will touch your heart. I highly recommend you pick up one of her books soon, you will not be disappointed you did.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
This story between Elijah and Abigail was beyond steamy. It was sensual from the beginning and escalated from there. Maybe have a significant other close when reading this one. I loved the magnetic pull the had towards each other even before they got together. And when Eli finally opened up, their bond was so much stronger. This was a bit of an intense read, but was very strongly written with two main characters fiercely protective of each other. I adored the ending and epilogue. What she did for him was simply beautiful! I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
JensReadingObsession More than 1 year ago
Elijah is an odd combination of innocence and dominance that I thought would be hard to pull off, but I'm impressed by the way the author made it believable. His past has made people afraid of him, and he has never had a sexual or romantic relationship. I loved seeing his transformation as Abigail's trust allows his true dominant personality to emerge. Abigail has fantasized about Elijah for a while, but when he rescues her after a date gets a bit too pushy, she finally gives in and does something about it. It was great that she was more experienced than him and helped coax him into taking the initiative with her after the first few times. These two have some amazing chemistry and they put it to good use for most of the story. Being part of Entangled Scorch line, it is heavy on the sex, so you've been warned. Having said that, there was enough non-sexual story line as well as character growth that I didn't feel that the only thing between Eli & Abi was sex. If you're looking for a short, panty wetting read, I highly recommend it! 5 stars for the steamy scenes 4 stars for the overall story I received an ARC via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own.
teetee1968 More than 1 year ago
Sherilee Gray took me on an unexpected steamy ride! This book is sizzling with a capital "S"! In an unlikely, but great story turn, our hero is the untouched virgin. The author makes this completely believable once you find out his story. Eli Hays has been the dark outcast in a small town. Abi has been worshiping him from afar for quite sometime. When they no longer want to keep their dance at a distance, they combust! Great story of "not everything is as it seems". Quick, hot and fun story!
JulieMaguda More than 1 year ago
I requested this book because I saw so many great reviews on NetGalley, and I must say that I was not disappointed at all. I read Sherilee Gray's Axle Alley Viper's series and loved so I figured I was going to love this one too. This was a shorter read at about 142 pages, but I didn't feel as if it felt rushed at all. Elijah has a dark past which causes the people in their small town to fear him and keep their distance, but Abigail sees a different side of him. She sees the caring and hardworking side....and it also helps that she can't keep her eyes off of him. Elijah is quiet and keeps to himself but he has always wanted Abigail. I thought both of the characters were really likable and never seemed over the top. I have to say that it was intriguing that Elijah was a virgin at the beginning of this book. That was definitely a nice change from the norm. The chemistry between the two of them was SIZZLING and contained slight BDSM qualities. If I had to make any complaint, I would say that there was maybe a little too much sex going on in this one ( I know, coming from me that's crazy!!). They were constantly on top of each other and it starts pretty fast! I would have liked to see more "sweet moment" type of scenes, if that makes any sense. That being said, I really did enjoy this one a lot. I loved Elijah and just wanted to give him a hug. lol! ** I received an ARC of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. **
KristieK More than 1 year ago
Breaking Him By: Sherilee Grey 5 Star review by Kristie K. Abigail Smith has lost a lot in her life. Her mother left when Abi was a young girl, and her father passed away just 6 months ago...leaving Abi to run the family ranch on her own. Determined not to lose the ranch, Abi relies on her ranch hand Elijah Hays to help her make it through the drought. Eli hasn't had an easy life. Rumor has it that he was badly abused as a child, and the cause of his fathers death. His quiet, standoffish way keeps the townsfolk at a distance…but doesn’t stop their tongues from wagging. Despite the popular belief that he is a dangerous monster, Eli has a way with horses, and is able to break and train a wild horse as well, or better, than Abi’s father. After months of watching him work, his gentle touch, whispered words, and strong hands have Abi wishing he was using those techniques on her, instead of the horses. One fateful night, a chance encounter after a nearly disastrous date, sets off a chain of events that sends both Abigail and Eli careening toward an inevitable conclusion…and the fireworks that ensue just might burn down the barn. Breaking Him is not a terribly long book, more like a novella at 142 pages, but I read the entire thing in one day. I read between doctors appointments, school runs, and Cinderella chores. I didn’t want to put it down. The storyline was achingly realistic, believable, and flowed well from one scene to the next. One thing I find about many shorter stories is the sense of being rushed, like the author wants to fit a full 300 page novel into half that many pages. Those stories lose something in translation, and it makes them hard to finish. Breaking Him was NOT one of those stories. At no point did I feel rushed in the story, and the complexities of both characters and their situations came out in a way that felt natural and timely. I loved the slow burn that ensued between Abi and Eli, a slow seduction of the senses, a truly torturous lesson in the art of love and pleasure. The situations and feelings that they had to deal with are real, and would happen in any real world town in rural America. Ms. Grey wrote the story in such a way that I could feel every emotion the characters were feeling…the hurt, the loss, the sadness, the judgment, the passion, the embarrassment, the shame. I wanted to wrap Eli up and save him, and envied Abi for being able to do just that. His quiet strength, barely reigned dominance, and absolute adoration for Abi is the epitome of swoon-worthy. Abi was gorgeous, sweet, loving, and kind. I adored her strength, her drive, and her tenacity to keep going…to keep the ranch running. In the end, they fought for each other, and in the end…I think they both win. Ms. Grey has produced a thoroughbred for sure, and I guarantee I will be checking out the rest of her “livestock”. Kristie K.
tracier More than 1 year ago
What a fabulous book!! I found myself engrossed in Breaking Him from the very beginning and fell in love with the strength and emotions of the characters and their stories. Praise to Sherilee Gray for a wonderfully written book I look forward to making her a permanent addition to my reading list Book generously provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
Off the Charts HOT I can’t believe I’m writing this but… if you decide to read this book anyplace other than at home, be sure to carry spare underwear with you because Holy Mother of God! Breaking Him is effing hot!! I can’t even. There are no words to express the epic hotness level of this story. Abigail has been left in charge of her family ranch after her father’s passing. Her right-hand man Elijah is a quiet, hard-working mountain of a man, and she has always been attracted to him in spite of what is said about him around town. She can clearly see how gentle he is with the animals and how polite and caring he is towards her. “Elijah Hays was a man of few words, but his actions somehow did his talking for him.” With a somewhat disturbing past, Elijah has always been shunned by the small town population and he’s more comfortable working with the horses and around the ranch than with people. He is content with watching Abigail from a safe distance and protecting her from afar now that she is on her own. Soon, though, things will start to change, as their chemistry is undeniable. Their feelings for each other begin to grow as they can’t fight their attraction and they’ll explore each other’s darkest desires. I don’t want to go into more detail as it might ruin some of the finest points of the story, but just let me tell you that “hot damn!” was a recurring thought while reading this. Now, I was a little disappointed that the whole story is from Abigail’s point of view, I would have loved, loved, loved to be in Elijah’s head even for a tiny bit, but alas! You can’t always get what you want… Though I can’t really complain here. The one real issue I had was with Abigail’s attitude towards the town’s people. How she reacted to their actions really bugged me and I wanted to slap her upside the head on more than one occasion. Breaking Him was a super hot, sexy read with a lovely romance and extremely likable characters. Just remember, read this at home… and your bed partner will be more than grateful :) *I received a complimentary copy of this book*
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Holy hotness, this book was smoking, from cover to cover. This story is about Abigail who is running her late father's ranch with the help of Elijah. Elijah is a large quiet man, who keeps to himself and has been an outcast since he was a child for allegedly killing his father; he and his mother both, enduring years of abuse. Abigail's father who has a soft spot for Eli hires him to help on the ranch, he's a natural with the horses. Eli keeps to himself, isn't socialized and that makes him fodder for the small town gossip mill, even after all these years. After her fathers death, Eli stays on and helps her. They go to town together to pick up feed and other supplies normal for running a ranch. They are also in the midst of a severe drought, she is behind on the mortgage and that has it's own set of problems. The story focuses on Abigail and Eli and the initial physical contact they make and the evolution of their relationship and the escalation of his kink which she comes too love oh so much. Eli has never been with a woman, Abi is his first and she approaches him. Her physical attraction to him is overwhelming and these two shoot off sparks like the 4th of July. Eli is also very protective of Abi. He comes to her aid more than once. What an amazing story this was, from learning the backstory of Eli's life and Abigail's profound feelings for this man. And for her, going after what she wants, and that is Eli. She wants him body and soul. That's exactly what she gets, she senses somewhere beneath the surface he needs to release his pain and it is her desire to do that. And damn, don't her wishes come true!! This book is an absolute must read. It will press every button you have and some you weren't aware of. The plot and the backstory are solid. Sherilee writes a great book, this one is the best. Must read... **arc from NetGalley and Entangled** in exchange for an honest review
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
Abigail and Elijah heat things up in this scorching erotic romance by Sherilee Gray! Abigail runs the family ranch on her own now, still getting loans from the bank to keep things afloat. Her saving grace is her ranch hand Elijah, a quiet solitary man with a tragic past. Because of an abusive family situation, Elijah took matters into his own hands and he's been shunned by the community ever since. The exception was Abigail's father who took a chance on him. Elijah's never had a girlfriend and he's a virgin, but Abigail has seen the way he looks at her. She's decided to see just how much interest there really is. The result is a romance with multiple sexy scenes as Abigail and Elijah connect, first on a physical level and then on an emotional one. Elijah is an alpha male to the core, protective and possessive, but Abigail makes it clear that she can take care of herself too (though she doesn't mind Elijah's help). The story is a fairly intense read, though not overly angsty despite Elijah's past. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I look forward to more from this author! 4 stars.
Sissymae1 More than 1 year ago
Breaking Him' by Sherilee Gray is the story of Elijah and Abigail. Abigail is fighting to keep the ranch going and Elijah has been helping her for about a year as he started working with her father. But now there is just her and she if finding it hard to fight an attraction she is feeling for Elijah. Elijah is a man of few words...and he is big and strong. The town has distance themselves from him claiming that he killed his father when he was young. When Elijah comes to Abigail defense when a boyfriend tries to be forceful it takes a turn in their working relationship. Abigail starts to make the move on Elijah but will his past come between them? This was a really hot read with Elijah being a hot alpha male once he let himself go with Abigail. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
LuckyDevilReviews More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness, I feel like I need to go take an ice cold shower after reading Breaking Him. I have never seen so much erotic content packed into one little novel *fans self*. The story revolves around Abigail, a young woman who is running her father's ranch after his death and just barely meeting ends meet. There was a lot of sexual tension apparent right away between her and Elijah, the man who stayed on the ranch and helped break and take care of the horses. It was hard to get to know him at first, because he barely said any words; the only thing known was that the town was scared of him because of something he did as a young boy. Abigail knew the story and the rumors that people whispered, but that didn't stop her from wanting to know Eli better...a lot better. The sex scenes, I kid you not, are almost cover to cover non-stop. They were all very well done and got progressively hotter as Abigail helped Elijah become more confident and in control, both in and out of bed. It makes it a little hard to write a review about, however, because it seemed like at least 3/4 of this book involved sex. The story of the ranch being in financial trouble was very much secondary, and not a lot of time wasn't spent on this; a little more time was given to showing how the people of the town treated Elijah poorly. Even Abigail's friends saw him as dangerous and made sure to offer up their opinions every chance they got. Overall though, the story was really about Abigail introducing Elijah to sex and exploring what they both needed and wanted in the bedroom. I guess I was caught a little of guard because I don't read much erotica. I absolutely love sex scenes, but prefer them to be a little less frequent; the wait always makes it a little better. My expectation for this book was that there was going to be a lot of delicious build-up to when Abigail and Elijah finally acted on their mutual attraction; the synopsis makes it obvious that something is going to happen early on, but it escalated quickly from there. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it just wasn't what I was expecting. If you're in the mood for an incredibly erotic romance, then you will definitely love Breaking Him. *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Underneath the earthiness of Breaking Him lies a sincere and sacred bond between two beautiful people. The darkness that is brought in from the stares and judgements of the outside world adds to the poignancy of Abigail and Elijah's chance to stay hopeful in the face of adverse circumstances. Sometimes less is more and Ms. Gray delivered a story that I adored. Plain and simple.
MELHUTCHINSON More than 1 year ago
I have enjoyed every book that I have read by Sherilee Gray and this one is no exception. This is a great short story that will leave you fanning yourself and longing for more of Eli and Abi! So very well written and the characters capture you from the very beginning! The story flows very well. Abigail is a young lady that lost her mom at an early age and is now having to deal with her father passing away 6 month previously. Abi and her dad ran a farm that was doing pretty well. Her father hired Elijah to help around the farm with stuff and he has always been a good helper. Abi has taken notice to Eli here lately and has had some interaction with him, but nothing has transpired as of yet. When a drought takes away most of the crops and profit from the farm, Abi has a hard time making the payments to the bank. Eli is right there with her trying to help her keep things going on the farm. Eli has a past that has always haunted him. The town that they live in has never let him forget that they see him as a monster that got away with a horrific crime, but most of them only go off what they heard and not why the even took place. Eli has become very withdrawn because of how people treat him, but Abi sees him so much differently than anyone else. She sees his heart and his soul. Abi quickly finds out that there is so much more to Eli than even she had a first thought. Abi learns that Eli has never been with a woman and is quick to take on the task of teaching him how to treat a woman and how to be with a woman. As things progress for Abi and Eli, their feelings for each other do as well. When the town's people try and start rumors again about Eli and remind hi of his past again, will Abi be able to overlook all the rumors and talk that is going on around them? Even though Eli has never been with a woman, he definitely has the alpha dominate male genes going on and the way that these two take care of each other is heart melting. There are plenty of steamy scenes that will leave you fanning yourself and needing to take a break to cool down, but they are all enjoyable and keep your attention til the end. Thanks to the publisher and Netgally for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, which in turn does not influence my opinion at all. I am so glad that I got the chance to read this book and I can't wait to see what Sherilee Gray has in store for us readers next!
SaucyMinx1966 More than 1 year ago
Elijah Hays is misunderstood in the town of Deep River, everyone judges him by his past. But, Abigail sees something more, she sees the gentle soul underneath his large imposing frame and quiet demeanor. Eli was hired by her father to help work the family ranch, and after her father passes away, Abi lets Eli stay because he is a good worker and he has a gift for training horses. There is chemistry between the two simmering just under the surface, and after working together for over a year, it breaks free one day and it changes their lives forever. Will Eli and Abi be able to rise above the town's scorn and love each other? Or will they let it destroy them? Read and see! Wow, this is the most intensely sensual book I have ever read. I thought it was just going to be a hot read, but it's so much more. The scorching hot love scenes made me burn, but, what really got to me is how Abi and Eli connected on a soul deep level. The amount of patience and trust that Abi was able to give Eli is amazing. Oh, and the moment Eli realizes that he is worthy of Abi's love, breathtaking! This is a beautiful love story. Written and paced to perfection, I was entranced from the word go. This is the first book I have ever read by Sherilee Gray, but now I will be reading everything she has written. I'm so happy I was given and opportunity to read and review this incredible love story.