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Darkling's Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side

Darkling's Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side


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Welcome to the Machlelf Cemetery! Featuring your favorite graveyard host, Darkling introduces you to some of the beasts and creatures roaming around Lycan Valley and shares many of her favorite recipes and concoctions from Darkling's Recipe Box. Includes more than 70 alcohol and non-alcohol drink recipes and corresponding poems in 7 categories: Coffee and Tea, Cocktails and Mixed Drinks, Smoothies, Milkshakes, Shots, Punch and special Bonus Clown Recipes section.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998748955
Publisher: LVP Publications
Publication date: 12/22/2018
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Monster Mash/The Monster Mash/J Mannone; Red Velvet Morning/The Morning Named Apollo/S Wytovich; Full Moon Transformation/The Lycanthrope/P Berman; Chocolate Amaretto Wendigo/The Hunter/E Eastick; Butterscotch Night Owl/The Eyes/M Mihalko; Enchanted Faerie/Fated to Die/S Tantlinger; Black Dog Mocha/With Bared Teeth/J Gomez; Vampire and Cream Macchiato/In Our Past Mortality/J Rohr; Sweet & Spicy Werewolf Mocha/Lust in the Full Moon/K Goddard; Wendigo Pumpkin Pie/Frontier Winter/C Bult; Cinnamon Ginger Gargoyle/Evolution of a Young Lover/F Heather; Undead Blackberry Brandy/Nosferatu/M Hanson; Redcap Zinger/ Redcap/K Newton; Whispering Moonlight Tea/The Night Whispers/S Cannavo; Lost Princess/A Witch Reflects on Loss/R Rose; Iced Brazilian Cha Mate/Backwards Footprints/D Armfield; Scottish Kelpie Secret Tea/Secrets of the Loch/J Bournville; Luring Temptation Tea/A Siren's Pursuer/D Armfield; Wild Werewolf Chai/Hunger/C Robinson; Strawberry Rooibos Soul Eater/The Novealla of Vuorwro/R Riekki; Chimera Freedom Green Tea/Figment Fantastica/T Carroll; The Kraken/The Seafloor God/E Hedman; Blue Lagoon/A Kelpie's Promise/T Wooldridge; Lost At Sea/Siren's Song/L Reinholt; Black Widow/Widow's Weeds/L Ruzicka; Cherry Wine Disguise/Skin Walking/M Senger; Thieving Fairy/Stolen/J Bost; Goblin Sedator/Bedtime/L Sargent; Bruja Potion/The Witches Give Birth/J Lupardus; Spirit Bloom/The Rattling Tree/R Boley; Frozen Bloody Vampire/The Confession/T Tarkelly; Lambton Worm/An' I'd Swally the Little Bairns/K Brannon; Zombie Tamer/Plague Ship/E Rich; Rural Hag/Death by Breaths/G Leen; Monster Metaphor/Eternal Epitaph/D Campbell; The Four Horsemen/And They Ride/S Scott; Faceless Yokai/Noppera-bo/S Lienhard; Blackened Night Sky/Black Vampire/L Wideman; Magical Rebirth/The War Witch/S Edwards; Full Mango Moon/The Power of the Moon/Ashley Dioses; The Siren Goddess/Fisherman's Lure/K MacGregor; Wendigo's Reflection/The Beast I Am/S Singh; The Drowned Devil/The Scab That Oozes/N Manzolillo; Flaming Night Mare/Nightmare Upon Dissolution/J Ellis; Wandering Gargoyle/Night On The Town/A Dunlop; Blackberry Faerie/The Faerie Rules/M Mars; The Frozen Imp/A Prank Too Far/A Johnson; Grinning Werewolf/Whitechapel Werewolf/S Potts; Mermaid Match & Cream/An Vorvoren a Senar/D Lester; Woven Silk Spider Egg/Frankenspider/M Cerridwen; Turk Vampir Kahvesi/The Vampire Ogrencisi/S Aranas; Cernunnos' Wild Hunt/Antlered Avenger/K Alan; Guardian of the Forest/Feetures/S Chang; Seductive Succubus/Moon in Purple/M Epiphany; Green Monarch Leshy/He, The Forest/J Outhier; Caribbean Demon Passion/We Are Legion/A Shepherd; Screaming Banshee/Darkling; Manticore Poison/J Mason; Sea-Dragon/S Yasin; Vampire Blood/D de Ande; Sweet Dreams/V Graham; Balloon Poppers/M Holsbeek; Dybbuk Possession/Darkling; Tortured Pirate Punch/Torture of a Pirate/E Nahte; Dragon's Claw Punch/Food Shopping/A Gibson; Smokin' Zombie Punch/Smoke-town Zombies/J Quinn; Green Goblin Punch/Just Put Out Your Hand/J Howard-Hobson; Vampire Champagne Punch/Hunger for Life/A Hudson; Goddess Blackberry Rum Punch/My Parent's Don't Like Kali 'Cause She Drives a Mustang/WolfBoy; Cannabalistic Bourbon Punch/Dinner with Jerry/S Max; Violet Vampiress Punch/Eventide/K Opperman; Dancing Revenant Punch/Sodium-Vapor/L Treece; Sasquatch Mocha Punch/When Monsters Share/S Chang; Deadly Sunset Punch/Underneath the Red Moon/L Crate; Enchanted Forest Punch/Siren of the Woods/Q Dar; Tommy's Tappin' Graveyard Punch/Tommy's Knocking/P Winters; Deadman's Swamp Punch/New Fur for Old Skin/O Smith; Clown Night/M Reinholt; Friend or FOEccacia Breadsticks; Chocolate Cherry Killer Clown Shake; Colorful Clown Smoothie; Deceptively Sweet Clown Tea; Red Harlequin Party Punch; Balloon Popping Cinnamon Marshmallow Coffee; Evil Jester Cheesecake; Within the Darkness of the Carnivale/D Armfield

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