Compassion Focused Therapy: Clinical Practice and Applications

Compassion Focused Therapy: Clinical Practice and Applications

Compassion Focused Therapy: Clinical Practice and Applications

Compassion Focused Therapy: Clinical Practice and Applications


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Compassion Focused Therapy: Clinical Practice and Applications offers evidence-based guidance and extensive insight into the science behind compassion focused therapy.

The first section of the book explores the evolution and physiological infrastructures of caring, and how compassion arises when humans use their complex cognitive competencies to address suffering deliberately and intentionally. With this framework and basis, the next sections of the book explore CFT applied to groups, specific interventions such as chair work, the importance of applying the principles of the therapy to oneself, the CFT therapeutic relationship, and a chapter offering a systematic review of the evidence for CFT. The third section offers a series of multi-authored chapters on interventions for a range of different mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and many others.

Being the first major clinical book on compassion focused therapy, with leading international researchers and clinicians addressing central problems, this landmark publication will appeal to psychotherapists from a variety of schools as well as being a vital resource for compassion focused therapists.

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ISBN-13: 9780367476908
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/28/2022
Pages: 654
Sales rank: 970,788
Product dimensions: 6.88(w) x 9.69(h) x (d)

About the Author

Paul Gilbert OBE qualified in clinical psychology in 1980 and is professor of clinical psychology at the University of Derby and has had a number of visiting international professorships. From his extensive clinical and research work he developed compassion focused therapy for people with complex mental health problems.

Gregoris Simos, MD, is a Professor of Psychopathology, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. He is an internationally respected psychiatrist and a recognized authority in the field of contemporary psychotherapies (CBT, CFT). He is a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Beck Institute for CBT.

Table of Contents

List of figures xii

List of tables xiv

Directory xv

Acknowledgements xxi

Preface and overview xxiii

Section I Compassion focused therapy: an evolved biopsychosocial approach 1

1 Setting the scene: psychotherapy at a crossroads and a compassionate way forward Paul Gilbert 3

2 Compassion focused therapy: an evolution-informed, biopsychosocial approach to psychotherapy: history and challenge Paul Gilbert 24

3 The evolved functions of caring connections as a basis for compassion Paul Gilbert 90

4 Shame, humiliation, guilt, and social status: the distress and harms of social disconnection Paul Gilbert 122

5 Internal shame and self-disconnection: from hostile self-criticism to compassionate self-correction and guidance Paul Gilbert 164

6 Formulation and fears, blocks, and resistances Paul Gilbert 207

Section II CFT Practices and Settings 241

7 Introducing and developing CFT functions and competencies Paul Gilbert 243

8 Compassionate mind training: key themes Paul Gilbert 273

9 Meeting the challenges of a multi-mind and the role of grieving Paul Gilbert 313

10 Compassion focused therapy and the body: how physiological underpinnings of prosociality inform clinical practice Nicola Petrocchi Maria Di Bella Simone Cheli Cristina Ottaviani 345

11 Psychedelics, connectedness, and compassion Enzo Tagliazucchi Lorena Llobenes Natali Gumiy 360

12 Self-practice/self-reflection (SP/SR) training for compassion-focused therapists Tobyn Bell Tara Hickey James Bennett-Levy 371

13 The therapeutic relationship in compassion focused therapy Hannah Gilbert 385

14 A group mindfulness and compassion-focused therapy programme Francis Gheysen Marine Paucsik Pascal Delamillieure 401

15 Compassion focused therapy in groups Derek Griner Mark E. Beecher Gary M. Burlingame David M. Erekson Kara Cattani 413

16 Compassion-focused group psychotherapy for people who could attract a diagnosis of personality disorder Kate Lucre 427

Section III Specific Applications 443

17 Compassion focused therapy chair work Tobyn Bell 445

18 Compassion focused therapy (CFT) for emotion regulation difficulties Chris Irons 459

19 Compassion focused therapy for the treatment of anxiety Dennis Tirch 479

20 True Strength: using compassion focused therapy in the treatment of problematic anger Russell L. Kolts 494

21 Compassion focused therapy in forensic settings Diana Ribeiro da Silva Daniel Rijo 505

22 The roles of shame, self-criticism, and compassion focused therapy in eating disorders and disordered eating Ken Goss Allison Kelly 519

23 Compassion focused therapy: an evolutionary and biopsychosocial understanding of depression and its management Gregoris Simos 534

24 Compassion focused therapy for voice-hearing and delusions in psychosis Charles Heriot-Maitland 549

25 Using compassion focused therapy to work with complex PTSD Deborah Lee 565

26 A compassionate focused therapy approach to supporting parents and children James N. Kirby 584

27 Overview of outcome research on compassion focused therapy: a scoping review Jaskaran Basran Joanne Raven Ptarmigan Plowright 600

Index 616

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