Changing Roles

Changing Roles

by Melanie Moreland


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Lights! Camera! Clueless! Liam Wright is Hollywood's golden boy and at the top of the A-list. But what he doesn't know about life... Well, it could fill his very large Hollywood mansion. Thankfully, he's got Shelby Carter in his world to keep him-and his house-camera-ready. Part confidante, part master chef, Shelby is his best friend and the only one who knows the real Liam. Pampered, pretty, and often puzzled, Liam and his antics keep her on her toes, and there is never a dull moment living with him. Until one day, Liam sees her as more...and he wants her to see him for the man he can be. The man he wants to be. For her. Is Liam up for the part? Brand new comedic standalone from NYT/WSJ Bestselling author Melanie Moreland!

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ISBN-13: 9781988610313
Publisher: Moreland Books Inc
Publication date: 03/06/2020
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 813,790
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.67(d)

Customer Reviews

Changing Roles 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
JWright57 18 days ago
Melanie Moreland is an author I adore, I love her strong writing skills and I love her characters so Changing Roles was always going to be on my radar and it was everything I expected and more !!!! Liam Wright is the man nicknamed Peter Pan, he has a host of people to take care of his needs but when Shelby Carter takes over the running of his house he realises he not only wants to grow up he also has found a love for turkey sandwiches and cupcakes. Shelby may start off as an employee but as they get to know each other they fast become best friends but is that all they will ever be ......... Liam Wright and Shelby Carter are a fun couple that I fell for big time and I’m sure their story is one I will want to read time and time again because it’s funny and it’s romantic, it’s passionate and it also ticked all my boxes . I highly recommend this feel good romance that left me smiling like a Cheshire Cat so all that’s left to say is please one click this gem.
MaimeosAngelsEL 19 days ago
Melanie Moreland is an author whose style of writing I adore. Her writing is strong with characters that you cannot help but like and become fully invested in. Not only are the hero and heroine easy to relate too but the secondary characters were just as enjoyable. I fell hard and fast for Liam Wright who ticked the boxes for me. Add in Liam’s best friend, Shelby Carter who I really liked and you know you are in for an entertaining ride. However, what happens when he begins to see Shelby in a totally different light? Can Liam convince Shelby to take a chance on him, for her to see that there is more to him than meets the eye? I love Liam, he is such a likeable man, one that I can easily see myself falling for. Shelby is such a feisty, strong woman who has overcome so much. This was an entertaining read about best friends who fall in love. It was a funny , romantic, passionate journey of self discovery and one which brought a smile to my face throughout my read.
Anonymous 19 days ago
A new category for Melanie - RomCom and I loved it. I was laughing all through the book. The main character loves pickles and In n Out Burger. His obsession with both will definitely keep you laughing. As always, Melanie writes a great cast of characters that make you feel more and want more.
Ladydi232 18 days ago
Lots of banter, plenty of sweet & heat! Liam is a man-boy who never seemed to grow up. He is a Hollywood A-lister, the “golden boy” with people to do everything for him. When he realized his feelings for Shelby are more than that of an employer, he makes an effort to show her than he can be more man than boy. “He lifted an eyebrow. “It sounds as if Peter Pan is growing up.” I rolled my eyes. I hated that nickname, although at one time, I deserved it. “About bloody time, I think.” I’ll never think of orange juice in the same way!!! This story has lots of fun banter and plenty of both heat and sweet! -4Stars!-
Rbcain908 18 days ago
This book blew me away. It has both the sweet side we crave in a romance, but also the fanning yourself sexiness. Liam and Shelby have a fun, flirty banter that builds as their relationship grows. As the relationship progresses you get to experience how deep the love runs between them. Melanie Moreland is a must read, you will not be disappointed.
Crystal61 19 days ago
This story kept me turning the pages. It had me laughing, crying, and wanting to smack Liam upside his head. I loved how patient Shelby was with Liam and all his demands. I fell in love with Liam when he started to realize his feelings and responsibilities. He was a caring individual even when he was behaving immaturely. I highly recommend this story. I received a copy of this story through Enticing Journey Book Promotions, and this is my unsolicited review.
khulseman 19 days ago
Oh Liam, you silly, wonderful git. I know we all love our Alpha heroes. Take charge, possessive, growly - all the things we heard that Tarzan of the jungle was and want one for our own. But, wouldn't it be wonderful to see someone grow into the role without the ultrajerk part of alpha? Liam needs help. OMG desperately. For twenty-eight years, he has enjoyed his role (mostly) as an actor, friend, and son. There is no possessiveness needed. Until Shelby walks into his life. And leaves him on a dinner date where he realizes - he's in love with her. He tries on that possessiveness to get the Girl Friday. Shelby is no simpering heroine. She's had life hand her some rotten lemons. But rather than wallow and hide behind life's crappy fate, she walks around the pile and chooses to chin up and move on. Little does she know that her heart is going to add to her list of duties - Falling in love with her best friend. This story is everything you expect it to be: Funny, sexy and falling in love with their journey. If you loved the movies Music & Lyrics or Notting Hill, this novel is for you. Melanie Moreland engages the reader with appealing leads and great secondary characters. It's so lovely to read great storytelling without the unending drama that is meant to shock and cringe. I am growing weary in my choices being just men who aren't redeemable. In a book world where my daily recommendation feed is full of bullies and men who don't appreciate life, this story fills my hearts-and-flowers-fluffy-bunny-and unicorn heart with laughs and smiles. Ms. Moreland delivers a story for the rest of us: For those who want to see the characters grow and love with some laughter along the way. This is going to be shelved in my personal favorites. One I will return to when I need that - love story. Friends to Lovers - Best Friends perfect for each other - and *poof* watch it happen
Laura_F 19 days ago
*sigh* This book is so much swoon that I could barely even handle it. Liam is one of the best characters I've read in a long, long time. The friendship between him and Shelby was so special that I couldn't get enough. I loved how this story was light on the angst and left my heart feeling full and happy. I never wanted the book to end and I want to visit these characters again and again!!
JackiesBookWorld 19 days ago
RATING: 4.5/5 It’s no secret that Melanie Moreland is one of my favorite authors, she had me hooked with previous series and she does not disappoint in her newest release, Changing Roles. This sweet and entertaining romance will certainly leave you wanting for more. In the story we are introduced to Liam Wright, a British actor and Hollywood’s golden boy. His rise to fame was rather fast that he suddenly found himself watching his every move as his fan base multiplied. While Liam is on top of his game in front of the camera, behind the scenes his life is chaotic if it weren’t for all the help he has around him. But that soon changes when his housekeeper breaches his privacy and he has to find a new one asap. When his manager suggests for his sister Shelby to come work for Liam, he wasn’t expecting to form a friendship with her right away. She is efficient and knows everything that there is to know about him, including his deepest secrets. Spending time with her is what keeps him grounded and happy to come home. That is until she is out on a date that he realizes just how much he wants her to pick him and will not stop until she is his. Shelby Carter has been through so much in a the past couple of years. Relocating from Sacramento to Los Angeles was a big move for her. A move that completely changed her life for the better. She is not only Liam’s housekeeper, but also his best friend. Yet, things start to change when he tells her that he loves her and she’ll have to decide if taking the next step with him is worth it or not. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Changing Roles, the story was sweet and steamy! Another win for Moreland, this book had it all. Liam is by no means perfect, but he demonstrated the biggest change throughout the story. His boyish charm at the beginning turned to so much more at the end. Shelby goes through a change as well, not only by starting over with Liam, but by also being part of his life. She is able to become part of his life in the spotlight while remaining true to herself. This ultimately works out for the two of them and we get very touching ending. All in all, if you’re looking for a great romance with great chemistry than I would highly recommend checking out this book and any other by the author. You will not be disappointed. :) **I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**
CeeCeeHouston 19 days ago
5 Addictive 'Oscar-worthy' stars. Changing Roles is a warm, funny and delightfully sweet rom-com from my favorite author, Melanie Moreland. Liam Wright is a British actor living in LA. he should be on top of the world, and in his acting life, he is. But, real-life and having to deal with the effects of being a ‘hot property’ actor isn’t something he enjoys. Shelby is searching for a new life and finds it being Liam’s new housekeeper. But, that’s not all she is. She and Liam form an instant friendship, neither are looking for more… or so they think. It’s only when Liam’s cousin threatens their status quo that he discovers the truth. This story is filled with scorching chemistry from both characters, witty banter, light-hearted fun moments and some more serious ones. Their journey is filled with all the feels and kept a happy smile on my face… most of the time. Be prepared to laugh, love, chuckle and cry, yes, you will run the gamut of emotions with this one. But, as always, Ms. Moreland delivers a most excellent read.
LilleyLoohLah 19 days ago
Ooh, happy days. I love a good Melanie Moreland romance, and this little gem hit the mark. Liam Wright, Hollywood sex God, an actor who shys away from the spotlight, avoids confrontation and doesn’t answer personal questions about his life. He likes his privacy and keeps a tight circle of friends, he’s adorable, his friends and family love him, yet indulge him, he’s not self centred and he’s got a heart of gold. When it actually matters I’m sure he’d man up and look after those who needed him. Angst free, romantic, sexy, funny and emotional. Friends to lovers to so much more. I loved it. I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest review.
chatnoir 19 days ago
I'll never think of pickles the same way again. But I will stock up when I reread this gem. I thoroughly enjoyed Changing Roles and loved the banter between Liam and Shelby, our hero and heroine. Liam was looking for someone to 'manage' him and his house. Shelby's interview was a great meet cute, because our leading man loves food. He asks her if she could make him cupcakes, deli sandwiches, and biscuits to which she simply replied yes. Liam tends to 'cock it up real good' creating sticky situations quite often by sticking his foot in his mouth. His intentions are pure but also a bit unconventional because he's used to her taking care of him, not the other way around. The banter and relationship between the two was the best part of the story - they had me rooting for them the entire time I devoured the book. Liam is also British! I loved imagining what his voice sounded like while I read. I adored all the British terms and how he enjoyed annoying his friend and manager with his "English-speak". I imagined Shelby as a lovely, soft spoken, yet sassy lady. It's rare to get that combination in today's heroine. And last but not least, I loved the Thor reference. You need to read it to understand, but this same exact thing happened to me and it only made me fall more in love with Changing Roles. Melanie Moreland has done it again - had me captivated and in stitches all night long because I was unable to put this book down after I started reading it. I am feeling the book hangover today but it was worth it.
caroldh4 19 days ago
Changing Roles is a stand alone friends to lovers romance by Melanie Moreland. Some have called this a rom-com and while the hero definitely keeps us chuckling, I don’t want to call it a rom-com. Because to me, it was so much more. There was so much heart in this book. I loved both of the main characters so much, as well as the secondary characters. Liam Wright is a twenty eight year old Hollywood movie star. He found his way into acting pretty easily and found success quickly. Liam was nicknamed a modern day Peter Pan. He just never seemed to grow up. He was completely dependent on those around him to take care of him such as his hectic schedule, public appearances, and the many other things that go with being a successful actor. At home, all he wanted was someone to take care of his house and make him turkey sandwiches and cupcakes whenever he wanted them. Because he loved turkey sandwiches and cupcakes. He found that when his manager, Everett’s sister Shelby, came to work for him. Shelby Carter is thirty three years old. Shelby is a very independent, head strong woman who doesn’t like asking for help. But six months ago when her life fell apart, she had to ask her brother for help. That’s when she found herself working for Liam. Liam might have been Shelby’s boss, but their relationship was so much more. Yes, she cooked for him, did his laundry, took care of the house. But they had become best friends, confidants, movie buddies. They laughed together, ate together and lived together. She found the peace she needed in Liam’s home and for Liam, she made his house a home. As you already know, though, that day comes, for both of them, when their eyes finally open and they realize that their feelings towards the other are so much more than friendship. Did I mention that Liam was British? Oh yes! So add the British accent to your best sexy muse and there you have Liam. Liam knows he’s going to have to work to convince Shelby to take a chance on him. Now, believe me when I say that Liam made a mess at first of trying to win Shelby over. But he is a very determined man. And THIS is the Liam I fell in love with! THIS is the Liam that made me swoon. Because he knows what he wants. Shelby makes him want to be the man she deserves. As his friend and employee, Shelby was just Shelby. But Liam’s public life was full of paparazzi, tabloids, fans, body guards, and so much more. A life Shelby was not accustomed to. Would she really fit into his life? Can she be the woman he would want to spend the rest of his life with? Or is it just a whim he would tire of eventually? Can she take a chance and risk everything on giving Liam what he wants? Because he has already become her home and she can’t imagine life without him. I loved Liam and Shelby together so much. And the rest of the characters, her brother and Liam’s manager, Everett, and Liam’s cousin, Douglas, were amazing as well. I admit I wasn’t sure what I thought of Liam at first. But then I fell for him hard. There was a confidant, take charge man inside of him. It just took the right woman to bring it out of him. This book is their journey. And of course, Melanie Moreland ends it with the most amazing epilogue. I have loved every book I’ve read of Melanie’s and this one now happily joins that list. I hope you’ll love it as much as I did.