Coeur D'Alene

Coeur D'Alene

by Linnea Larsson


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ISBN-13: 9781436340465
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 07/25/2008
Pages: 504
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.12(d)

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Coeur D'Alene 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You, fury, are an a<3>ss. A good artist and a good writer. I HATE YOU!!!! Kidding. youre still awesome. 4.5 stars. XD keep going. (hint: iceh) ~~[(Blank)]~~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(Title might change. I want to try and come up with a better one x.x)(Also, it is reccomended that you read the free book, 'Galdoni', to better understand what happened if I don't explain well enough o.o this is just a fanfic, so the name Galdoni doesnt belong to me.) <p>"This is the Academy, and here we live to die." <br>The motto the Academy gave us. Pretty much sums up everything that goes on behind the walls hiding us from the world. Who is 'us'? We are what the humans Galdoni. Half human, half bird, some type of crazed, blood-thirsty animal. <br>I'm not blood-thirsty. I'm only fighting to survive, to live to be a veteran of the Arena. Who am I? Well, the proffessors and Guards in the Academy call me WRN2957. But the way many of them say it, 'War N', made me think of a man named Warren in one of the books a proffesor snuck to me. So that's my name. And my story starts when the Academy was shut down the second time. <p>I could see them. At the Blood Match. Fighting, yet not fighting. They weren't killing any of their enemies. He<^>ll, did they even remember the Arena was kill or be killed? <br>I couldn't believe it when that first Galdoni, Kale, pulled his ceremonial mask off. Everything on screen was a blur then, with Kale fighting the guards that went in the contain him, and then SWAT teams coming in to shut down the Academy. <br>And then the release of all Galdoni. We were free... <br>But my joy was short lived. <br>A handful of escaped Academy guards shot me and a few other Galdoni out of the air, dragged us into trucks, and took us to an unknown location. <p>I huddled in a corner of the truck, a hand over my bloodied shoulder and my left wing resting on the floor, blood standing out against the snow white feathers. There were at least three other Galdoni in the same truck with me, all with similar injuries that had brought them out of the sky. Though one had been shot through his abdomen and it was only a matter of time if he wasnt taken care of. <br>"Where do you think they're taking us?" One of the others asked. In the dim light coming through tiny windows near the ceiling, I could see that the one who had spoken had dark brown hair that got in his eyes, green eyes and dark brown wings, like that of a falcon. He held a hand to his head, where a bullet had grazed him just above his ear. Lucky. <br>"Probably somewhere where they can continue the Academy." I said, growling low. Falcon wings grimaced, then looked wistfully at one of the little windows, at the sky. He looked a little younger than me, not quite as scarred either. He looked back at me and sidled closer. <br>"What's your name?" <br>"Warren. You?" <br>"One of the other Galdoni nicknamed me Little Falcon... before he was killed in the Arena..." he shuddered. "Even after so many years of them trying to kill emotion, I still got it." <br>I chuckled. "Ditto." <br>It was true. I hated fighting those I called brothers. Most of us did. "Whatever happens, let's stick together, brother." Falcon grinned, then winced, closing his eyes. I looked up at his head and pulled his hand away with my bloody right hand. <br>"Yes, let's." I glanced at the other two Galdoni, who were watching us with disgust. They were much older, so I guess the rule 'no friends' was ground deeper into their minds. I'd have to keep an eye on them. <p>(What do you think? Constructive critism(x.x can't spell. Lmao) is apprietiated. (GAH) 3 good comments and I shall continue! Outofspace. CIAO)~Fury