Come Dancing

Come Dancing

by Leslie Wells


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ISBN-13: 9780692235911
Publisher: Percambio Press
Publication date: 06/08/2014
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Leslie Wells left her small Southern town in 1979 for graduate school in New York City. After receiving her Master's in English Lit, she got her first job in book publishing. She has edited forty-eight New York Times bestsellers in her over thirty-year career, including thirteen number one New York Times bestsellers. Leslie has worked with numerous internationally known authors, musicians, actors, actresses, television and radio personalities, athletes, and coaches. She lives on Long Island, New York.

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Come Dancing 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The characters are well thought out and fun! The author gives you a view of what it might be like to date a musician and I love that it is set in the 80's! I can't wait to read the next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read to page 100 and it was horrible. I hate to think i paid for this loser.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this story and cant wait to read the sequel! Well done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute love story that gives an insight about lives of rock and roll stars and people in publishing. A good read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book and it's sequel. I pictured Jack as Jimmy Page so that made it even better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Too erotica for the cozy/romance cartland reader. Trite trash fantasy in a very fast read one might say captions instead of text if there were pictures empty calories plus unpronounced chemicals to preserve in typical quick read and leave at dentist
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was very visual without being ridiculous. It had a great story line. I can't wait to read more of her work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Inthecityofone More than 1 year ago
Wow.... What a lovely book. Great story, kept me interested. I liked Jack, a lot. Patrick needs his own story. I love the first chapter of the next book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 stars Chick lit, eBook Read 11/27-11/28 '14 " It hit me that living in New York had the same effect as stargazing; it made you feel tiny, inconsequential and alone" (148) "I'm fine being alone. Sometimes it's just easier." "I know what you mean. What's even worse is when you're with someone and you still feel alone". (87) Julia lives in Manhattan in the early 80s: no cell phones, manuscripts are still pretty much paper and red pens. Dance Clubs abound in NYC, and a girl from the South can reinvent herself, and fall in love with a rocker from the UK who she is fascinated by and who introduces her to so many new things. I read the most wonderful review of this book a few months ago and it's wandered in and out of my current reading pile. It was well worth digging up to complete Who wins? The reader does. This is a smart, sexy chick lit read that most reviewers gush about. You'll learn about publishing, music and love from Jack and Julia. Do yourself a favor, and get lost in their world
Lori_Zalewski More than 1 year ago
Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews! Leslie Wells writes a satisfying character-driven romance about trust and love in Come Dancing. Wells pulls the reader into her story, creatively telling the story through Julia Nash’s eyes. Just out of graduate school in the early 1980s, Julia is trying to survive living in New York City, working at publishing house as an assistant editor. Dedicated to her job, Julia works long hours hoping to secure a promotion, which I just loved about her. While out clubbing with her best friend, Vicky, the two are called up the VIP section after catching the eyes of Jack Kipling and Sammy Parnell, two members of the rock band Four to the Floor. Julia was, and still is, a huge fan of the band and doesn’t believe for a second that Jack is really attracted to her. Not wanting to be another notch on the bedpost, Julia refuses to let Jack take her home. Jack doesn’t understand why he is attracted to Julia, because she is nothing like the girls he usually goes for. Boy, oh boy, Jack is floored that Julia doesn’t seem all that interested in him. Jack is a playful character, which I just adored about his character—along with his name because it is the same as my hubby’s. I thoroughly enjoyed how Jack gets Julia to go out with him, which brought a huge smile to my face. Julia has always found Jack to be devilishly handsome, and he was always her favorite band member. Their sexual chemistry sizzles, but Julia won’t just jump into bed with Jack right away. Julia has trust issues with men because her father left the family and her previous boyfriend returned to his wife. When Julia and Jack finally succumb to their desire their bedroom play is hot, hot, hot. As their relationship becomes serious, Julia has issues with all of the women that throw themselves at Jack. At times, Jack doesn’t fully understand Julia—her dedication to her job, her need to maintain her independence, and her insecurities about all of his previous girlfriends. Julia and Jack work through the rough patches at the beginning of their relationship. But, when a major misunderstanding occurs, both Julia and Jack handle the situation poorly. When Julia realizes that she never put her trust in Jack, and Jack recognizes the errors of his ways too, their reunion is a beautiful thing to see. Along with this compelling couple, Wells does a masterful job of developing various secondary characters: Jack’s bandmates and Julia’s coworkers, adding depth to this story. With a captivating and irresistible couple, Come Dancing is a riveting read that lovers of the contemporary romance genre will savor. I received an eBook copy of the book for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.
kainshottie More than 1 year ago
An exciting and erotic story about what it could be like to be with dating a rock star. Julia is just a publishing assistant. Her boss is always harassing her even though he is married and giving her more work than one person should have to do. She takes it all with grace and humility, but she's being taken advantage of without any hope of a promotion in sight. A girl like that doesn't typically see herself as being very desirable. Rather they normally feel like people are just using them. So when Jack Kipling takes an interest in her, she figures that he just wants another notch in his bedpost. What she was not prepared for was what a considerate lover he could be and how much she wanted more. Even more surprising was when he kept coming back for more himself. Julia isn't his normal type of girl and being that he's a rock star, she figures that anything she says or does out of the norm will probably be the end of this fling.  I loved it. I felt like Julia's reactions to the things Jack did or supposedly did were spot on. I think that Jack's reactions to her seeing other people, real or not, were great. The character development really made me feel like they were taking it slow on the course to really loving each other. My ideas of how a rock star would use someone for an extended period of time and more than likely not be monogamous were right there in Julia's thoughts. She held the stereotypical beliefs of what life on the road and what fame would do to a man. I love how they came together and fell apart. It was a wonderful story and very well written.
Alwaysscrappin More than 1 year ago
This book was a wonderful throw-back to a bygone era. Set in the early 80’s in New York City, it was a glimpse into a vibrant, half-wild city. Julia is a publishing assistant who dreams of having her own stable of authors. Jack is a rock star from London. While she is a little more homebody workaholic, he is a party animal. Can she fit into his world? Can he tame his wild ways? I enjoyed the peak into the publishing world, New York City in the 80’s, and what the party scene would have been like. The descriptions of the daily lives of both Julia and Max made me feel as if I were part of their inner circle. Watching the relationship bloom between them was enjoyable. I would recommend this for anyone who is curious about the publishing world or New York City in the 80’s.
ahlewis32 More than 1 year ago
COME DANCING is a tiny bit slow getting started. There is quite a bit of backstory and description of the times and places to set the scene which did make it a little hard for me to keep reading. However, once it gets going, the story flows well and was enjoyable to read. Wells paints a vivid picture of what New York City and it's neighborhoods looked like during the post Disco/Punk rock era of the early 1980s. The plot is believable. Small town girl falls for big time rock star. So much of how Julia and Jack meet and fall for each other is so ordinary it could be mistaken for the truth hence adding to the believability of the plot. The book is somewhat autobiographical. Leslie Wells is a former book editor in New York who has edited dozens of bestselling books and several number one bestsellers. She has a degree in English and worked her way up the ladder at a publishing house in New York during the 1980s, the setting for COME DANCING. I found the book refreshing to read and a complete change of pace from my usual romance fare. I would definitely recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Im here ~ flying ducks123
chelleyreads More than 1 year ago
(Originally posted on Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks) I absolutely enjoyed Come Dancing!  Ever since reading Catherine McKenzie's Arranged a couple of months ago, I've been in the mood for fun women's fiction with a strong happily-ever-after kind of romance and I found it in Come Dancing. The description above does a good job explaining the premise of the story but it makes it sound like Julia just pretty much fell into Jack's bed and got really caught up in Jack's glamorous world. That isn't it at all. Julia had a good head on her shoulders and that's what I most liked about her. I loved Julia and connected with her. She's very intelligent, bookish and loved books (like me!), she's at the start of her career and she has her eye on advancing (I'm also at the start of my career and working on my tenure), she knows hard work is the way to success and did not succumbed to her douche of a boss's inappropriate come-ons. She was really into Jack and their hot new relationship, but she did not forget about building her career in the publishing world, she didn't use her connection with Jack and his famous friends to get ahead, she didn't forget her friends... basically, she was still her own woman and didn't lose herself despite the fact that she's dating a world famous rock star. One of the big issues she had was that she never really trusted that Jack was in a monogamous relationship with her. Yes, she also had her daddy issues and her previous relationship did not end well but I totally got where she was coming from when it came to Jack and monogamy. I never really trusted Jack myself.  And Jack... Okay, I liked him by the end of the novel but he was always kind of shady to me, especially when it came to women. This may be completely personal because, as I mentioned in a previous review, I'm not into rockstar heroes. I pictured him as Russell Brand in my head and I didn't find him sexy. I don't know you guys... I never really got into Jack. The fact that Come Dancing was set in New York in 1981 gave it an interesting flavor. I'm not familiar with the 80s (I'm a late 90s/early 2000s child) but I'm those are will find a lot to bring them back to that era. I also found the peek into the world of book publishing fascinating being the lover of books that I am. But the rampant recreational use of cocaine and weed though! Was it really like that in the 80s or it was just the rockstar lifestyle? There was a lot to like in Come Dancing. Julia's choices and responses were grounded in her personality and her experiences so I got her character. It read like a very, very good romantic comedy movie. There was drama but nothing too dramatic. There were some steamy scenes too so have a cool drink while you're reading. Come Dancing was a really fun, readable chick lit--I was entertained and whenever I put down the novel, I was always eager to pick it back up. Highly recommended for an entertaining weekend read.
mwiegert2007 More than 1 year ago
This is a great story! If you’re looking to be taken back to the 80’s for a trip down memory lane, this is the book for you! I enjoyed reading Julia’s story and her time that she spends with Jack is hot! Though many give reason on how they shouldn’t be together or why it doesn’t work, you get to watch them prove them wrong. While with every great relationships there is always a bumper road, and theirs is no different. Julia has her job as a publishing assistant and Jack is a Rockstar. Two completely different worlds and you get to see how they make it work. If you looking for a quick light read, this is the book for you! Once you start you are completely unable to put it down. **ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review ** '
booknerdDS More than 1 year ago
Copy received from Book Junkies Promotions for an honest review So much fun! First, I love New York City and believe there is no other city like it any where in the world! The same can be said for its night life! I use to be that dancing in the city girl! So I could completely relate to this character-Julia! Just like Julia I also got a job in NYC fresh out of college. I loved how Wells portrayed Julia's experiences. The excitement of a new job, the endless possibilities of what you can accomplish. I felt the same way and really so do so many people fresh out of college when they get their first job and it's in NYC of all places! The night life, as I mentioned before, is exclusive. Although this novel is set in the 80's and I graduated in 2000 I loved the atmosphere that Wells so masterfully depicted. The 80's were a very unique time but in NYC it was a complete contrast to NYC in 2000. (I have only run into one rock star lol). Julia falls in love with a rock star. One of the beautiful things about NYC is that there really are people from all walks of life and movie stars and rock stars love to live and entertain in the city. This was a very nostalgic and fun read! I really enjoyed Julia and her quest for self-discovery in a city full of fun and adventure with the endless possibilities of love! It also made me miss dancing! There is nothing more exciting than getting ready with your girlfriends for a night of dancing and all the adventure that awaits. Fun and nostalgic read!