Christianity Without Religion

Christianity Without Religion

by Joshua Powers

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For hundreds of years we have learned and accepted Christianity in the format of our various religions. But you will see in this book that God has a different viewpoint for how His people are to live.

This book starts off with the various malodies of Christian religion and the harms that these malodies caused. If Christians will ever once again rise to the kind of spiritual levels enjoyed by the first century Christians they must cast off religion.

To do this each individual must have the tools and the ability to go to the scriptures to seek out true doctrine straight from scriptures without filtering it through one religion or another. This book shows you how to do this.

Is the King James Bible hard to understand? With the right instruction with the right reference books to help you, minus religious influence, the King James becomes easy to understand in most of its content.

This book does not dictate doctrine to the reader. This should not be the objective of any book written about the Bible. The Bible is the book that the searcher for truth needs to read and study in order to find spiritual truth. However this book sheds light on some false doctrines opening the way then for scripture to teach true doctrine.

This book isn't for everybody. As I state in the dedication it is for those who are searching for spiritual abundance. May this be you. Enjoy!

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