Darwin's Bastards: Astounding Tales from Tomorrow

Darwin's Bastards: Astounding Tales from Tomorrow

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These 23 stories take us on a twisted fun ride into some future times and parallel universes where characters as diverse as a one-legged International Actuarial Forensics specialist, a pharmaceutical guinea pig, and a far-sighted fetus engage in their own games of the survival of the fittest. From a new short story by William Gibson in which a teen disassociated from his body haunts his neighborhood through the decades, to Douglas Coupland’s balls-out satire of a slightly futuristic Survivor, to Sheila Heti's meditative romp about beleaguered physicists and Oracle of Delphi-like Blackberrys, Darwin’s Bastards is a fast-moving, thought-provoking reading extravaganza.

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ISBN-13: 9781553656166
Publisher: Douglas and McIntyre (2013) Ltd.
Publication date: 05/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 416
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Zsuzsi Gartner is an award winning journalist and author of the critically acclaimed story collection All The Anxious Girls on Earth. A former editor at Saturday Night magazine, she is currently fiction editor of the Vancouver Review. Her stories have been produced on radio, including on NPR read by Sex in the City's Cynthia Nixon! She lives in Vancouver, BC.

William Gibson -- the godfather of cyberpunk and the author of eleven novels, including the seminal Neuromancer -- lives in Vancouver, BC.

Douglas Coupland is the author of twelve novels including Generation X and All Families are Psychotic. He lives in Vancouver, BC.

Timothy Taylor, the Giller-nominated author of Stanley Park, lives in Vancouver, BC.

Yann Martel is The Booker-winning author of the international bestseller, The Life of Pi.

Matthew Trafford
Jason Brown
Jessica Grant
Pasha Malla
Adam Lewis Schroeder
Lee Henderson
Mark Anthony Jarman
Anosh Irani
Buffy Cram
Paul Carlucci
Oliver Kellhammer
Laura Trunkey
Sheila Heti
Annabel Lyon
Stephen Marche
Neil Smith
Elyse Friedman
Heather O'Neill
David Whitton

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