by Emmy Curtis


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ISBN-13: 9781455564125
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2016
Series: Alpha Ops Series , #5
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.80(w) x 5.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Emmy Curtis is an editor and a romance writer. An ex-pat Brit, she quells her homesickness with Cadbury Flakes and Fray Bentos pies. She's lived in London, Paris and New York, and has settled for the time being, in North Carolina. When not writing, Emmy loves to travel with her military husband and take long walks with their Lab. All things considered, her life is chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny. And if you get that reference...well, she already considers you kin.

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Compromised 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## GREAT START, disappointing finish. Bummer. I actually loved the first 3/4 of this book. Maybe even a bit more. But the ending was so abrupt, it ruined it for me. The couple never talked out their issues. It was just glossed over. Killed the bad guys, BAM, next scene they're getting married. Say what? What about all they needed to talk about? All that happened in the past year? Everything that happened in Greece? No "sorry I thought you were guilty of treason"? Or how about an "I love you"? Nada, nothing. Gah! So frustrating because I was so liking this book. The hero and heroine had fabulous chemistry and I loved that the heroine was so capable. And there were even some laugh out loud moments. The "Pretty Woman" reference was priceless. But I just can't get past the sudden ending, so all I can manage is 3 stars.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Normally I love a good second chance romance, but this one just didn't quite make it for me. I liked both Simon and Sadie, and there were some genuinely funny and touching parts. Simon's preoccupation with figuring out what Sadie was doing, for example, and Sadie's new ability to pull the wool completely over his eyes was amusing. The way that Simon still had feelings for her after their time apart, and Sadie's eventual realization that she did for him as well was a great moment. However, there were other parts mixed in there that just didn't work for me. Like why Sadie dumped Simon--on their wedding day--because she suddenly realized that what he did was too dangerous for her to deal with...and then she quit her own job and joined the CIA. Because that's a super-safe profession, you know. And Sadie's complete hatred for Simon when she "found out" that he'd used his covert skills to woo her in the first place? Of course he did. Hasn't the woman ever seen a single James Bond film? Or even a commercial? If a guy's got mad skills, naturally he's going to use them to his advantage. Her resentment over that made no sense...and was quickly disposed of in about thirty seconds when her coworker let her in on the "secret". But in the meantime she spent a year hating the guy for no reasonable reason. After all, she's the one who'd cried off--where did she get the right to be resentful that he actually went? Finally--try as I did, I just couldn't really feel the chemistry between the two of them for much of the book. Especially when Sadie turned their every early encounter once they reconnected into an emotionless example of stress not sexy. They did have a better connection by the end, once each knew the truth about the other, and the conclusion gave me hope that the second time might indeed be the charm. The suspense and action bits were pretty good as well, which gives me hope that this one was just a one-off and the other books in the series will be more on par with book 3. Though it's fifth in the series and loosely connected to the only other Alpha Ops book I've read so far ( Pushing the Limit --Harry and Matt's hookup is the night before the wedding that doesn't happen for Simon and Sadie), Compromised worked just fine as a standalone. Though I have to admit, what I've seen of Malone Garrett here has me chomping at the bit to read his story ASAP... Rating: 3 1/2 stars / C+ I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
TheSassyBookster More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars I have enjoyed the books in this series and I was excited to see that this book was about Sadie and Simon because of how things ended in Over the Line (Alpha Ops #2). One year ago, Sadie Walker was riding a desk as an analyst with a federal agency but the attack at her parents' home on her wedding day opened her eyes to the reality of her fiance's dangerous job and unable to cope, she called off the wedding. Her quest to make some sense of the events of that day led her to the CIA and her first field assignment in Athens where she crosses paths with her ex. Simon Tennant let Sadie break their engagement but he never stopped loving her, so seeing her so far from home and with another man throws him for a loop. This Sadie is confident, tough, hard to read and a far cry from the woman he was going to marry but will he get an opportunity to know her, especially with the security threats and danger they found themselves in the thick of? Ms. Curtis never fails to impress me with how much suspense, action and intrigue she packs into her books. I love how Sadie took charge of her life and became a force to reckon with. Simon was always very confident and capably professionally, so it was a change to see Sadie keep off balance for most of the book. While I enjoyed the flash and bang parts of the book, Sadie and Simon's romance left a lot to be desired. While their physical attraction was still very potent, their emotional connection was all but gone. It felt like they spent most of the book playing a game of one upmanship with each other and never resolved the issues that led to their break up. For a couple that had all but signed the marriage license, I expected that they would be able to deal with their past and grab onto their future but it didn't quite work out that way. I'm holding out hope that the next book will be better. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
ehaney578 More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness! How did I not know about this series? COMPROMISED is the fifth book in the Alpha Ops series by Emmy Curtis and I was absolutely blown away while reading it! The story was so exciting! I loved the dynamics and the way the tables were turned on Simon. (He totally deserved it) I love how strong and brave Sadie is. Instead of giving up when her world crumbled, she persevered and became this fierce, powerful woman who I admired the hell out of! The story was a non-stop, adrenaline-pumping ride of danger, intrigue, espionage and smokin’ hot love scenes! I could not put the book down! The characters are amazing and the storyline was outstanding! I also enjoyed the threads of humor intricately laced throughout the book. Hands down, one of the best books I’ve ever read! If you haven’t check out Emmy Curtis’ Alpha Ops series, I highly recommend it! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get my hands on the rest of the books! ***I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own***
reviewsbycat More than 1 year ago
"Compromised" by Emmy Curtis. First, I haven't read the previous works in this series, however, I found that I could follow along fairly well. "Compromised" tells the story of Sadie and Simon. I really liked Simon - he's sexy, strong and powerful. I liked Sadie but found she made odd choices in jobs, based on her past experience with Simon. Overall, this is a sexy read - there's love and romance, action and adventure and even some intrigue. I have to say that I look forward to reading the other books in the series. I liked the author's style and found the story flowed. Thank you, Ms. Curtis, for a tale that had me roped in, eager to turn each page.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
When a joyfully expected wedding day, turns into a death, bloodbath and destruction, all it leaves behind is pain, sorrow, and resentment. But the author doesn't dwell on the angst of the separation, but moves on in time for a year, in Athens, and things are very different for Sadie, as they used to be. She did more than cut her hair to get over the breakup. She joined her daddy's firm, the CIA, as an operative. And Simon can't believe his eyes, when she sees her again after a year, in Athens of all the places, and she is talking to a known terrorist. This story was fun, amusing, and sultry action adventure. Athens is the first assignment Sadie is on after graduating from the Farm, and her frantic and anxious determination to do a great job makes her clumsy and hilarious at times. She desperately tries to fit in, and uses bad manners and language to be allied to the scene at the CIA cover up. Meeting Simon again wasn't something she planned, and soon it seems their assignments are allied, but of course this isn't something they can share with each other. So they lie, deceive, accuse each other of betrayal, and uses sex as a power tool, to try and get a handle on the situation, on each other, and on the old feelings that seems to be coming back to the surface. The story moves at a fast pace, the action, suspense is constant, the terrorist, obviously are planning for something, Simon and Sadie's cases collide, and are ready to explode the whole political scene in Athens. ​ Lively, entertaining, and steamy romantic action adventure, filled with brash, cheeky characters, filled with unexpected collisions, and lovers who has to face their life's priorities, and gets a second chance to make the right decisions to make the romance last ~ Four Spoons
I-am-a-book-addict More than 1 year ago
Compromised, another fantastic book in the Alpha Ops series by Emmy Curtis! I have read & reviewed each and every book in this series and once again Ms. Curtis gives us a fabulous book full of intrigue and action ~ both in the bedroom & out! After gunfire breaks out on the day of her wedding & her Fiance,Simon goes into action to save everyone, Sadie witnesses first hand how dangerous Simon's job really is and no matter how much she may love him...she just can't live her life wondering if he will return from every mission. Fast forward one year and after much haggling with her father, Sadie is now overseas on assignment for the CIA and is watching over a possible human trafficker. Simon is also sent to Greece on assignment and discovers Sadie may be mixed up with some really bad people. Neither can blow their cover to explain to each other what is going on. Simon is determined to find out if Sadie is working on the side of good or bad and reclaim her for his own. Compromised was a fast-paced, super sexy, edge of your seat I just couldn't put down! I cannot wait to see what more Ms. Curtis has in store for this series!
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless More than 1 year ago
Simon lived a life that was dedicated to protect and serve. But when that protect and serve came to his door step and his fiance experienced first hand the ramifications. She could not go any further. In the year that she walked a wary from him things have changed. Sadie has loved this man like no other. She had given him up and worked to make life work. Then he walks back into her life. Sadie and Simon have much to sort out. There was suspense, chemistry, intrigue and more. I have taken pleasure in the experience of the Alpha Ops, Compromised. Curtis has given me new ground to cover and devour. I will be going back to read the others in this series. **This ARC was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.** More @
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
This is book # 5 in the Alpha Ops series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. It is my recommendation for full understanding and comprehension for the reader, this series should be read in the order intended. It does not disappoint. Simon and Sadie have a complicated past. Now it appears they will have a complicated future as well. Sadie cannot tell him about her training and op. He cannot talk about his either. Sadie was hurt by his actions in the past. Can she forgive what he does now? She cannot seem to stay away from the magnetic pull that draws her to him. The attraction still pulls at them both. The sparks are flying! Simon is trying to figure her out, while also saving his mark from being taken. If only they had gotten it right in the past. Then maybe the future would look brighter. I think if I had more thumbs I would give it 5 thumbs up! ***This ARC copy was given by and its publisher, in return for an honest review only.