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Bullying: Replies, Rebuttals, Confessions, and Catharsis

Bullying: Replies, Rebuttals, Confessions, and Catharsis

by María Luisa Arroyo, Magdalena Gómez

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Physical, emotional, verbal, and now cyber bullying are an increasing problem in our nation’s schools and within our children’s social networks. How can we understand it? Community leaders and activists Gómez and Arroyo worked with children, teenagers, and parents—both the victims and the bullies—to put together this searing anthology of original essays, poetry, plays, and commentary on how bullying has affected their lives.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781620871713
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 800 KB

About the Author

María Luisa Arroyo teaches writing in the Women as Empowered Leaders and Learners (WELL) program at Bay Path University. Her book publications include her full-length poetry collection, Gathering Words: Recogiendo Palabras; her chapbooks Flight and Destierro Means More than Exile; and Just Imagine in Springfield: A Poetry Handbook for Middle School Students.

Magdalena Gómez is an American playwright, poet, author, educator, social activist, motivational speaker, and performer. She currently lives in Springfield, Massachusetts where she is the artistic director of Teatro V!da,the first Latin@ theatre in Springfield.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Foreword Magdalena Gómez xv

Introduction María Luisa Arroyo xxiii


Why Schools Don't Work essay Narelle Thomas 3

In Praise of the Media poem Eilish Thompson 9

Temps poem Marian Tombri 11

American Gulfs: Knowing and Not Knowing poem Nina Lydia Olff 13

Object Lesson/The Geometry of Rage poem Rick Kearns 18

From a Battered Women's Shelter poem Jennifer Anne Fasulo 19

Even Diana Ross Has Backups narrative Janice Levy 24

Pregúntale a las luciérnagas narrative Eilianie M. Alvelo 29

Translated María Luisa Arroyo 30

El tiempo de las muñecas poem Emmy Cepeda 31

Translated María Luisa Arroyo 32

Miedo al ayer poem Carolyn Durán 33

Translated María Luisa Arroyo 35

Will You Know Me In Heaven? narrative Robin Coolbeth 37

Too Beautiful For Words poem Sandra María Esteves 38

What Burns poem Janet E. Aalfs 45

Worn Out poem Janet E. Aalfs 46

Storm Clouds poem Janet E. Aalfs 48

The State of Gristle a bully performance poem Ruth Margraff 49

Lunch Time Bullying poem LaDonna J. Olanyk 61

I Was Not a Bully, Truly narrative Lisa Aronson Fontes 62

The Biggest Bully narrative Susan Cleveland 64

Bad Little Soldier song Arjuna Greist 65

Playing Chicken poem Ameer Kim El-Mallawany 67

I Tease Your Momma 'Cause She's Fat and on Welfare poem Li Yun Alvarado 68

Late, Again poem Sara Littlecrow-Russell 71

The Mountain Chorus: A One-Act Farce (1982) one-act play Albert Bermel 72

Mission Unaccomplished poem Eilish Thompson 90

For My Student Who Was Dangled Over the Second Floor Railing by the Young Republicans poem Sara Littlecrow-Russell 92

For the Victims of the Machine poem Eilish Thompson 93


Education Plans for the School Year poem Eilish Thompson 97

Quinto grado, mi peor pesadilla! Narrative Carlos David Palacio 99

Translated María Luisa Arroyo 100

Fatimata poem Ameer Kim El-Mallawany 101

First Love narrative Tess Pfeifer 102

He Loves Me, Loves Me Not short story Linda Keiderling 104

School story Gabriel Fontes 108

Little Brother testimonial Michael Amato 109

Dirge for Eliezer poem John Kuebler 113

A Two-Minute Play Two-minute play Diane Lefer 114

Alias, "La Nata" narrative Suni Paz 116

Bulliez performance monologue Angela Kariotis 119

Girls poem Puma Perl 125

Snap story Yolanda Maria-Rose Scavron 127

A Story about Bullying testimonial Ronald Coolbeth 128


"Normal Girl Drama" performance poem Eilish Thompson 131

Solitude bilingual poem Mirtha Quiroz 135

To My Two Little Nephews narrative Eilianie M. Alvelo 137

To Tell You the Truth poem Jha'nai Richardson 138

Trans Plantations play Janis Astor del Valle 139

Making Homophobia Visible poem Diego Angarita-Horowitz 171

Confessions of a Gay Basher monologue Yolanda Maria-Rose Scavron 177

Yes, HOMO! Poem Diego Angarita-Horowitz 178

Memory story Cathy J. Schlund-Vials 180

Brown Enough poem Alvaro Saar Rios 182

That Boy poem Mary E. Delabruere 184

Addiction poem Vanessa Otero 185

I couldn't for a teenaged bully's death poem José B. Gonzalez 187

I Wanted To Be Wonder Woman poem Lori Desrosiers 188

The Welcome Mat prose poem Judith Ortiz-Cofer 190

I Live in My Memories poem Priscilla LaBoy 191

Natural Beauty poem Narelle Thomas 192

On Cyber Faux Power: An Essay with an Attitude essay Eilish Thompson 194

Regret poem Edwin Rodríguez 196


Walking this Path lyrics Sam Plotkin 199

The Power of Direct Action essay Iris Morales 201

In Living Memory choreo-poem Teatro Vida Youth Ensemble 204

Liberation poem Narelle Thomas 208

Vecinas poem Emmy Cepeda 209

Translated María Luisa Arroyo 210

How Being Bullied Led to My Empowerment narrative Shel Horowitz 212

Choices testimonial Susan Hucul 213

Soaring Upward poem Narelle Thomas 214

Don't Stop Living lyrics Sam Plotkin 216

My Son Was Bullied testimonial Evan Plotkin 218

Power: A Struggle poem Narelle Thomas 219

So That the Children Will Be Saved poem Judge William H. Abrashkin 221

In Search of the Real Man / Real Woman essay Nenah Sylver 222

You Will Not Bully Me Anymore poem Keila Matos 233

En el día de liberación poem Emmy Cepeda 234

Translated María Luisa Arroyo 235

Mi intimo ser y mi ser poem Eilianie M. Alvelo 236

Translated María Luisa Arroyo 237

One Mother's Response to Sirdeaner's Call poem María Luisa Arroyo 238

Make It Through lyrics Sam Plotkin 241

A Bully Pesticide poem Eilish Thompson 243

Contributors' Notes 245

Sources 259

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