Buried (Bone Secrets Series #3)

Buried (Bone Secrets Series #3)


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ISBN-13: 9781611098983
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 03/26/2013
Series: Bone Secrets Series , #3
Edition description: Unabridged
Pages: 362
Sales rank: 505,563
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kendra Elliot has always been a voracious reader, cutting her teeth on classic female sleuths and heroines like Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, and Laura Ingalls before proceeding to devour the works of Stephen King, Diana Gabaldon, and Nora Roberts. She graduated with a degree in journalism but went on to become a licensed dental hygienist. Now a Golden Heart, Daphne du Maurier, and Linda Howard Award of Excellence finalist, Elliot shares her love of suspense in her first novel, Hidden. She still lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three daughters.

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Buried 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
glam009 More than 1 year ago
In three sentences: I was pleased with the romance. I was impressed by its steady pace. And I remained totally engaged in every aspect of the story. Don't want to give anything away. Good, easy read. I'd like to give the book 5 stars
Mich_Mc More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Bone Secrets series and it is the best so far! In the first book, Hidden, we met Michael Brody as a self-assured journalist who had a passion for finding the truth no matter what he had to do to get it. It was obvious then that he had, as yet, unexplored layers and I was hopeful we would meet him again and get to know his secrets. Well Kendra surprised me with the Michael we met in this book, faced with the hidden terrors in his own past that even now 20yrs later are still unanswered we get to understand Michael that bit better. Michael has been hiding his own pain behind a mask and in Buried we get to see that pain, we see everything he has hidden behind a front for so long. Ever since his yonger brother and his friends went missing. 20yrs with no answers, it's understandable why he has made it his life's work to help other people discover the truth, he is stopping other people from experiencing everything he has. When a mass grave is found and the bones are found to be the missing children and their teacher along wit a few others, Michael must work with Jamie, the sister of the only known survivor to get to the bottom of what went on before the past comes back and silences them all for good. Kendra tackles many sensitive issues in this book and she does so with a delicate pen, I was drawn in to the story and she had a tight grasp on me right until the very end. As a parent I found this one heartbreaking at times, I needed to hug my kids when it was over. Kendra's writing style has developed with each book, the clues are more subtle, the twists aren't as telegraphed and the characters are more developed. I trully can't wait to see where she takes us next and I hope we get to see more of Chris - if anyone deserves a happy ending, it's him
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dommo More than 1 year ago
Excellent story by a fine writer! This is the 2nd in Kendra Elliot's series that I've read. While Hidden was good, Buried was terrific. I was captivated from the onset of the story and Ms. Elliot moved the story along at a good pace. Great thriller with a good twist; and the romance wasn't bad either. Highly recommend this one! Looking forward to reading the remaining 2 in the series.
Dragonfirez More than 1 year ago
 Kendra Elliot is an amazingly, talented author, who gets better and better with each novel. Buried is third in The Bones Secrets Series and in my humble opinion, the best yet. It is nail-bitingly delicious. I look forward to many more in this series and would recommend Buried, as well as all the others to anyone who loves romantic suspense. Kendra Elliot is an author to watch!!!!!
AnneandJane_228 More than 1 year ago
Buried Is A Riveting Read Twenty years ago, a school bus taking nine children home from a field trip vanished. One child on the bus, Daniel Brody, is the younger brother of Michael Brody. Michael was introduced in Hidden, the first book in the Bone Secrets series. He is intense and spontaneous, as an investigative reporter and as a man. His astute reporting has solved innumerable cases but not the one that matters most, what happened to his brother? Two years after the bus disappeared, the only survivor, Chris Jacobs, emerged from the woods. At thirteen, he was badly beaten, emaciated, and near death, with no memory of the atrocities that he had endured. His only memory about his nightmare is that the Ghostman did it. At 18, Chris goes into hiding out of fear that the Ghostman will find and kill him. The remains of the driver and the children, with one exception, are found on an abandoned farm, eighteen years after Chris Jacobs escaped. The missing child is Daniel. Michael's parents never have recovered from Daniel's disappearance at Michael's emotional expense. While carrying the pain of his dysfunctional relationship with his parents, he vows that he will find out the reason Daniel's remains are not with the other children. Michael's only hope is to find Chris Jacobs and question him about Daniel. Unfortunately, Chris' whereabouts is unknown. Michael's only lead is Chris' sister,Jamie who does not know where her brother lives. She communicates with her brother by leaving voice mails and he calls her back. Jamie has not seen him since he left home. Michael has some leads as to where Chris lives. Michael wants Jamie's help . She cannot fathom just taking off to find her brother until her house is ransacked and she is attacked by a person the police believe may be the Ghostman. Worried that the Ghostman may find her brother, she goes with Michael.  During their search for Chris, they discover their mutual attraction. The characters have their issues but are very likable. Jamie and Michael are diametrical opposites. She requires an organized, non-spontaneous life. He is impetuous. Michael quickly decides, nonetheless, that Jamie is the One. Jamie adapts to Michael's lifestyle. But, it takes her a little longer to discover her feelings for him. Unfortunately, as a result of their search, mayhem ensues. Eventually, the motive for the kidnapping and the persons responsible are discovered. The twists along the way are great and very unexpected. The growth of the characters is believable and befitting. They all are able to heal in various degrees,as well, uplifting the reader with the ending. Buried is a somewhat uncomfortable read, at first, since children are involved. However, Kendra Elliot handles a difficult topic about the children with a light pen, not any easy task. Although Buried is the third book in the Bone Secrets series, it is a stand-alone read. I prefer to read books in a series in order. I would definitely recommend the first two books, Hidden and Chilled, respectively. I highly recommend Buried to any reader who genuinely enjoys Romantic Suspense, that is, a balance between the two genres.
Book_Monster_Reviews More than 1 year ago
 Buried, by Kendra Elliot, is a story based on darkness, perversion, hatred as well as love, loyalty and need. Good versus evil in its most primitive form. Riveting from the first page, Ms. Elliot weaves a very detailed story of a missing school bus filled with children returning home from a trip, never to be heard from again. Twenty long miserable years later, a bunker is unearthed which holds the skeletons of the missing children. All hell breaks loose as old wounds are opened.   Michael Brody is a hard-nosed journalist, son of a senator and nephew to the governor, whose brother Daniel was one of the missing children on the bus. But  his body was never found in that bunker. Neither was the body of Chris Jacobs, but in his case, his sister Jamie, has known for many years that he escaped the bunker somehow and made it home from that living hell two years later. But, at the age of eighteen, he left home and went into hiding, knowing that the Ghostman was going to find him and murder him one day. Jamie never saw him again.   Now Michael wants to find out what really happened twenty years ago, and wants to find his brother, if he is actually alive after all these years. He tries to get Jamie to help him; wants to talk to Chris but Jamie will not help. She wants her brother left alone, until she is attacked by a crazy man who wants to find her brother. Then she knows she needs Michael’s help whether she wants it or not and the two set off on a terrifying trip to uncover the truth.   An extremely involved and detailed story of love and betrayal, good versus evil and a nail biter in every sense, I happily give this book 5 stars.