Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf

by Angela Campbell

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Cry Wolf by Angela Campbell

Andrea Lockhart's job as a reporter for cheesy tabloid The Naked Truth isn't exactly where she thought her journalism career would end up. She's determined to make the best of it, but when her editor sends her to Woodbine, South Carolina, to investigate a werewolf sighting, Andrea decides the ridiculous assignment will be her last. Until she meets Sean Hunter.

The last time she saw Sean, he had just beat her out for the position of editor of their college newspaper, and told her she'd never make it as a reporter. Given his grand ambitions, she's shocked to find him editing the Woodbine Weekly. Once they start competing for leads on the werewolf, Andrea becomes determined to break the story first—she can't let Sean beat her again.

As they each get closer to finding the source of the rumors, the only thing more surprising than the truth are the feelings Sean is able to stir in her, feelings she thought she had left behind...

87,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426896613
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 07/15/2013
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 569 KB

About the Author

Angela Campbell read her first romance novel at 16 and immediately attempted to write one, too. Many attempts (and a couple of decades) later, she published her first novel through Carina Press. A mild-mannered reporter with almost 15 years experience as a general assignment reporter, features editor and page designer, Angela has also worked as a production assistant in TV and film. She lives in the Southeast. Learn more about her books at 

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How in the hell do I get myself into situations like this?

Andrea Lockhart screamed and tried one more time to summon help. Not an easy thing to do while swinging from a rope, upside down, in the middle of nowhere.

Like some stupid pendulum on a clock. Ugh!

"Hello?" she yelled and immediately gasped for breath. She closed her eyes and struggled to subdue the panic attack that was clawing its way past her lungs toward her brain. Her heart had been trying to pound its way out of her chest for a while now. This wasn't helping.

Easy, Lockhart. You've been in tighter spots than this and survived. Just ease the hell off from thinking about it. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Everything is going to be fine.

Opening her eyes, Andrea listened for a response as she reached toward the ground for something—anything—to steady herself with, but all she heard was the distant call of some birds deep in the forest. She had been traipsing through these woods, looking for footprints or other evidence to support the article she was writing, when she'd heard a loud snap, felt her legs jerked out from under her and found herself looking at the world upside down.

Some idiot had snagged her in the type of trap she'd thought was only used in bad B movies.

Yep, I'm so putting in my r sum at Starbucks if I can ever get myself down from here.

Her jacket swung around her face and heightened that panicked feeling of claustrophobia. Pushing it aside, only to have it fall back in the way, Andrea couldn't hold back a desperate laugh at the absurdity of her dilemma. She'd witnessed and survived gang shootouts in South Chicago, gone toe-to-toe with corrupt police officials and barely escaped riots in France and the post Katrina looting in New Orleans. But she'd never been strung up like this before. Oh yeah. This was definitely a new one.

A ring tone for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly shattered the silence, and Andrea sighed long and hard, as she considered the rectangular object just out of her reach. Too late, she realized her mistake. Her breath tore out of her chest in a hacking cough that drowned out the familiar melody.

Her heart was still beating overtime. The whooshing sound of its frantic throbbing threatened to make her deaf to everything else.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

Her only salvation, it seemed, lay just out of reach.

Once she'd gotten over the shock of what had happened, she had grappled with and lost her grip on her cell phone. Now it taunted her, half-buried under a mound of leaves, alternately buzzing and pelting out the tune. It was as if the stupid thing was laughing at her.

She was sure it was Brandon calling. Oh yeah. I would really love to give him a piece of my mind right now.

If only.

Best she could tell, she was more alone in these woods than a nerd on prom night. The sun had lowered in the sky, peeking through the trees like an unwanted observer. Andrea glanced at her watch. Had she really been hanging here for half an hour already? It seemed so much longer.

When did it get dark around here? Maybe another hour or two?

Not good.

Come on. You've been in tighter spots than this, Lockhart. Think.

Andrea tried to lift her arms and grab the rope clamping both her ankles together from the tree limb above. If she could just—

The sound of a stick breaking nearby caught her attention. She dropped her arms, felt the blood rush to her head again, making her dizzy as her body swayed like crazy.

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Cry Wolf 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My review: A- spicy I really liked this book. At first, I wasn't sure what it was going to be, but the book was so much more and much deeper than I expected. This is the story of Andrea and Sean. They went to college together, and being the top journalism students in their class, were often competing against each other. Early on in their college lives, they'd actually been friends, but by the time they graduated, they were much less. And on Andi's part, there were lots of hurt feelings over the way things ended with them. Now it's ten years later and they both have had high's and low's since then and have matured into much different people. I loved everything about this story line. I enjoyed the fact that they are both journalists. I liked that they had a history although a lot of it wasn't a good history. I even liked the werewolf angle to the story. It made for great reading and even a pretty good suspense line to keep the story really interesting. I never thought I could get so caught up in a werewolf story that wasn't flat-out paranormal. Overall this is a great book. There are two fabulous characters who aren't without their flaws, but manage to stay completely likable. There are several side characters who were equally fun. I especially loved Reed...teenage photographer (i.e. Jimmy to Kent and Lois Lane...I loved that analogy!) I had no idea how the werewolf story was going to tie up, but thought it worked perfectly even if the final scene did read a little too much like an 80's horror movie (and the only reason this book got an A- rating vs. an A rating.)
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Posted on Romancing the Book's blog Reviewed by~Aubrey Review Copy Provided by~the Author ry Wolf was a very cute novel about town that may or may not have a werewolf. Andrea comes to Woodbine to write a story for the tabloid that she works for. Little does she know that her crush from college is now living there. She comes to Woodbine a non-believer in anything werewolf and you have to read to find out if she changes her mind. The story is not your typical werewolf story. Andrea has come to write a story that she doesn’t really believe in but she was sent there and does her job because of the pride she has in her work. She has many demons to bear and it is interesting to learn about them and how she resolves them throughout the story. The story is centered around a werewolf but its more than just a retelling of a famous myth it is fun and very humorous. You fall in love with the main characters but also the secondary characters who lend to the humor the overall friendly hometown feel of the novel. I hope the set up I gleamed from the novel comes true and there will be a second novel with Sean’s sister as the heroine. Andrea is a strong female that is a bit unsure of herself love wise but truly blossoms by the end of the novel. You watch all the characters grow as humans throughout out the novel. Sean goes from being a man that is only interested in casual dating to someone that loves fully. The romance is sweet but not contrived. I really enjoyed the writing of this author and will be on the watch for further novels by her
MichelleWitte More than 1 year ago
Sorry, no rippling teen werewolf abs or sparklepire foes in this tale. Just a good old-fashioned story of a reporter out to debunk an urban legend. I love that a modern story involving a werewolf can be categorized as a contemporary realistic book. Realism FTW! I'm so ready for the paranormal phase to be over and get back to the good old-fashioned ghost, monster, and urban legend stories. I prefer to outrun scary creatures, not date them. Before getting to the heart of the review, I do have one confession to make*: I have a large weakness for stories involving reporters and/or editors from small-town newspapers, or from big papers sent to small towns. It has to do with some of my college-hood dreams. I majored in journalism, later working as a reporter and then an editor at a large metropolitan newspaper. Honestly, I'm still a reporter at heart. Even now I get all squiggly inside thinking about how much fun it'd be to spend a few years working at a small-town newspaper.** So when I saw that Cry Wolf incorporated a) a big-city reporter coming to a small-town to investigate an b) urban myth in the form of a werewolf, with a c) romance likely to develop, I was a goner. Absolutely perfect. That said, it was a nice story on the merits of the writing and characters as well. I'll admit I don't have many nitpicks, but probably more so because I got lost in the story. Which, honestly, should be the goal of every writer. It's a fun read, with a romance that feels rather realistic (including sexy bits, if you're at all concerned about that), and a kitten. How could it not be good when there's a rescued kitten? I don't think it's possible. Joking aside, I liked this book. Four stars to the author for an enjoyable ride. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys light, fun romances with a touch of mystery. *I mention this now because there is a very good possibility I'll review more of this variety. There are a couple of them winking at me from my TBR pile. Those little minxes. **It'll have to be a small one since most of the big ones are going kaput. Or being handed over to untrained bloggers, but I won't get into that. *tries not to grumble* Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a review copy! Originally posted at Libri Ago (dot)blogspot(dot)com.
JodyFL More than 1 year ago
Cry Wolf is an unusual werewolf mystery. It is more modern and truthful and not based in so much paranormal fantasy. Andrea Lockhart is a reporter for a leading Tabloid and usually gets to work on celebrity pieces but her new boss who happens to be an ex sends her to woodbine, South Carolina to chase after a wereworlf story. It isn't until she meets the local Paper Editor, Sean Hunter that things get interesting. Sean Hunter had been her mentor and competitor in college and she had a crush on him. But Sean told her she would never make it as a reporter because she was too nice. Andrea is still smarting from the last meeting and isn't sure what to make of this new Sean. Andrea is determined to make and break the real story of the Werewolf and accepts help from Sean as professional curtesy. Soon the pages heat up with attraction and passion. But can Andrea get past her feelings in the past and trust that Sean has always had her best interests in mind? The Werewolf is a mystery that has been cultivated by local business owners much like the loch ness monster to influence tourism. Some of the townfolk are supportive and some are down right mean and want to run the silly girl reporter out of town. Andrea must deal with her feelings for Sean, the mystery of the Werewolf and cranky townspeople. It is a very interesting read and not you everyday werewolf romance