Current Trends in Connectionism: Proceedings of the 1995 Swedish Conference on Connectionism

Current Trends in Connectionism: Proceedings of the 1995 Swedish Conference on Connectionism

by Lars F. Niklasson, Mikael B. Bod

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ISBN-13: 9781134796250
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/04/2013
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Pages: 392
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Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. D.S. Touretzky, A.D. Redish, Landmark Arrays and the Hippocampal Cognitive Map. M. Hasselmo, Physiological Constraints on Models of Behavior. E. Fransén, A. Lansner, Recurrent Attractor Neural Networks in Model of Cortical Associative Memory Function. J.R. Gobbel, A Biophysically-Based Model of the Neostriatum as Dynamically Reconfigurable Network. M. Garzon, F. Botelho, Dynamical Approximation by Neural Nets. M. Österberg, R. Lenz, On Parallel Selective Principal Component Analysis. M. Garzon, A. Jagota, Efficient Neural Net Isomorphism Testing. S.P. SikstrÖm, A. Lansner, The TECO Theory - Simulation of Recognition Failure. N. Sharkey, J. Neary, A. Sharkey, Searching Weight Space for Backpropagation Solution Types. M. Bodén, L. Niklasson, Features of Distributed Representations for Tree-structures: A Study of RAAM. N.B. Szirbik, G.L. Somlo, D.L. Buliga, Using the Conceptual Graph Model as Intermediate Representation for Knowledge Translation in Hybrid Systems. S.A. Jackson, N.E. Sharkey, Adaptive Generalization in Dynamic Neural Networks. A.J.C. Sharkey, N.E. Sharkey, O.C. Gopinath, Diversity, Neural Nets and Safety Critical Applications. O. Gällmo, J. CarlstrÖm, Some Experiments Using Extra Output Learning to Hint Multi Layer Perceptrons. J. CarlstrÖm, Minimization of Quantization Errors in Digital Implementations of Multi Layer Perceptrons. C. Balkenius, Multimodal Sensing for Motor Control. T. van Gelder, Modeling, Connectionist and Otherwise. R. Reilly, A Connectionist Exploration of the Computational Implications of Embodiment. T. Landelius, H. Knutsson, Behaviorism and Reinforcement Learning. E. Prem, Symbol Grounding and Transcedental Logic. R. Chrisley, A. Holland, Connectionist Synthetic Epistemology: Requirements for the Development of Objectivity. O.B. Coelho, Are Representations Still Necessary for Understanding Cognition? P. PylkkÖ, Indeterminacy and Experience. T. Vadén, The Symbolic-Subsymbolic Relation: From Limitivism to Correspondence. B. Bartell, G.W. Cottrell, R. Belew, Learning to Retrieve Information. T. Ziemke, F. Athley, Connectionist Models for the Detection of Oil Spills from Doppler Radar Imagery. M.C. Mozer, R.H. Dodier, M. Anderson, L. Vidmar, R.F. Cruickshank III, D. Miller, The Neural Network House: An Overview.

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