Christmas Karma

Christmas Karma

by Gerald Everett Jones


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Christmas Karma is author Gerald Everett Jones's homage to Anne Tyler, whom he regards as his literary mother. It's about the travails of a dysfunctional family around the holidays, narrated by an angel who has a wicked sense of humor. Main character Willa Nawicki is bewildered by a series of curious karmic events that literally ring her doorbell during the frantic season, awakening years-old resentments and stimulating ever-more-intense personal confrontations. These bizarre visitations include a grizzled old man claiming to be her father, who has been missing for some thirty years but now says the title to the family home is in his name - and now he wants the place back.
As the angel observes, "The surest way to invoke the laughter of the universe is to make plans, particularly devious ones."

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ISBN-13: 9780985622763
Publisher: La Puerta Productions
Publication date: 11/08/2014
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.65(d)

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Willa Nawicki did not think she was a bad mother. Nor did she think she was an ungrateful or inattentive daughter. But she was afraid you would think so. Not necessarily you personally, but anyone who didn't know her and attended to her story. If you learned just the facts and not the mitigating circumstances, she worried you might judge her harshly. And, although she seriously doubted there could be anything like an afterlife, if it turned out that she would indeed be judged there, she was worried it might not go well for her.
But she's not telling her story here. I am. And who am I? That's difficult to explain, but no need to be coy.
I live — rather, I exist — in that next life.
It's not what people think of as heaven so much as a place in between. Now, I'm no angel (I certainly wasn't when I lived as you do), but that notion is close enough. You might say, as an adult might explain to a curious child, that I'm Willa's guardian angel. To someone who takes a more earthly view, I'd say I'm her sage self, a wiser part of her who lives in the future in another dimension but witnesses and participates in the here and now. Here being Pasadena and now being the advent of a Christmas season in the second decade of the twenty-first century.
Oh, and to be clear, just because I describe my situation as in-between, I don't mean to imply, much less promise, the existence of a heaven. Like you, I haven't been there, and I have no more information than you do about it. But you might take as evidence, as I do, that the reality of my influence on the Earth-plane is a strong suggestion that there is at least one other dimension besides yours — that is, the one I'm in. I suppose the crucial question is whether there exist other dimensions, which neither of us has yet experienced.
No need to get technical here, but I don't have much in the way of supernatural powers. However, from my dimension, I can observe events along the flow of time — see through walls, even. I can read thoughts, not just Willa's, as if they were spoken. I can glimpse more of the future than you are able to guess, but not too much more. And I can mine the past in meticulous detail. However, since I don't have a body on the physical plane, I can't take action. I can't move so much as a saucer under a teacup. The most I can do is advise. And much of the time, my advice is either not heard or is ignored. Quite often, it's misinterpreted. Then there's a mess I must try to get a living human like you to help me clean up.
Another way you might think of me — I'm Willa's karma administrator. Who gave me that job? Hey, enough with the questions. You should get it already that I'm not all-knowing.
And who are you? Honestly, I have no idea. As I write this (more precisely, as I advise the author to write this), I can't predict who, if anyone, will pick it up and invest the necessary attention span. But I do know, if you continue to read, it's because you were drawn here at a particular time in your own earthly life, at exactly the point at which something contained in these pages will prove valuable to you — or perhaps, just amusing.
Mind you, I'm not making claims or promises here. I can't tell you what that engaging tidbit will be. You will be the one to discover it, and it may have value only to you. You might not even know you've found it, until sometime later when you find it of use. Someone else might take in the same words, ignore or miss the gist, and put the book down. And to that I say, so much the worse for you if you can't take a joke.

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Thomas Page

This homage to Anne Tyler is a Christmas parable for the rest of us - whether faithful, backsliders, slackers, or just I-don't-knowists. --Thomas Page, author of The Man Who Would Not Die

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