Constructing Spain: The Re-imagination of Space and Place in Fiction and Film, 1953-2003

Constructing Spain: The Re-imagination of Space and Place in Fiction and Film, 1953-2003

by Nathan Richardson


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ISBN-13: 9781611483963
Publisher: Bucknell University Press
Publication date: 12/16/2011
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Nathan Richardson is associate professor of Spanish at Bowling Green State University.

Table of Contents


1. Introduction: Spanish Territories, Global Geographies: Exploring Space and Place in a New Spain
A Short Spatial History of Spain
Making Money Different(ly): Space and Capital, or the Urbanization of Consciousness
Creating Space/Making Reality in a Third Millennium

2. The Production of Space and Place in Franco’s Spain, 1953-1970
Once Upon a Place: ¡Bienvenido, Mr. Marshall!
Este cuento se ha acabado: the Spanish State in the Late Francoist Era, 1953-1970
The Ends of Spanish Space: Reivindicación del Conde don Julián

3. Building Beyond Spain: Readings from the Spanish Novel, 1970-1989
The Beginning of a Promising Friendship: El invierno en Lisboa and the Flows of Postmodern Space
A Nation-State of Shadows: Muñoz Molina’s Beltenebros, 1944–1989
Antonio Muñoz Molina (1991- ): Riding Beyond the Storm

4. Sacred Spain: Creative Destruction in the Spanish Cinema, 1961-2000
The Postsecularization Thesis, or Buñuel’s Desperate Call for Life: Viridiana
1975-1990: Secular Disenchantment and Sacred Movidas
1990–2000: The Rituals of Design, Corruption, and Consumption in El día de la bestia
1990-2000, II: Cyber-Messiahs in a New Spain: Alejandro Amenábar’s Abre los ojos

5. The World Will Be Redonda, or the Dark Back of Community: the Narrative World of Javier Marías, 1989-1996
Searching for Community in a Syrup-preserved World: Todas las almas
The Rise of a Kingdom: Corazón tan blanco, Mañana en la batalla piensa en mí, and other Marías challenges, 1989–1996
Arriving at Redonda: Negra espalda del tiempo

6. Preserving the House While Pursuing the World: Julio Medem’s Engagement with Basque Space, from Vacas to La Pelota Vasca, 1992-2003
Vacas: Rethinking (Again and Again) Intimate Basque Space
Expanding Basqueland: La ardilla roja and Tierra
Circling Eden: Los amantes del círculo polar
From Euskal Herria to Euskal Hirria, or How to Build a New Basque City: La pelota vasca

Afterward: Spanish Grammars of Creation: Re-conceiving, Perceiving, and Practicing Space for the Twenty-First Century

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