Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain Who Saved It

Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain Who Saved It

by Larrie D. Ferreiro


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Pulitzer Prize Finalist in History

Winner of the Journal of the American Revolution 2016 Book of the Year Award

At the time the first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord the American colonists had little chance, if any, of militarily defeating the British. The nascent American nation had no navy, little in the way of artillery, and a militia bereft even of gunpowder. In his detailed accounts Larrie Ferreiro shows that without the extensive military and financial support of the French and Spanish, the American cause would never have succeeded.
Ferreiro adds to the historical records the names of French and Spanish diplomats, merchants, soldiers, and sailors whose contribution is at last given recognition. Instead of viewing the American Revolution in isolation, Brothers at Arms reveals the birth of the American nation as the centerpiece of an international coalition fighting against a common enemy.

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ISBN-13: 9781101910306
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 464
Sales rank: 455,828
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About the Author

LARRIE D. FERREIRO received his PhD in the History of Science and Technology from Imperial College London. He teaches history and engineering at George Mason University in Virginia and the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. He has served for over thirty-five years in the US Navy, US Coast Guard and Department of Defense, and was an exchange engineer in the French Navy. He is the author of Measure of the Earth: The Enlightenment Expedition That Reshaped Our World and Ships and Science: The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1800. He lives with his wife and their sons in Virginia.

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Maps xi

Introduction: Not Just the Declaration of Independence, but Also a Declaration That We Depend on France (and Spain, Too) xv

Chapter 1 The Road to War 3

Chapter 2 The Merchants 32

Chapter 3 The Ministers 75

Chapter 4 The Soldiers 118

Chapter 5 The Sailors 165

Chapter 6 The Pieces Converge 207

Chapter 7 The Endgame 242

Chapter 8 The Road to Peace 273

Chapter 9 The Legacy 307

Acknowledgments 337

Notes 339

Bibliography 383

Index 413

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