Darkling's Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side

Darkling's Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side


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ISBN-13: 9780998748955
Publisher: LVP Publications
Publication date: 12/22/2018
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Monster Mash/The Monster Mash/J Mannone; Red Velvet Morning/The Morning Named Apollo/S Wytovich; Full Moon Transformation/The Lycanthrope/P Berman; Chocolate Amaretto Wendigo/The Hunter/E Eastick; Butterscotch Night Owl/The Eyes/M Mihalko; Enchanted Faerie/Fated to Die/S Tantlinger; Black Dog Mocha/With Bared Teeth/J Gomez; Vampire and Cream Macchiato/In Our Past Mortality/J Rohr; Sweet & Spicy Werewolf Mocha/Lust in the Full Moon/K Goddard; Wendigo Pumpkin Pie/Frontier Winter/C Bult; Cinnamon Ginger Gargoyle/Evolution of a Young Lover/F Heather; Undead Blackberry Brandy/Nosferatu/M Hanson; Redcap Zinger/ Redcap/K Newton; Whispering Moonlight Tea/The Night Whispers/S Cannavo; Lost Princess/A Witch Reflects on Loss/R Rose; Iced Brazilian Cha Mate/Backwards Footprints/D Armfield; Scottish Kelpie Secret Tea/Secrets of the Loch/J Bournville; Luring Temptation Tea/A Siren's Pursuer/D Armfield; Wild Werewolf Chai/Hunger/C Robinson; Strawberry Rooibos Soul Eater/The Novealla of Vuorwro/R Riekki; Chimera Freedom Green Tea/Figment Fantastica/T Carroll; The Kraken/The Seafloor God/E Hedman; Blue Lagoon/A Kelpie's Promise/T Wooldridge; Lost At Sea/Siren's Song/L Reinholt; Black Widow/Widow's Weeds/L Ruzicka; Cherry Wine Disguise/Skin Walking/M Senger; Thieving Fairy/Stolen/J Bost; Goblin Sedator/Bedtime/L Sargent; Bruja Potion/The Witches Give Birth/J Lupardus; Spirit Bloom/The Rattling Tree/R Boley; Frozen Bloody Vampire/The Confession/T Tarkelly; Lambton Worm/An' I'd Swally the Little Bairns/K Brannon; Zombie Tamer/Plague Ship/E Rich; Rural Hag/Death by Breaths/G Leen; Monster Metaphor/Eternal Epitaph/D Campbell; The Four Horsemen/And They Ride/S Scott; Faceless Yokai/Noppera-bo/S Lienhard; Blackened Night Sky/Black Vampire/L Wideman; Magical Rebirth/The War Witch/S Edwards; Full Mango Moon/The Power of the Moon/Ashley Dioses; The Siren Goddess/Fisherman's Lure/K MacGregor; Wendigo's Reflection/The Beast I Am/S Singh; The Drowned Devil/The Scab That Oozes/N Manzolillo; Flaming Night Mare/Nightmare Upon Dissolution/J Ellis; Wandering Gargoyle/Night On The Town/A Dunlop; Blackberry Faerie/The Faerie Rules/M Mars; The Frozen Imp/A Prank Too Far/A Johnson; Grinning Werewolf/Whitechapel Werewolf/S Potts; Mermaid Match & Cream/An Vorvoren a Senar/D Lester; Woven Silk Spider Egg/Frankenspider/M Cerridwen; Turk Vampir Kahvesi/The Vampire Ogrencisi/S Aranas; Cernunnos' Wild Hunt/Antlered Avenger/K Alan; Guardian of the Forest/Feetures/S Chang; Seductive Succubus/Moon in Purple/M Epiphany; Green Monarch Leshy/He, The Forest/J Outhier; Caribbean Demon Passion/We Are Legion/A Shepherd; Screaming Banshee/Darkling; Manticore Poison/J Mason; Sea-Dragon/S Yasin; Vampire Blood/D de Ande; Sweet Dreams/V Graham; Balloon Poppers/M Holsbeek; Dybbuk Possession/Darkling; Tortured Pirate Punch/Torture of a Pirate/E Nahte; Dragon's Claw Punch/Food Shopping/A Gibson; Smokin' Zombie Punch/Smoke-town Zombies/J Quinn; Green Goblin Punch/Just Put Out Your Hand/J Howard-Hobson; Vampire Champagne Punch/Hunger for Life/A Hudson; Goddess Blackberry Rum Punch/My Parent's Don't Like Kali 'Cause She Drives a Mustang/WolfBoy; Cannabalistic Bourbon Punch/Dinner with Jerry/S Max; Violet Vampiress Punch/Eventide/K Opperman; Dancing Revenant Punch/Sodium-Vapor/L Treece; Sasquatch Mocha Punch/When Monsters Share/S Chang; Deadly Sunset Punch/Underneath the Red Moon/L Crate; Enchanted Forest Punch/Siren of the Woods/Q Dar; Tommy's Tappin' Graveyard Punch/Tommy's Knocking/P Winters; Deadman's Swamp Punch/New Fur for Old Skin/O Smith; Clown Night/M Reinholt; Friend or FOEccacia Breadsticks; Chocolate Cherry Killer Clown Shake; Colorful Clown Smoothie; Deceptively Sweet Clown Tea; Red Harlequin Party Punch; Balloon Popping Cinnamon Marshmallow Coffee; Evil Jester Cheesecake; Within the Darkness of the Carnivale/D Armfield

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