Counting What Counts: Reframing Education Outcomes

Counting What Counts: Reframing Education Outcomes


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Counting What Counts illustrates how current measures of academic achievement do not account for skills necessary to learn and live successfully in the 21st century. Editor Yong Zhao and contributors Ross C Anderson, Kendra Coates, Brian Gearin, Yue Shen, Sarah Soltz, Michael Thier, and Daisy Zhang-Negrerie advocate for a new paradigm of education that supports students' lifelong learning and diversity of skills rather than admirable test scores. K-12 teachers, school and district administrators, and policymakers will: Consider the problems with, current measures of students' skills, Review the implications of personality for future success, Discover how motivational factors interact with each other, Ponder why the future relies on the creative class, Learn the importance of global citizenship and how to measure global competence, Appraise strategies for improving school climates

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ISBN-13: 9781936763580
Publisher: Solution Tree Press
Publication date: 10/23/2015
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 438,997
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

About the Editor v

Introduction: The Danger of Misguiding Outcomes: Lessons From Easter Island Yong Zhao 1

Test Scores as Education's Stone Statue 2

Problems With Current Measures 4

Seeking the Alternative 7

References and Resources 8

Chapter 1 Numbers Can Lie: The Meaning and Limitations of Test Scores Yong Zhao 13

Tests and individual Success 14

The SAT, the ACT, and Success in College and Life 17

Where Do We Go From Here? 25

References and Resources 26

Chapter 2 Celebrity for Nothing: The Rise of the Undervalued Sarah Soltz 31

How the Useless Becomes Useful 32

Human Diversity: Strengths and Weaknesses 36

Fixing Deficits: Bias Against Diversity 38

The Science and Education of the Individual 39

Where Do We Go From Here? 42

References and Resources 43

Chapter 3 Personal Matter: Personality Traits Dalsy Zhang-Negrarie 47

Personality Traits and Lifelong Success 48

The Definition and the Big Five Model of Personality Traits 49

Key Personality Traits for Lifelong Achievement 52

Where Do We Go From Here? 59

References and Resources 60

Chapter 4 Dreams and Nightmares: Motivational Factors Kendra Coates 71

What Is Motivation? 71

Measuring Motivation 81

Where Do We Go From Here? 86

References and Resources 88

Chapter 5 The Makers: Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit Ross C. Anderson 93

What Are Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit? 93

The Rising Value of Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Creativity Age 95

Measuring Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit 98

Emerging Trends and Issues 105

Where Do We Go From Here? 108

References and Resources 108

Chapter 6 Globally Speaking: Global Competence Michael Thier 113

Defining Global Competence 114

The Importance of Global Competence 117

Measuring Global Competence 120

Where Do We Go From Here? 128

References and Resources 129

Chapter 7 Friends and Enemies: Social Network and Social Capital Brian Geazin 133

Beyond Collaboration 134

Measuring Collaboration and Social Interactions 141

Where Do We Go From Here? 145

References and Resources 146

Chapter 8 Nature via Nurture: Development of Nonacademic Skills Yue Shen 153

Genetic Potential: The Role of Nature 153

Experience Matters: The Role of Nurture 155

Mechanism of Mind: Examples of Nature via Nurture 156

Nonacademic Skills Are Teachable 158

PBIS: An Example of School-Level Effort 160

Where Do We Go From Here 162

References and Resources 162

Chapter 9 Shifting the Paradigm: Assessing What Matters Yong Zhao 169

Homogenizing vs. Diversifying 170

Short-Term Instruction vs. Long-Term Education 171

Cognitive vs. Noncognitive 173

Measurable vs. Unmeasurable 174

Principles of a New Paradigm 175

Where Do We Go From Here? 178

References and Resources 178

Index 181

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