Cyborg Fever (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Series #5)

Cyborg Fever (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Series #5)

by Grace Goodwin
4.5 12

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Cyborg Fever (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Series #5) by Grace Goodwin

Warlord Anghar survives hell as a captive of the evil Hive. Convinced he will never break free, he chooses death over dishonor. When the Coalition ReCon Team sent to kill him frees him instead, he begins the long, tortuous journey back to a true Atlan, a warrior proud of his beast, of his service.

But no amount of honor, of bravery, or strength of will can save Angh from a life alone, banished with the other "contaminated" warriors on The Colony. And no amount of prayer to the gods will save him when the fever in his blood grows beyond his will to control - and the Atlan Mating Fever steals his final shards of belief.

Imprisoned, awaiting execution, one hope is left; a woman brave enough to tame his beast - and strong enough to fight the demons inside both his head and his heart. Because he may have escaped the Hive...but they aren't finished with him yet.

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BN ID: 2940158756719
Publisher: KSA Publishing
Publication date: 04/10/2018
Series: Interstellar Brides: The Colony Series , #5
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Format: NOOK Book
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About Grace:
Grace Goodwin is a USA Today and international bestselling author of Sci-Fi & Paranormal romance. Grace believes all women should be treated like princesses, in the bedroom and out of it, and writes love stories where men know how to make their women feel pampered, protected and very well taken care of. Grace hates the snow, loves the mountains (yes, that's a problem) and wishes she could simply download the stories out of her head instead of being forced to type them out. Grace lives in the western US and is a full-time writer, an avid romance reader and an admitted caffeine addict.

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Cyborg Fever 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Redrabbitt 11 months ago
ATLAN WARLORD AND COALITION ACADEMY INSTRUCTOR While this book is part of a series, it reads well as a stand-alone. The Interstellar Brides program was designed to match up mates from Earth to Alien on various planets. Because Warlard Anghar was a captive of the Hive and now part of The Colony, he had hoped to find a mate, but a match was never found. He is in danger of entering Mating Fever, and without a mate, his Beast will go out of control. Before the Atlan can allow that to happen, he would need to be put down. Captain Kira Dahl and her friend, Melody, are at The Colony and will be in the arena where they hold a contest and fights in a pit, where she will see Angh and a Prillion, but she has only eyes for the Atlan. When he hears her holler, his Beast and he will find her, he will win his match, come for her, and she will go to him. What for him is finding his mate, and his Beast is calling her “mine” but for her is a night of passion, because she is under contract and can’t become involved. “The implants meant nothing to me except badges of honor. He’d battled the Hive, and fought hard, survived. Everyone on this planet had, and I respected every single warrior here.” The plot will have Angh and Kira meeting on The Colony and spending hours together having sex, but it is much more to him and his Beast, they know she is their mate. Angh will place his mating cuffs on and offer a set to her, but she won’t wear them, and he can’t force her. When he wakes the next morning, she is gone, and his Beast is raging. “We both needed the reminder that I had someone to protect, to love, to serve. Beast and man both needed a reason to keep on fighting.” The Hive’s new technology is making the fight more difficult, and they need Warlord Anghar back in battle with the device implanted in his head by the Hive. He will travel to where Kira is located and witness her at the academy training cadets, and in simulated warfare. He will realize her talents, but the Vice Admiral makes threats again Kira, and his Beast will lose control. If she isn’t willing to accept him as her mate, he has nothing left to live for. “Beautiful and brave and perfect. I knew my mate would be fierce. Strong. But you are honorable as well. You are a warrior in heart and mind, and I cannot sacrifice thousands of lives for our personal happiness. You are right, my one true mate. As much as it hurts both of us, you are right. We cannot be together.” How much will two people be willing to sacrifice for others over themselves? When threats are made against Kira, Angh will not allow that to happen to her, even if it means the end of his life. When Kira learns he is in the Academy brig, she will challenge the Vice Admiral and go as far as giving up everything she has ever worked for. Only Kira can sooth the savage Beast and claim Angh as her mate, but has she waited too long? Is there still hope for them, the future, and the battle against the Hive? “She wasn’t meant to be mine. I had offered her everything I had, heart, body, and soul, and fate was against us. This war was against us.”
Anonymous 6 months ago
Have really been enjoying the Interstellar Brides stories. This is another worth the read.
Robin_Manor 10 months ago
Grace Goodwin - Cyborg Fever (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Book 5) Warlord Anghar is an Atlan who has been a secondary character in previous books, both courageous, loyal and sexy as hell it is awesome that he got his own story. Leading a frustrating life on The Colony where “tainted” warriors that had been captured and altered by the Hive are forced to live, Angh has resigned himself to spend his time fighting in the “Pit”. His despair is further fueled by the lack of the Interstellar Bride program not finding him a mate and he had tested several years ago. If an Atlan goes unmated it will eventually lead to him shifting into his “Beast” (all Atlans can shift into a beast form). Kira is an earth woman and a dedicated instructor at the Academy. She is also secretly part of the Coalition’s Intelligence. Kira loves her job and her ability to help save the many lives of those fighting The HIve. Kira is easy to like and admire, a sassy woman who knows what and who she wants and has no problem her sexuality. As an instructor Kira is occasionally on The Colony for training assignments. Kira decides to attend a fight at the Pit when she sets her eyes on the giant sexy Atlan, she is even curious about what his beast will be like. He’s mesmerizing and when the Angh looks up from the fight his beast is awakened, it has found its’ mate. Their first meeting will make fans of this series bodies tingle, it is a very erotic steamy sci-fi romance adventure that fits in well with the story. Their book storyline continues with spies, intrigue, danger, heart wrenching situations, heroism, humor and excitement. Fans of this authors Interstellar Bride series will be thrilled with this addition and it is always special when the warriors from The Colony find an HEA.
mathphilosopher 10 months ago
Grace Goodwin's "Cyborg Fever" is the fifth tale in the Interstellar Brides: The Colony spinoff of the Interstellar Brides series, but you can read it as a standalone. I knew I would love Angh's story. That Atlan mating fever is deadly but oh so yummy! Always a strong female when Grace Goodwin is writing. Lots of very sexy scenes and hot chemistry. I just wait (not so patiently) for each of these Grace Goodwin Interstellar Brides tales to come out...little bits of sexy candy!
Anonymous 10 months ago
Usually enjoy this series but this one felt too rushed. Would have liked to see more character development and more detailed action near the end. I was disappointed.
BookObsession07 10 months ago
A bit angsty but won me over in the end. Loved Anghar from the first time we met him and so happy to see he got his story and HEA. Lots of drama and action but super hot as well. Great job - looking forward to the next!
July-Daye 10 months ago
Love me some huge Atlan!The Colony spin off series is just as good as the original. I loved the fact that with Mating Fever the clock is ticking! Also, love that the bride is one badass solider on special assignment. Keep them coming, ready for the next in the series! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
EmilyP23 10 months ago
Coalition Academy Instructor, Captain Kira Dahl, was watching the gorgeous Atlan fighting in The Pit. His scars spoke of the fierce battles he had survived. He had fought the Hive and survived, earning her respect, as did the others here on The Colony. The Pit was their outlet for the rage and pain these warriors had dealt with, whether they fought there or just watched. As Kira stared at him, he looked to the stands, directly into her eyes! And when he defeated his opponent with one punch, he walked straight to her in the stands. Angh carried Kira toward his room, but neither could wait that long and he pressed her against the wall. His beast came forward and he waited for her fear, her repulsion, her rejection – but instead saw only appreciation and desire! He kept repeating, “Mine”, and needed to finish the process with the mating cuffs in his room, to give him a reason for living and protecting his mate. Unfortunately, they had only one night together since her duties as an instructor would demand that she return to the Coalition Academy. Angh put his mating cuffs on and told her she would need to put hers on too, voluntarily without coercion. She had to accept him. But she pushed them aside. And in the morning, she had slipped out of his bed and boarded the transport. With Kira gone, Warlord Anghar feels the deadly mating fever begin. Soon his beast side will rage out of control and he will need to be executed for the safety of all. Only if his mate gets to him in time, would his fever go away and he could be saved. Would Kira realize what is happening to Angh? Would she find a way to get to him when he is locked in the brig? Most important, would Angh’s warrior beast recognize and spare her if she came to him -- or had she waited too long? This was a suprmely excellent story! I don’t how how the author does it, but she gets better and better with each one – or maybe it’s just that I really love the Atlans! The character development was top-notch. And the constant action and suspense carried the reader relentlessly through the exciting story line. I highly recommend this book which can easily be read as a standalone. This book is at the top of my favorites!
JEA2 10 months ago
I enjoyed reading this book , it has a great storyline. Can't wait for more from this author. I received this book as a FREE ARC copy to read and voluntarily leave this review.
SammLynn 10 months ago
I have a new favorite Atlan! I have thoroughly enjoyed every book in this series but the Atlan Beasts are my favorite aliens in the series. Even though the blurb basically gives the whole story, it is Angh's heartbreaking words and thoughts that bring this story to life (and at one point had me crying - the freaking self-sacrificing Atlans at the Colony just rip my heart out and I am anxiously waiting for Braun to get his bride) . Even though Kira is hot to trot and jump the giant Atlan's bones, I wasn't as impressed by her as I have been by other brides (though she is a mate and not really a bride). Kira does prove herself worthy of such a fine Atlan in a couple of truly spectacular displays (one to Niobe and one to Angh). With the inclusion of several characters from both the Colony and Battleship Karter, we are given an even better picture of why the Coalition is fighting so hard to hold back the Hive. A couple of new and intriguing characters are introduced and as usual, they are written so well that it just makes you eagerly await their story. Don't wait - grab any book in this series (the Vikens, Trions, and Rogue 5 are more stand-alones than the rest) and get transported into Coalition space.
Steph-C 10 months ago
I really enjoyed this book, I found it fun, fast-paced with fascinating narrative, strong storyline, well-developed characters along with hot, descriptive sex with a big & handsome Atlan. Having read the other books in the series I was pleased to see characters from previous books appear in that one. Although that could be a bit disorienting for new reader I would recommend reading Fighting For Their Mate (book 12) to fully understand the history between the characters, but I'm sure you would still enjoy the book on it's own. I received and arc from the author but also purchased it on to support her great work!
Kelly Carlson 10 months ago
I absolutely LOVED how Angh’s character was written. I’m a sucker for Atlan’s anyway, but he was extra special. I felt him, his struggle, his selflessness, his desire to be loved & give love in kind. There was one point in the story where I got a little choaked up, I just wanted to hug him. I kept thinking, this man has been through so this??? I also enjoyed how Kira is brought into his life, a little different than what us series regulars are use to, but I liked the slight change up. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone so I’m not giving anything away, but I actually was worried this was going to swing another way and I kept saying ‘no, no, please no’. Grace is an incredibly descriptive storyteller who really puts depth in her characters. If you haven’t read the entire Interstellar Bride’s Series’s and it’s spin offs, you need to start at the beginning. Stories can be stand alone, but from the beginning you get to see the characters, how they move forward into other books. How their lives progress. How new characters are introduced and you get a tease of who is potentially going to have the next story in the series. Karter perhaps????Hummmmmm....