Crimes of Cunning: A comedy of personal and political transformation in the deteriorating American workplace.

Crimes of Cunning: A comedy of personal and political transformation in the deteriorating American workplace.

by Tony Mayo


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Fast-paced, funny, and smart. This novel puts you into the world of a young MBA striving to succeed at a famous high-tech company. Brash and confident yet comically inept, Tony clashes with colleagues, clients, and even his biggest supporters. He fires his most loyal employee, derails the career of his only friend, and nearly destroys his young marriage before transforming from chilly corporate collaborator to empathetic executive coach. Laugh and learn as his clients turn criminal, corporations collapse, and compassion triumphs.

Veteran executive coach Tony Mayo draws on his years inside Arthur Andersen, Wall Street, and MCI to share a moving story that explains why your 401k shrank, your house is underwater, and your job stinks. The comedy and conflict illustrate management methods and personal practices that can improve your career and deepen your personal relationships.

Author’s Foreword

In the 1980s, I was a minor participant in major trends that would blow up the world economy in 2008, determine the dehumanizing workplace culture of today, and establish the Wall Street plutocracy that still guides governments and blames the poor for the plight of the middle class. Our descent began in the eighties, from endless e-mails to mind-numbing meetings, deregulated banks to defunded pensions, mortgage-backed securities to job insecurity, hedge fund royalty to vanishing loyalty, private equity to income inequality, even Starbucks ubiquity and business books’ vacuity.

I reluctantly admit that I eagerly supported every aspect of it. I ate the dog food and drank the Kool-Aid™. I believed in and tried to practice the free market economics and financial engineering I had been taught at the University of Chicago. I worked nights and weekends at an investment bank to help create a trading platform for one of the first derivatives. I willfully immersed myself in the toxic corporate culture of MCI. I was a true believer who gave thanks to capitalist economists Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan, cowboy capitalists Bill McGowan and Michael Milken, and most of all to cowboy president Ronald Reagan for making the 1980s “Morning in America.”

I was wrong. Now, I am mourning for America. This novel, detailing a descent and incipient redemption similar to my own, is partial penance and restitution. I hope this story encourages my readers to make better choices and a better world than I did.

After experiencing MCI, I began my search for a way of working that encouraged people to produce results while feeling appreciated, connected, and healthy. That quest made me an executive coach and gave me a life dedicated to workplaces of humanity and prosperity.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781941466056
Publisher: Kristine Denzau d/b/a Executive Coach Press
Publication date: 09/15/2015
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

TONY MAYO is an executive coach to owner operators of mid-sized businesses. His work with CEOs and their teams on complex issues of strategic importance includes: one-to-one coaching, design and facilitation of strategy and alignment retreats, and enduring peer-consulting teams of top executives from different organizations.

Table of Contents

Crimes of Cunning v
Disclaimer of Veracity xi
Caveat Lector xii
Acknowledgements xv
Preface xvii
Chapter 1: Haunted Hallways 1
Chapter 2: Arthur Androids 7
Chapter 3: MCI the Model Business 29
Chapter 4: MCI the Hell Hole 49
Chapter 5: The Opportunity 73
Chapter 6: The Puzzle 93
Chapter 7: MCI, Many Changes Instantly 107
Chapter 8: An Indefensible Position 115
Chapter 9: Love 'Em When They've Lost 141
Chapter 10: Revenge of the Turds 151
Chapter 11: The Coldest Consultant Feels the Heat 161
Chapter 12: Working or Worthless 177
Chapter 13: Parasites 183
Chapter 14: I Ain't Afraid of No Boss 191
Chapter 15: Who Has the Helm? 205
Chapter 16: The Blight Before Christmas 225
Chapter 17: Resurgam 235
Chapter 18: The Coldest Consultant Warms Up 251
Chapter 19: Joining Sprint 261
Chapter 20: Selling Sprint 269
Chapter 21: Winning Sprint 297
Chapter 22: Staffing Sprint 305
Chapter 23: Ruing Sprint 313
Chapter 24: Play Money, Prevarication, and Prison 325
Chapter 25: Private Equity + Politicians = Wealth & Power 335
Chapter 26: Whither TLA and AA&Co 341
Chapter 27: Epilogue: Nick and Ned at the End 345
About the Author 359
Before you go... 361

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